Top 10 Sunglasses Brands in the USA

top 10 sunglasses brands

Would you agree that sunglasses are a man’s best friend? They certainly are because they are a staple accessory in any fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. You will be spoilt for choice when you walk into a sunglass showroom; so it is best to do some research on the brand you wish to buy before you walk into a store.

With the latest FramesDirect coupon you can get exciting discounts on a wide range of sunglass brands like Persol, Ray-Ban, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Oakley. When you are looking for top-of-the-line sunglasses you can check out any of these brands in the US.

Best Sunglasses Brands of 2020 in the US:

1. Ray-Ban:

Black Ray-Ban sunglasses

Who can forget the aviators popularized by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun? You cannot deny that Ray-Ban dominates this list of the best sunglasses brand for men. This eyewear manufacturer brand continues to be a globally popular brand of high-end sunglasses for everyone. Ray-Ban coupons can fetch you the brand’s high-end classic styles at record-breaking discounted prices. The brand had been launched in 1937 and continues to rule the industry now for more than eight decades. It was originally started as a US brand but was eventually acquired in 1999 by the famous Italian eyewear-manufacturing giant Luxottica.

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2. Arnette Eyewear:

This brand is the product of a California-based designer and offers trendy-looking sunglasses. These sunglasses brand is ideal for the summer and finds a huge audience in sports lovers. This brand can offer you superior quality products at rather affordable prices.

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3. Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein sunglasses

This brand had originally made its mark in the world as a fashion clothing brand but soon started making its foray into fashion accessories like eyewear. Calvin Klein, popularly called CK, remains one of the most popular sunglasses brands today, mainly catering to the active and young population who are keen to experiment with looks.

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4. Oakley:

This brand was launched in 1975 at the Foothill Ranches in California. This eyewear brand focuses on making ready-to-wear sports glasses and it is famous for providing eyewear for both the military and law enforcement officers. Oakley ranks as one of the best sunglasses brands for eye protection holding 600 and more patents for eyewear, performance gear, and materials. Oakley specializes in sports and lifestyle equipment and began catering to the young population in the nineties, offering an alternative to Ray-Ban. They are also one of the most expensive sunglasses brands and their products are rugged and flexible, perfect for using outdoors.

Oakley also lets you buy custom sunglasses that fit your style flawlessly. Visit Oakley to buy them now and get 50% savings on your custom eyewear.

5. Ralph Lauren:

Pink Ralph Lauren shades

This brand has been redefining fashion since the sixties and their sunglasses are known for their sophisticated and elegant designs. You can use SmartBuyGlasses promo code to get Ralph Lauren shades at throwaway prices.

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6. Randolph Engineering:

This is one of the most patriotic sunglass brands in the US and has been around since 1972. They are known for selling shooting glasses, prescription glass frames, and even sunglasses; incidentally, this brand provides aviator sunglasses to the US Military.

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7. Tommy Hilfiger:

Black Tommy Hilfiger's sunshades with Golden frame

Their sunglasses are the go-to choices for those looking for style and comfort. This is one brand that you can rely on always to get energetic and youthful designs. Tommy Hilfiger’s sunshades are not simply an accessory; they reflect a way of life.

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8. Tom Ford:

A list of US sunglasses brands will be incomplete without the mention of this brand. Tom Ford has been popular for fashion wear and their sunglasses come in a wide range of styles. This brand has received a lot of appreciation for producing sensual designs and luxury products. It launched its spectacular eyewear collection in 2005 and now has hundreds of stores selling both stunning sunglasses and eyewear. All of their sunglasses are equipped with UV protection features and this brand offers some of the most striking slimmer frames.

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9. American Optical:

Black American Optical sunglasses with golden frame

This is another opt-of-the-line US sunglasses brand and is almost 200 years old. It has been launched in 1826 by Beecher and continues to be one of the longest-running eyewear brands in the world. In 1876, the brand first came out with sunglasses; originally, these were mainly the regular glasses with tinted shades. The brand achieved massive recognition was when Neil Armstrong wore their glasses on his journey to the moon as did the entire crew in Apollo 11. American Optical is known for sturdy frames and you can expect to enjoy quality products at reasonable prices.

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10. Oliver Peoples:

This eyewear company has its headquarters in LA, California and it had originally started as a Hollywood brand during the eighties. Today, the brand is one of the top sunglasses brands in the world. Its first boutique was set up in 1986 on the Sunset Boulevard and it soon became the go-to brand for Hollywood movies. Their products offer 100% UVA protection and the premium brands have 7-barrel hinges on frames compared to the standard 3-barrel hinges on any other regular frame, making these glasses far more durable and sturdy.

If you are looking for sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, are durable, and make your style pop, then this brand is for you. Go to Walmart now and choose a women’s rectangular pair of sunglasses that are available at 72% off and are perfect to go with a chic outfit.

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Note: Any sale/deal mentioned for any brand is currently active but may not be active later.


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