Top Online Shops for Pet Supplies


Do you often worry about where to get your pet’s food and medicines from? Now that the Internet has made it possible for you to sit at home and order necessities at the click of a button, you can relax about it. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of pet owners has grown. More and more people are adopting pets and driving down to pet stores in these times of social distancing is not really a suitable option. So, online pet product deliveries are coming up in a big way. So many stores online offer pet food, bird cages, dog collars and kennels, pet medication, etc. Read on if you’ve also been wondering where to buy affordable dog toys and other accessories online.

When you are searching for the best place to buy pet supplies online, you will be delighted to see the choices you have. A list of online pet stores has been compiled below. These stores are known for offering quality products and prompt services, and you can expect to save money too when you find their latest deals.

Top Retailers for Buying Pet Supplies Online:

1. Chewy:


Chewy ranks as one of the most popular online pet product suppliers where you can buy litter boxes, treats, accessories, beds, and more. You can take advantage of their auto-shipping feature that ensures food deliveries take place at regular intervals for your furry friends. Whether it is pet-friendly CBD, pet prescription meds, pet foods, pet treats, grooming kits, etc. you will get affordable pet supply here.

You can save up to 40% on your first auto-ship order and subsequently 5% for every order. Chewy also offers free shipping for all orders priced above $49.

2. Allivet:


Pet medication is an important part of pet care. Like us humans, pets, too, need medical care and over-the-counter treatments as well. Allivet is one such store where you can find medicines for all kinds of pets. Whether you own a dog, cat, horse, fish, bird, or livestock, you can expect to get the finest pet medication here.

You can save up to 70% on pet meds at and if you choose the auto-ship option, you can save 10% on your first auto-ship order. The Allivet discount codes at Don’tPayAll will let you enjoy all the exciting discounts on everything from topical treatments to chewable tablets. You can get the K9 Advantix II for dogs for $15.98 or Bravecto Topical solution for cats for $52.52, for the treatment of fleas and ticks. You can also buy the MalAcetic Otic cleansers at $8.49 if your pet has ear conditions. Allivet offers you a huge range of pet products ranging from de-wormers, eye-care, and ear-care products to supplements, treats, and vaccines.

3. Parrot Essentials:

Parrot Essentials

If you have a parrot as a pet, this could be your go-to store. Parrot Essentials offers a wide range of products for parrots like treats, foods, foraging toys, cages, and even supplements and medications. You can search specific products according to the type of parrot you have.

While it’s every pet owner’s wish to spoil their pets with toys and the best food, you can save while you shop with the Parrot Essential coupons. You can enjoy up to 50% discount on parrot accessories, food, and toys. You can also save 13% on the pack of 3 Nutriberries Complete Food for small parrots, spending only £25.99. If you are looking for a great deal on parrot cages, you can save 14% on the white parakeet cage and buy it for just £29.99.

4. Italk Pet:

Italk Pet

Anyone looking for personalized pet supplies will love this store! Get your dog a collar that its name engraved on it. You can also put your contact information on it so that if they go missing, it’s easy for other people to get them back to you. If you’re worried that you’ll spend too much on these lovely items, you can grab the latest iTalk pet coupons to get up to 60% off on pet harnesses, collars, beds, toys, accessories, and much more.

You can also get your pet a customized collar tag at 36% off and spend only $9.98 on it. You can also get 29% savings on the 36” cat tower, buying it for $48.99.

5. Petco:

This store will offer you all pet essentials like food, toys, litter boxes, medications, and even DNA and grooming kits. You can also grab pet-friendly CBD and prescriptions while you’re on the site. Petco offers free shipping for most orders above $35, and with the Petco coupons, you can get discounts of up to 60% on pet food. Rope and tug toys, fetch dog toys, interactive dog toys, dental chew toys, or treat dispensing toys, find them all at amazing prices at Petco.

If you visit now, you can avail 10% off on Bond & Co. 3-piece walking kit for dogs. You can also get 50% off on Holiday collections for pets.

6. Smalls:


This store is focused on healthy, human-grade foods for cats. You can buy their dry and wet foods, cat toys, litter boxes, and kitty treats. They are focused on giving your cat better digestion, a smooth coat, and an overall healthy body. Before they create a diet plan for your kitty, they ask you some questions about your kitty.

These meals are customizable and when you sign up for their basic plans, you can enjoy 4 weeks of cat food for only $58. You can also adjust or cancel your subscription any time.

7. The Farmers Dog:

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer’s Dog makes simple meals for dogs. The meals are made with human-grade meat and delivered to your doorstep. These meal preps are fresh and vet-approved, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s nutritional needs.

Subscribe to their meal plans and you’ll have to pay just $2 for delivery. You can try their dog food and get 20% off on your first order.

8. Canada Pet Care:

Canada Pet Care

For all pet owners who wish to protect their furry companions with high-quality preventives like flea or tick control products and behavioral products, Canada Pet Care is the place to shop. It offers high-end products from trusted retailers for cats, dogs, birds, and horses. Whether you need pet accessories, supplements, or any other pet essentials, this place has it all.

You can avail 12% discount on anything you purchase as part of their Holiday offers with Canada Pet Care promo codes. If you choose a repeat-delivery option, you can get 5% off on your orders. You can get the Frontline Spray for dogs at 29% off for $26.10, or you can get the pack of 12, Heartgard Plus Chewables for small dogs at 29% discount for $65.27.

9. Bark Box:

Bark Box

This store provides monthly custom-made boxes of themed treats and toys for dogs.

The boxes are priced at $22 and you can avail free shipping on all orders above $35 with free returns.

10. Wild One:

Wild One

This pet supply store is popular for offering both practical and trendy accessories for your pets at home like leashes, dog collars, pet carriers, and pet toys, and treats.

Buyers will be able to enjoy free shipping when they place orders for more than $50.

11. BudgetPetCare:


Whether you need heartworm preventives, flea and tick treatment, general hygiene products, supplements, or worm control products, you will find it here. This is a one-stop-shop for all your pet health supplies. The store is focused on offering trusted products that are also affordable. Their customer satisfaction guarantee backed by a money-back policy makes this store rather popular amongst pet owners.

Not only are the products at this store affordable, but buyers can avail of free shipping advantages. You can get additional discounts on these already low prices if you use the BudgetPetCare coupons especially this holiday season when they are offering 12% discount along with free shipping on all orders.

12. Ollie Pets:

Ollie Pets

For fast, delicious, and fresh food for dogs, you can count on Ollie Pets. Their home delivery of pet meals is convenient, and the meals are prepped with quality ingredients. They offer a choice about the type of meat you would like for your dog – beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb.

Subscribe to their meal plans starting at $2.50 per day. Order your first box today and you could get 20% off on it. They also offer a starter box that comes with food packs, a feeding guide, a pup-trainer, and a scoop. If your dog doesn’t like the meals, you can get 100% of your money back.

13. 1800PetMeds:


This online retailer gives you easy access to the finest supplements and medicines for your pets. Their products are prepared with natural and healthy ingredients and are certified as safe.

With the latest 1800PetMeds voucher codes, you can get up to $20 off on your orders. Free shipping is also available on orders over $49.

14. Amazon:

Amazon (3)

Amazon is a superstore; it’s no wonder that it boasts of an excellent variety of accessories, food products, toys, and treats for pets. Whether you have horses, birds, dogs, cats, fishes, or reptiles, you can find a wide variety of products on Amazon.

Get great deals on pet supplies on Amazon. You can save 19% on pet carrier for small cats and dogs, paying only $29.99, or you could save 25% on a de-matting comb for cats and dogs and get it for just $29.99.

15. Etsy:


Etsy is known for beautiful gifts and accessories and now, you can buy some for your pet. You can get personalized, handmade products here that would not only be extremely cute but convey affection for your furry little friend.

You can visit Etsy now and save 20% on your orders. Save 25% off on a large bed for your dog and spend only $29.99. If you order a custom pet leash hanger, you could save 10% on your purchase and get it for $34.20 only.

16. Walmart:


No list can be complete without Walmart because this retail giant offers an impressive collection of all kinds of pet supplies that you may require. You could browse through a wide variety of pet items that will not only be useful but also of high quality. You can enjoy free shipping for purchases above $35, free returns, and exciting discounts on pet products.

You can buy a clumping cat litter as a gift for your cat at 33% off, for just 12.74.

With so many online stores to shop at for your pet supplies, you are going to be spoilt for choice. And in view of the raging pandemic that is forcing you to stay indoors, ordering your pet supplies online is the safest thing to do. Since the holiday season is around the corner and it tends to be heavy on the pocket, you could use some of the latest discount coupons and promotional deals on Don’tPayAll and start placing orders for your pets!


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