Top 9 Technical Skills in Demand in 2019

Technical skills

Are you someone who wishes to get into an upcoming technical domain that is likely to rule the roost at the turn of this decade? It may be just the right time to switch your career paths, provided you know which technical skills you should master to make this transition smooth.

These are some of the top technical skills that will be in demand in the near future and learning these can improve your marketability significantly:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence

Whatever the field of operation, AI is all set to take over and revolutionize the way it is being done. So, programmers can benefit significantly from Artificial Intelligence know-how and expertise. While there may be some things in common with Machine Learning, AI is mainly focused on designing smart machines that can ape-human actions. AI careers will fetch you a handsome salary and you could opt to become either an AI engineer or an AI programmer.

2. Machine Learning:

Machine learning

This is unarguably one of the most innovative career choices for the future. Whether it is smart bots like Alexa or self-driving cars by Tesla, this technology will have immeasurable scope for you. It may be a good idea to enroll in online courses in this discipline because 60% of enterprises agree that by 2019, AI and Machine Learning will be their top data programs. Whether it is healthcare or education, possibilities are endless.

3. Mobile Development:

Mobile development

Brands need mobile apps more than anything else to survive in the digital age when most people have access to smartphones. So, you need mobile development skills to stay in tune with the times and this makes it a rather lucrative technical skill for aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. Data Visualization:

Data Visualization

This skill can enable users to place their data in visual content like graphs and charts for seamless understanding. This career option is really like a middle path between non-technical and technical careers. The skill is in high demand as it will let employers use huge chunks of data for getting real results through identifying areas in the business that are lagging behind, studying human behavioral patterns, current market trends, predicting sales volumes, etc.

5. UI/UX Design:

UI_UX Design

UX and UI are not one and the same thing; while UX experts will research and test every element for understanding how users interact with a site, UI experts will design interfaces for sites and apps so that these are eye-catching. As such, this career path is ideally suited for people who are looking at a role combining creativity and analytics.

6. Cloud Computing/AWS:

Cloud Computing/AWS

This has evolved into a much sought-after technical skill and generates excellent employment opportunities. As more businesses embrace the cloud infrastructure, the market for cloud computing expands. By the end of this year, it is expected to grow by 17.5%, according to a report by Gartner. AWS or Amazon Web Services has made a name for itself as a leading cloud platform that offers database storage, content delivery and networking. AWS experts can be engineers, architects or system administrators. IT employees are now making a beeline for AWS certification which will increase their salaries significantly.

7. Blockchain:


While blockchain had been designed originally for anonymous cashless transactions online, now this technology is being used for many other things like identity management, crowd-funding, peer-to-peer payments, digital voting, etc. So, there is a growing demand for technical experts who understand what this technology entails, who can build decentralized apps, and work with smart contracts. Skills like programming languages, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, etc. are what experts now need to master. Once you have gained sufficient expertise in these skills, you can get yourself high-profile jobs at tech giants like IBM and Amazon.

8. Data Science/Analytics:

Data Science/Analytics

from data analytics and Big Data are expected to grow to nearly 19.4 billion by 2026. No surprises then why about 84% of enterprises have launched Big Data initiative and advanced data analytics to get more accurate results and speed up decision-making. Reports suggest that if you can learn this technical skill you are likely to find many lucrative jobs in the near future as it is believed that there are going to be 2.7 million jobs in this field by the turn of this decade.

9. Data Engineering:

Data Engineering

This is distinct from data science but cannot exist without it. When you are a data engineer, you will design the tools and infrastructure which data scientists are going to use. With the recent changes in US immigration laws, it seems to be a great time to enroll for this course at Coursera, Edureka, Udemy, and more educational websites.

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