The Guide: Dressing According to Your Body Type

Female body types

Falling in love with clothes at online shopping destinations like Shein, Romwe, and DressLily is normal. These brands are famous for their trendy and irresistible collections. A DressLily coupon can get you a discount on the dress that you love. You can use it when you place the order, and it will dutifully reach your doorstep. But now that it has reached you, you tear the package, unable to wait to see yourself in the gorgeous dress.

But wait, what is happening? Something is not okay. The dress is not flattering you at all!

But the dress is so beautiful!

Honey, nothing is wrong with the dress. What is wrong is that the dress you bought is not for your body type. You first need to know your body type and then buy a dress that accentuates your best features.

Are you a pear or an apple, a rectangle, or an hourglass?

The only thing you knew about pears and apples was that they were fruits! Well, these are body types too.

Open your wardrobe. Pull out a dress, top, skirt, or any clothing that makes you feel gorgeous. This is what suits your body type, so it makes you feel on top of the world every time you wear it.

Moral of the story:

Shop with your body type in mind. You will hardly go wrong. Fill your wardrobe with clothes that flatter you so that you feel confident all the time.

What is Body Type, Eh?

Body types

It has nothing to do with your height and weight. It is about your body shape – your silhouette. You can also say it is the outer lining of your body.

How to Figure Out What Shape Your Body Is?

Know your vital stats first.

For that, you need a tape measure.

Measure your:

  • Shoulders
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip

How to Take Body Measurements?

Waist measurement

1. Shoulder:

You need help with this. Let the person measure your shoulder from one side to another and the other way around. Place the tape high up.

2. Bust:

Stand straight with your head held up high. Measure your bust at the fullest part. Do not press the tape, lest the measurements go wrong.

3. Waist:

Stand straight, as natural as you can. Avoid tucking in your tummy. Begin with the slimmest part, just above the belly button.

4. Hip:

Same as measuring the bust, you must measure the fullest part of your hips.

Based on your measurements, you can determine your body shape. Use an online body type calculator for easier calculations.

1. Apple Body Shape

Your body characteristics:

You are apple-shaped if you have a heavier upper body, your bust line is big, and your shoulders are broad. Most of the weight seems to be on the upper part.

Think of Drew Barrymore, Liz Hurley, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Hudson.

Your most flattering feature:


Clothes that flatter you:

Aple body shape clothes

Dresses for apple shape figures should be in A-line silhouettes or empire cuts. Show some leg. Dresses with side slits are great.

The idea is to elongate your torso. So, choose V-necks, monochromes, short skirts to draw attention towards the legs. Choose full or ¾ sleeves, dark-colored flowy tops, palazzos, and flared bottoms. Make sure you choose the right bra for adequate support.

A V-neck, solid color sweater would look great on your body shape, and you could get one from Berrylook at 65% off for $20.95.

Clothes that don’t flatter you:

Skinny jeans may further decrease the fullness of your hips, making you look disproportionate. Also, avoid figure-hugging tops. Tight tops paired with skinny jeans can be a disaster for you.

2. Pear Body Shape

Your body characteristics:

You are pear-shaped if your thighs and butt are heavier than your bust. So, most of the weight is on the lower part of the body.

The best thing about this body shape is that you can create an illusion of an hourglass figure with just the right choice of clothes.

Think of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Beyonce Knowles.

Your most flattering feature:

Shoulders and torso.

Clothes that flatter you:

Pear body shape clothes

Boat necks and square and cowl necklines are made for you.

Show off your arms and waist. Wear strapless tops.

Combine light-colored tops with dark-colored bottoms. Choose dresses, skirts, and pants with wide hems.

Wear ruffled tops to add volume to the upper body. Wear cropped jackets and tops to create an illusion of a fuller upper part.

A cropped, button-front cotton jacket from Macy’s would do the job, and you could now save 70% on it, paying just $29.66.

Elongate your legs with pointed-toe sandals or footwear in the nude at Macy’s, available for 30% off at only $48.65.

Skinny jeans paired with loose tops give you an hourglass appearance.

Clothes that don’t flatter you:

Avoid pairing body-hugging tops with flared bottoms. They make you look disproportionate, unless, of course, you don’t care.

3. Rectangle Body Shape

Your body characteristics:

You are rectangle-shaped if your shoulders and hips are balanced with not much curve. So, you must dress in a manner that creates curves. Rectangle figure is like an hourglass but without a well-defined curvy waistline.

Think of Cameron Diaz, Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, and Kendall Jenner.

Your most flattering feature:

Arms and legs.

Clothes that flatter you:

Rectangle body shape clothes

Pair A-line skirts with ruffled tops. The best tops for rectangle body shape are sleeveless tops, sweetheart lines, and strapless tops.

Befriend capes, blazers, and long jackets. Pair crop tops with skirts. Experiment with colors and bold prints in tops and bottoms.

Get a ruffled trim skirted blouse from DressLily for $22.99, coupled with an A-line high-rise pleated skirt priced at $22.99 also, to get the perfect outfit.

Clothes that don’t flatter you:

Overwhelming clothes are not for you. They seem to consume you and hide you. You must try to create curves, not hide behind layers of clothing.

4. Hourglass Body Shape

Your body characteristics:

You have an hourglass figure if your bust and hips are of the same measurements and your waistline is well defined. This creates beautiful curves. Although all body shapes are unique and beautiful, the hourglass shape is one of the most sought after among women.

Think of Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Jessica Simpson, Anne Hathaway, and Scarlett Johansson.

Your most flattering feature:

Your entire figure!

Clothes that flatter you:

Hourglass body shape clothes

Almost anything looks good on you. Do not hide behind baggy clothing. Flaunt your figure, darling, especially your envious waist!

Invest in belts. Show off your slim waist. Wear body-hugging dresses and tops. Embrace skinny jeans. Enjoy maxis, wrap dresses, high-waisted pants. The best skirts for hourglass shape are high-waisted long skirts or pencil skirts.

Choose lightweight fabrics. If you want to wear loose clothing, wear a belt for structure, and flatter your figure. Flowy fabrics will look great on you, provided they are fitted at the waist.

Get that chic pair of high waisted pants from Shein for $19. A surplice front print belted, fitted dress worth $18 would also do wonders.

Clothes that don’t flatter you:

Loose tops paired with loose bottoms. If you want to wear it, okay, but why on earth would a lady want to hide her beautiful curves?

5. Slender/Skinny Body Shape

Your body characteristics:

You are skinny or slender, if your bust and hips are of the same size, your bone structure is thin, and you appear as light in weight as a bird. You are similar to the rectangle, but a bit thinner than that. Your hips are more on the flatter side. Your jawline is more defined. You rarely gain weight.

Think of Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Middleton.

Your most flattering feature:

Slim and tiny waist, and slender arms and legs that look delicate.

Clothes that flatter you:

Skinny body shape clothes

Just like an hourglass figure, a skinny figure can carry almost all types of clothes. Body-hugging dresses are for you.

Enjoy tunics, short dresses, short skirts, shorts, sleeveless tops, wrap dresses, skater skirts, crop tops, belted tops, low-waist jeans, balloon skirts, peplum tops, baggy jeans, harem pants, ankle-length pants, and more!

Is there anything that will not suit you? Due to your slender figure, you can get away with just any piece of clothing and still look hot.

Wear halter tops, strapless tops, tube tops, and tops that show off your slender shoulders. Heels are your thing.

The striped cropped tube top and pencil skirt set worth $9.95, or the solid, black ribbed bodycon dress also worth $9.95 from Romwe would be good choices. And with a Romwe discount code, you need not worry about splurging too much money.

Clothes that don’t flatter you:

Loose clothes that hide your tiny waist.

Benefits of Knowing One’s Body Shape

When you know your body shape/type, you cannot go wrong with your choice of clothes. You know what suits you and what does not.

So, the next time you ogle at a sexy dress, you would first analyze whether the dress is for your figure or not. Only then place the order.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Body Shape is the Most Sensuous of All?

Female body shapes

All of them!

Yes, no specific body shape is better or more beautiful than the other. Each is unique. It depends on how you flatter your figure.

This guide tells you how to.

From skinny to voluptuous, from pears and apples to hourglass, let your clothes unleash your inner Goddess.

Stores like Shein are known to offer clothes for all sizes and body shapes. A Shein promo code is all you need to go on a shopping spree right after reading this piece.

All the stores mentioned here are known for their range of clothing styles, from size zero to plus sizes, you can have them all.

The Trick to Being Sensuous

Love your body shape, whatever it is.

Choose the clothes accordingly. You will always look beautiful.

One of the reasons women seem to be unhappy with their body shapes is that they wear the wrong clothes. They fail to highlight their best features. And then you think you have an unattractive body, which is not true.

If this dressing guide has convinced you to buy some more clothes to fit your body perfectly, you need to look at the coupons and codes that are patiently waiting for you at our website Don’tPayAll, so that while you are treating yourself with amazing outfits, your wallet does not take a hit.


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