Ways to Celebrate Halloween While Practicing Social Distance

Hey folks, it’s spooky season once again! Glad we survived the pandemic! Oh yes, by the way, we must tell you: don’t be too carried away with the Halloween fever to overlook social distancing, wearing face masks, and washing hands frequently. Yes, we still need to do this.

The Coronavirus still stays with us (sigh!). But that’s not going to dampen our spooky spirits, is it? And with the bumper Halloween sale 2021 staring at us with loving eyes, how can we stay bundled up in our homes, eh?

So, let’s get started. Put up your scariest face mask, get into that ghoulish costume, and frighten your neighbor in a way you have never done it before.

How to Celebrate Halloween Post Pandemic?

It’s past the pandemic year and you may be tempted to run outdoors and scream on top of your voice, “It’s Halloween – Booooo!”


How about having some smart and safe Halloween tricks that can be done right at your home or with proper social distancing?

Sounds good.

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Once you have your wig in place, time to go virtual and give your family and friends some eerie moments.

Here are 5 Mind Blowing Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Practicing Social Distance.

1. Organize a Video Chat or Zoom Gathering

How about all the vampires, witches, spiders, ghosts, bats, talking pumpkins, and what not gather on the internet? Your place will truly become haunted! Don’t forget to turn on the volume at high. Experience the spookiness of virtual Halloween.

2. Pumpkin Carving Online Contest

Virtual events are a rage these days. And with Halloween around the corner, you can easily find them. Or you could organize your own virtual event by gathering your neighbors and acquaintances. Organize a pumpkin carving contest. Or how about a contest for Halloween decoration? You can also have a contest for the scariest Halloween costume.

3. Drive-through Halloween Activities

Be safe. Stay in the car. Yet, enjoy your spooky night. Drive-in movie theaters, drive-through haunted houses, driving through haunted roads that are decorated to chill your bones – these and many more such ideas are flooding the internet. Grab them and have a wild night.

Don’t forget to dress up in the spookiest manner possible while you drive through the road or house or enjoy a ghost movie. Some of the world’s scariest Halloween costumes are available at online stores like Spirit Halloween and more.

4. Boo your neighbor

One of the best way to celebrate Halloween 2021 amidst Covid 19 is to go to your neighbor’s door secretly and place treats at their doorstep. Make sure nobody sees you. That’s the trick. Include a printout saying “We have been booed” with their parcel. Add the instruction that they must hang this printout at their door once they receive the treats. This is to prevent a house being booed twice! Everybody in the neighborhood can pick two houses and the whole neighborhood will be booed. Guess what? No gathering, only social distancing, and the treats are still delivered!

5. Halloween “Six-Feet” Parade

Organize a parade in the neighborhood practicing social distancing. Everybody would be six feet apart from each other. Be at your ghoulish best. Put up your extreme spooky makeupwear. You are no less than anybody to create a hair-raising appearance, are you?

Each one should come out of their house wearing the costume and makeup. Then line up six feet away from each other. Do the parade in the entire neighborhood. As you go along, let others join you and create a line-up of ghoulish beings on the road!

To make things scarier, arrange for sound and lighting system on the roads you are going to tread on. Experience the ultimate Halloween night.

How to end up with the spookiest costume?

Hmmm…good question. Folks, you need not go anywhere to buy yourselves the ultimate Halloween costume. Slouch on your couch; open your laptop; and do a virtual tour of some of the hottest online stores.

To make things easier for you, let’s give you an example. PartyCity Halloween costumes are something to die for. They are even delivering balloons at your door. And you will love their newest makeup ideas.

This is not all. SpiritHalloween promo code has just arrived and we bet you can’t resist it. Who knows? You may come up with some unique Halloween themes while shopping online.

Just in case you are wondering where on Earth to find coupons and codes, relax and put your feet up. Don’tPayAll is here to make your Halloween appear extravagant without really spending all the money. Yeah. Don’t believe us? Try it.


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