Top 5 Online Stores Delivering Groceries in Lockdown

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Did you ever imagine that you would have to stay at home for weeks on end without the freedom to go even to your neighborhood supermarket to pick up fresh groceries? Unfortunately, that is the reality for most families during the present nationwide lockdown because of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

Social distancing is the new norm and online shopping for groceries have become more important than ever before in such times. So, everyone is hankering for the most effective grocery delivery services online. We are all searching for the best online grocery store and rushing to download a grocery delivery app if we do not already have one. In a time like this, an Amazon promo code from Don’tPayAll may be just what we need to enjoy discounts on fresh produce. With the latest BJ’s Wholesale Club coupons, you can get same-day delivery for fresh groceries ordered online while the latest Herbspro discount code will fetch you price-cuts on groceries, vitamins, and supplements, pet-care products, diet, and weight loss products, etc. Here are the top 5 online stores that you can depend on for supplies of fresh groceries every day:

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Amazon Fresh: This is a subsidiary of the eCommerce giant and now this grocery delivery service caters to people all across the US, and in cities like London, Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and even in small cities. You can hope to get super-fast delivery of fresh foods from many leading brands. Amazon had partnered with local shops, markets, Whole Foods, and Morrisons to offer a varied collection of veggies, fruits, meat products, baked goods, etc., to its customers. You can expect the items ordered to be delivered on the same day itself. But, during the lockdown, customers may have to be slightly more patient in waiting for deliveries. Because of a surge in demands, clients may have to wait for weeks to get their orders delivered to their doorstep depending on where they stay.

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Walmart: Walmart has been a favorite place to shop for millions of Americans over the years and has developed into an equally popular online store for fresh grocery delivery. Walmart grocery has a rather impressive collection of high-end products from reputed brands. The business is also known for unparalleled customer service and the “Everyday Low Prices” guarantee is what draws thousands to this store on a daily basis. To meet the increase in demand because of the Coronavirus outbreak, Walmart is keen to recruit almost 150,000 workers.

Costco: This grocery brand originated as Price Club in an aircraft hangar in San Diego, California, for selling retail products at wholesale prices. Later it grew into Costco that started functioning in Seattle since 1883. It not only has more than 300 retail stores under it, but also offers fresh groceries online at reasonable prices. To enjoy discounts from this grocery giant you will have to be a Costco member. Costco also provides free deliveries for groceries in many locations.

best online grocery store, grocery delivery, kmart, costcco

Kmart: Kmart has been a prime contender in the top-ranking grocery delivery stores in the US. No matter what you need, Kmart is sure to have it in its stores. Kmart lets you order for its products on the website and you can pick these up at your own convenience from your nearest Kmart store. Alternatively, you may request for products to be delivered to your doorstep. You may even gift groceries to your friends and families living abroad through Kmart.

Instacart: With the Coronavirus having forced us to stay indoors, more and more people are searching for reliable online grocery delivery apps. Instacart is one of the leading online grocery delivery services today. This $2 billion business started operating since 2015 and was the brainchild of an ex-Amazon employee. It is one of the US’s most successful start-ups and serves as a medium for large, medium, and smaller online grocery services. You have to simply go to their site and place your orders from different stores. Instacart even lets you enjoy great savings on your purchases. You are free to choose delivery timings as per your convenience. Instacart makes same-day deliveries in many cities like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, etc.

These are some of the online grocery delivery stores that you can order from during these trying times. Given the dramatic increase in the number of online orders because of the virus outbreak, it is to be expected that deliveries will take longer than usual. However, you can place your orders on these sites as they are delivering to the best of their ability even in the midst of this crisis. With coupons from your favorite brands, you can get great discounts on your orders too. To get the latest coupons for your groceries and medical supplies, you can sign up on our website!

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