Why We Age and Some Unexpected Ways to Get Younger Looking Skin

There isn’t a miracle cure for returning your skin to its youthful splendor. As it turns out, that cure already exists. What is it? It isn’t an “if” but a simple collection of behaviors, choices, and skin moisturizers with specific ingredients. Let’s break it down…

There are many reasons why our skin ages. Collagen production decreases as our telomeres shorten and NAD levels drop. Exposure to sun, wind, or darkness damages the DNA strands in our skin, reducing its ability to replenish important proteins that build skin like elastin.

The poor diet most Americans consume mixed with sleep deprivation, stress, and lifestyle failures such as not getting enough exercise, work together to create poor conditions for nourishing the skin.

And it’s not just our skin which diminishes as the miles are added on, but similar reasons account for the bone-density loss, hair thinning, and more.

However, there are ways to repair and stave off the damage that Father Time inflicts upon our largest organ.


A diet rich in vitamins A, D, E, and B will go a long way in preserving your skin’s flexibility, durability, and moisture retention abilities. Getting at least an hour of sunlight a day is another great way to keep skin looking youthful, as we synthesize several important nutrients through the absorption of sunlight.

A diet rich in animal proteins promotes skin health. Collagen is the first and most essential building block of skin. Red meat contains high levels of several forms of collagen. Beauty products containing collagen are considered good for skincare. You can purchase such products at discounted prices using Sephora promo codes.

Other essential amino acids are also important, all of which can be found in high levels in red meat.

Getting plenty of sleep in the first half of the night is another smart lifestyle choice, as the stages of sleep which typify the first half of the solar night involve many important recovery functions that help us to rebuild our tissues. You must have super-comfy bedding sets to get a peaceful sleep. You can purchase warm and cozy blankets, comforters, pillows, and much more at reduced prices using Bedding Inn coupon code. Ample amount of sleep plays a major role in getting a younger-looking skin, so don’t compromise on that!

The reason why occasional cold baths or showers can help skin looking young isn’t entirely correct – that it tightens and shrinks everything up.

While this reason may be false, it doesn’t mean cold water immersion isn’t effective at maintaining youthful skin.

On the contrary, cold water causes your muscles to release cold-shock proteins – a far more effective therapeutic force than regular amino-acid production.


For over five years, Bellaplex has been giving youthful appearance back to women of all ages through its unique blend of essential skin-repairing nutrients. These include the coveted Matrixyl 3000, normally found in beauty products costing more than $40.00

The hyaluronic acid moisturizer has no equal in terms of deeply and powerfully restoring moisture content in the skin.

Argireline is backed by several dermatology papers singling it out as one of the most powerful youth-restoring ingredients available in the field today.

Bellaplex has all these ingredients and more, contained in an affordable $15 tube. It’s made, manufactured, and distributed here in the USA, and really does work.

In summary, recapturing youthful, radiant skin has never been more possible. With the field of aging getting more funding and explorative research, it could even be possible to reverse aging in the not too distant future.

Vitamins, sleep, diet, exercise, topical creams, and moisturizers like Bellaplex can help you retain, renew, and recapture smooth and beautiful skin.


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