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If you’re a current/future mother or father of a parrot or parakeet, there’s nothing worse than hauling yourself to the nearest pet store only to find that they don’t have the food, medicine, or species of bird you were looking for.

Parrot Essentials has expert knowledge from their two decades of experience in understanding all the needs of your parrot, and are equipped with the facilities, information, and time to provide the necessary care your parrot deserves for a happy life. They’re regarded as a top-quality, trustworthy, and caring supplier for your parrot’s needs, and repeatedly make an effort to go above and beyond to make their personalized services fast, convenient, and comfortable for parrot owners and their pets.

With 26 pages of 5-star reviews of products ranging from parrot travel cages to high-quality organic food, Parrot Essentials carries everything that’s necessary to provide the highest level of comfort for your feathered-friend.

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Parrot enthusiasts know full well how much parrots can behave like spoiled princesses. With this 17% off coupon you can fill your cage with all the trimmings and trappings to luxuriate your parrot’s cage. Parrot stands, perches, tree houses, hideaways, feeding bowls harnesses, and more – all 17% off.

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Parrot Essentials carry a wide variety of medicinal and nutritional sprays, drops, and pellets. Pet care can be really stressful, but Parrot Essentials makes it easy to provide good-quality care at home through their range of avian healthcare products.

If your poor fellow is molting or itching on a lesion or rash, try Avifood’s soothing skin spray.

If your bird has a calcium deficiency, stick a jumbo calcium block in their cage for them to lick.

If your macaw or cockatoo has itchy skin during the winter when the air is dry, maybe they have a problem with mites. Try misting them with rainforest mist vitamin-rich bath spray.

Use Avipro prebiotic and probiotic supplements for your parrot. It contains fructooligosaccharides soluble fiber prebiotic, which encourages the natural gut flora and improves absorption. The vitamins boost the immune system and compensate for the losses occurring during stress and maximize the protection. Electrolytes help in maintaining adequate levels of salts and minerals during bouts of diarrhea.

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Parrot Essentials has the best in quality parrot cages for your pet. We offer parrot cages with innovative designs and sturdy structures, ranging from large parrot cages to portable travel cages. You’ll have tons of great options to choose from, letting you find what’s best for your parrot. Our brands only streamline top quality with each item, ensuring your satisfaction. Whether you want a play top cage for your birds like Budgie or African Grey or a solid top, you are sure to find the best home for your bird here at Parrot Essentials.

Their selection also includes a number of sturdy, attractive, and accommodating travel cages for when you need to take your fellow to a doctor or on a trip to the park.

Free Shipping on Orders over £39

Worth noting that apart from Europe, Parrot Essentials does not do inter-continental shipping. But if you live in the UK, you can load up on a month’s worth of supplies and save yourself the shipping costs.

They also offer free next-day shipping on all orders above 70 quid.

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Only the highest available quality seed mixes, foods, and treats are carried by Parrot Essentials and getting the right chow for your avian friend is vital to its long-term health and wellness.

If you have a budgie, you can’t go wrong with the Tidymix seed blend for Budgies.

If you have a macaw, try Pure Fun enriching food for large parrots.

If you have a parakeet Tidymix has a seed blend for them as well.

Two Kgs of seeds and fruit will make your African grey happy as can be.

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Despite the ‘bird brain’ moniker, we place upon those of inferior intellect in our society, birds – especially parrots are actually incredibly intelligent. Hence why so many people have parrots as pets. The requirements of such a substantial mental ability mean that intellectual stimulation has to be available for a parrot or macaw to stay happy.

Parrot Essentials carries all sorts of dangling toys for them to interact with, manipulate, and gnaw on while like the philosophers of old, they while away the hours considering important dilemmas in parrot philosophy.

Parrot Essentials toy selection has all kinds of things like rope ladders, chew toys, and even hanging puzzle toys to help them develop and maintain neuroplasticity long into their old age.

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