What Makes DIVI the Most Popular WordPress Theme in the World?


Do you have sleepless nights thinking about coming up with a stunning website when you lack substantial coding expertise? If so, you can place your trust in the Divi. It is unarguably the biggest game-changer on WordPress, making website-building look like a walk in the park.

Creating a website is harder than you think. The challenges start to surface once you start building it but Divi streamlines the task for you. Almost anyone can create visually appealing sites using this platform without having to hire professional web designers and web developers and spending a fortune in the process.

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Divi can be your magic wand to build an attractive website, and since website building takes a lot of effort, we understand that you would want to save on resources. Therefore, you can get this magic wand in your hand at a much lower price using the latest coupons from Elegant Themes. The biggest weapon you have in your hands is its visual builder tool that may be used by newcomers and experienced designers alike. It gives you the power to build breathtaking websites with a few clicks and is both efficient and easy to use.

DIVI: An Elegant Themes Product


Elegant Themes has been a pioneer in WordPress development over the years and creates WordPress themes. It caters to a large client base that keeps growing because of its functional, cost-friendly, and attractive designs. It also offers its customers access to a great variety of themes for rather modest prices, including premium themes that can be bought for almost a fraction of the rates quoted by its competitors. You can use Elegant Themes products for multiple websites, and you are free to use or download a theme as many times as you wish. So, why should you choose Divi and not any other WordPress theme? Read on to find out.

Top Reasons to Choose Divi

Divi themes

Businesses today prefer Divi themes for their WordPress websites and for good reasons too. The reason being that this is an all-in-one design tool that has plenty of attractive features that makes it easy to use for beginners. Whether it is the easy customizability, free Divi resources, prepaid themes, or range of modules, you will be spoilt for choice.

Drag and drop builder
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: To start with, Divi offers an easy drag-and-drop builder that allows users to create a site without any coding know-how. This feature can be a godsend for all web designers and developers because they can successfully create aesthetically pleasing sites in record time. You may edit, insert, and remove content using the Visual Builder. The Divi modules can be used for creating multiple layout combinations. You can let your imagination dictate site designs because there are almost no limits to what you can do with Divi.
  • Customizability: It is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose Divi over the others. The Divi 4.0 and new Divi theme builder gives you access to multiple customization options. You can create a site from scratch without any knowledge of complex codes. Once created, you can also make changes from time to time using its customization options. The tool acts like a blank template that offers you unlimited flexibility to embed your preferred colors, fonts, logos, etc.
  • Performance and Speed: You cannot take months to create a website these days; Divi should be your go-to theme when you are concerned about speed. Divi’s design feature allows you to design every part of your website visually. The theme has become much faster now with many enhancements added to the earlier version. Most of the plugins for performance optimization for WordPress may be used for optimizing Divi performance and speed.
  • Real-Time Visual Builder Tool: You will not have to visit the WordPress dashboard for changes. You can edit the text, colors, and fonts and insert images through the drag-and-drop feature. Not only do you need coding skills for this, but you can also visualize how the content will appear on your web pages without needing to upload the site or reload it every time.
  • Free Resources: You can enjoy many free Divi resources for building a professional-looking website. So, regardless of the nature of the website you plan on building, you can trust Divi to help you with everything you need. The Divi Theme provides you with a collection of sites made using Divi theme with Divi theme plugin, layout, etc. Divi Chat will broadcast all Divi-related things, whereas Divi Cake is a marketplace for Divi plugins, modules, and Divi Child themes. Elegant Themes created the Divi theme and loaded with Divi theme tutorials, resources, and freebies. Using such free resources, you can add more features and functions to the site and make it more professional.
  • Amazing Layouts: Divi represents a multipurpose theme that allows you to create any site you want. It provides layouts, custom-made demos, Divi builder plugins, etc., that lets anyone build a site. Its customized page builder makes use of modules and content blocks for creating pages. Some modules even have unique features like contact forms, testimonials, email sign-up forms, etc. The builder has 20 and more pre-designed page layouts, and you can turn into a proficient designer yourself in no time.
  • CSS Option: Divi is popular because of the variety of customization features it offers. One of these is the feature to add a custom CSS to a Divi theme. You may add this CSS in the panel for themes options, inside individual modules, the Divi builder, etc. There are numerous in-built options for you to change the appearance of your site.
  • Different Modules: Divi offers as many as 46 modules that allow users to add content to their sites. These are represented as blocks, and one can drag-and-drop the blocks anywhere within rows and columns to build the perfect layout. Every module offers its settings that you may tweak using visual adjustments like switches and slider controls. In the absence of such modules, you will need to paste the code in locations where you want it to show and then customize every element inside the code.
  • Superb Support Service: Support must be a prime consideration when choosing a WordPress theme. You need to choose a theme backed by round-the-clock support services so that you have access to help and advice any time you need it. One of the strongest reasons to choose the Divi is the support service because most free themes do not provide assured tech support for glitches. When you choose Elegant Themes, you can get support in the form of live chats, emails, and tickets.
  • Great Templates: Are you wondering where to start? Divi theme gives you enough templates and free blueprints so that you can start developing a site easily. You can access its 140 pre-made layouts designed with an effort to make site-designing easy for the first-timer. These pre-designed layouts not only save time but can help you design future sites.
  • No Language Problem: Divi is a favorite with site developers because it caters to their needs first, no surprises then why Divi is available in 32 foreign languages. You can tweak the elements outside and inside to the language of your choice.
  • DIVI Library: Did you know that you could even save the page layouts and section modules in the Divi Library for later use? This is a great advantage because you may eventually use these for some other sites and only make minor changes that will not take up much time or resources.
  • DIVI Editor: If multiple users work on your website, use the DIVI Editor to control user roles. This way you may restrict the authority of certain users and establish some order in content management. Besides, this feature also improves content security, ensuring that sensitive data cannot be accessed by one and all.
DIVI editor

These features and benefits of the Divi theme show why it is gaining so much popularity amongst users. It is the perfect platform for beginners lacking coding expertise. Features like the drag-and-drop builder can help you with an eye-catchy website in a matter of hours. This designing tool is loaded with useful features, layout packs for different user needs, and elegant themes that are great value for money. The layouts are even arranged into comprehensive site-packages with every pack containing almost 7-8 designed pages that can cater to specific websites. Moreover, you can customize the packs to suit your needs.

Divi marketplace

You can find Divi theme templates at ThemeForest and Elegant Themes. But if you are looking for more savings, find coupons from Elegant Themes at Don’tPayAll. Using Divi, you can not only build sites for your customers much faster but can also enjoy the entire process of building the site. Instead of handling different types of themes on different platforms, you can build whatever you wish to on one platform itself. So, even with a single membership, you have the freedom to build unlimited sites for your customers. While Elegant Themes may have come out with the Divi, this WordPress plugin can work with almost any WordPress theme, even those not created by Elegant Themes.


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