Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

Domain name tips

A domain name is a unique identity for a business online. So, you must spare time and energy to choose a domain name intelligently. Do not take this activity for granted. Search well and then make a choice. For example, with Namecheap coupons, you can easily search for the right domain name and buy it at the best price.

Before you go on a creative spree to create a distinct domain name, remember:
• Choose a name easy to type on the search engine.
• Keep it not too long, not too short.
• Use your relevant keywords.
• Research it well.
• Avoid hyphens, numbers, and other symbols.
• Choose fast because domains get picked up quickly!

And here are 3 tips straight from domain experts’ desks. They tell you how to create or choose unforgettable domain names.

Expert Tips

1. Use an Eye-Catching Phrase

The first trick to creating cheap domain names is to make people remember. You need not always put your company name as the domain name. You can use an eye-catching phrase related to what you do. So, even if somebody forgets your company’s name, they can still reach you through your domain.

Say, you are looking for cheap domain names, can you forget

Even if you do, type “domain name cheap” on the search engine and you are likely to get the domain in the search results. This is what they deal with – cheap domain names.

And this ignites the importance of using keywords in domain names.

2. Use Keywords in Domain Name


Especially when you wish to attract a new audience you should use keywords in domain names. People will type the keywords; they don’t know you yet. To make sure you appear in the search results, you must have relevant keywords in the domain name.

One of the indisputable benefits of using keywords is that it helps your domain rank higher in search engine result pages.

The higher your rank, the more your visibility.

This means more traffic.

The more your traffic, the higher the chances of conversion.

High conversion means high profits.

It’s a chain reaction.

However, you need to be careful here.

There is a debate on whether to use generic keywords or use specific keywords. Some people prefer using generic domains. Say, their business is flowers, so they would simply prefer

Does this work?

Let’s see what happens when you use too generic a word in your domain and when you use a specific word.

Generic Domain vs. Keyword Domain

Example 1

You make wood furniture. You may simply choose You may also choose

Now, what if you use

And if you wish to get more creative, how about using or

The last two will arouse the curiosity of people looking for wood furniture. These are also hard-to-forget names.

Analyze the difference between the first-mentioned domain name and the last one. The choice is yours!

Example 2

You provide gifts. Now, “gift” is a keyword, but too generic. So, if you simply use as your domain, you may be lost somewhere in an ocean of names. Use a specific keyword that relates more to your business.

Do you give discounts? Do you provide food gifts? Do you provide gifts for all occasions and for all? You can use specific phrases. Here are a few domain name suggestions in this case:

The above domain names create images in the minds of the audience. They remember them more. Besides, when they will type the keywords, your domain name is more likely to show up in the top results.

3. Create Call-To-Action Domains

This is yet another smart and cheap domain name creation strategy to attract the audience and even urge them to do the final action – buy!

Make the audience do what you want them to do.

Example 1

You sell flowers. What do you want your audience to do? Buy flowers from you. The domain is a nice call-to-action name.

Example 2

You provide online baking classes, sounds more appealing than The former click instantly with the audience because they want to bake a cake.

Example 3

You provide dietary supplements or fitness equipment. Instead of using specific keywords like “dietary supplements” or “fitness equipment,” you can use related keywords and create domains like:

The above domain phrases trigger the audience to act.

Analyze the difference between and What’s better?

Good domain name examples are available online. Before you finalize a name, ensure it’s not already taken.

The .com Domain and When Not to Use It

Well, .com is not the only domain extension that you can use. There are more – .net, .org, .co, .us, and others. The extension .com has been around for years and is popular but you must choose an extension based on what you do.


• If you are a non-profit organization, use .org
• If you are an e-commerce website, use .biz
• If you are an information platform, use .info
• If you are a technical business, use .net
• If you are a community platform, use .co
• If you are a personal blogger, use .me
• If you are an educational institution or academy, use .edu

Is Domain Extension as Important as Domain Name?


A few years back, the answer to this question would have been “no.”

The scenario of domains is different today.

A domain extension is equally important due to two reasons:

1. The .com domains are flooding. People’s attention span is reducing. There is a risk of monotony. Time to do away with the standard “dot com.”

2. People are too time-pressed to find out who you are. Domain extensions instantly give an idea of who you are.

For example, .edu at once tells it’s an education site, .org reveals it’s an organization. However, .com is generic. It does not say what exactly you are.

Let’s say, your domain name is It’s clear you deal with cakes. But it’s not clear whether you sell cakes or teach how to bake cakes.

Now, if you change to cakesforyou.classes, it’s clear that you provide online classes for cake baking.

A new breed of domain extensions is here. You can find .photography, .classes, .diamonds, .marketing, .science, .productions, .solutions, .systems, and lots more.

Indeed, it’s a new and interesting era of domain names!

In this era, you mustn’t have a problem in choosing a domain name that speaks distinctly about your business. Moreover, the best free domain names are available when you take web hosting plans from reputable hosting providers.

Oops, My Domain Name is Not Available!

This happens…too often.

You imagine a nice name. You are excited. But when you try to register it online, you get the shock of your life.

The domain’s taken!

Your domain name…something that you created with such fervor…and seemed so fit for your business…is already somebody else’s. Imagine the disappointment you feel.

So, what do you do?

You drop the name and start all over again…searching for yet another cheap domain name for business.

This is what most people do.

And this is what you must NOT do.

When your domain name is not available, strategize and do something about it, do not drop it.

Listen (ok, read) to what the experts have to say.

Strategies to Get What You Want (In Domains!)

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1. Buy the Domain

Simple! See if it’s on sale. It’s relatively cheaper to buy expired or inactive domains. Contact the site owner and find out. You could be lucky!

2. Add a Word to the Domain

Use an additional word in your domain name. For example, if the name you created was and it’s already taken, you can add some verb or related keyword and rephrase your domain name to something like or or

3. Add Your Country/City Name to Your Domain Name

Know the Nissan story? They couldn’t use domain because it was already taken by an entrepreneur who operated since 1980.

So, what did they do?

They sued the entrepreneur!

Well, you please need not do anything like that! Moreover, suing did not help Nissan Motors as they still could not get the domain.

Finally, they added ‘USA’ to its domain. So, it became

Moral of the story: make peace, not lawsuits! And you can always get the domain you want with extra creativity and intelligence.

Domain Hack, What’s That?

Cut the word into syllables. If you choose the domain name and it’s already taken, you can change it to

Interesting, isn’t it?

Domain hacks have a novelty to them. They attract.

Just make sure you don’t cut too much. For example, changing to would be confusing. In this case, you could skip the domain hack strategy and add some phrases instead.

Based on your domain name, see what strategy you can use.

Is your domain name buzzing in your head already?

Check whether it is available. Choose a web hosting plan and make your online dreams come true. How about Hostgator promo codes for some great deals? Our website Don’tPayAll is an exciting place to get coupons and codes.

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