The Best Halloween Gift Baskets in 2019

It’s less than two weeks to go before the D-day arrives and you haven’t decided on your Halloween gift basket! Panic not. Thanks to the plethora of options available, you can easily decide upon a basket or even make one.

Interested in a DIY gift basket?

Well, if you are time-pressed and have a lot of things to do before Halloween, a smarter option would be to visit one of the best Halloween gift basket stores and put together a nice gift.

Why sit for weaving a basket, collecting all the gift supplies, packing material, and toiling for hours for making the perfect gift?

A better alternative is to visit reputable gift stores and put together an assortment of items for your basket. Doesn’t this sound smarter?

Oh, well, for all those craftspeople out there, you might still want to weave a basket!

What’s Trending in 2019?

Cakes, cookies, chocolates, and cheese never go out of style, be it 2019 or 1902! And can we forget wines?

This Halloween, the trend is to gift custom made baskets. Say, you have kids in the family. Put together a nice basket containing all the good stuff that your kids love. You can also create baskets depending on the mood or the personality of the recipient.

Gift Examples:

Your basket may contain a cute teddy bear surrounded with naughty pumpkins. It’s not scary; it’s cute. All those pumpkins sitting around, trying to scare the teddy, but the teddy simply sits calm and composed waiting to be hugged by the gift recipient!

Throw in a bunch of candies, Jack-O-Lantern cookies, Halloween cookies, and assorted candies and voila, your basket is ready!

If the basket is for a little girl, don’t forget to add in several hair accessories. Cute clips, hair bands, and stickers can make her jump with joy.

Hot Tips:

  • Either create a mixed theme basket or a single theme. Say, you can create an exclusive accessory basket that contains dolls, hair items, and little pieces of fashion jewelry.
  • Or do a combo of edible stuff and accessories.

The Best Gift Baskets coupon can help you choose a wonderful basket at an equally wonderful price.


During the night of “spook-tecular” partying, you certainly need to gorge on heavenly chocolates.

There is no dearth of choices in chocolate gifts. You may pick a box or a basket or a combo of wines and chocolates for an exquisite presentation.

How about choosing flavors of the season? Maple walnut and pumpkin spice…simply scrumptious!

There are so many flavors available for chocolate gift baskets that you will be left floored.

Gift Examples:

The trendiest flavors of the season include:

  • Dark and dry fruits like almonds and cashew nuts and fresh fruits like strawberries covered in milk and dark chocolate
  • Chocolate truffles and pretzels
  • Chocolate pumpkin spice truffle
  • Chocolate G cubes
  • Nuts and caramel chocolates
  • An exclusive box containing white chocolates and milk chocolates each
  • A gold box containing assorted chocolates

Hot Tip:

Either pick a chocolate canister or a box or a basket or a pouch filled with all the heavenly delights.

Chocolates are for everybody – from kids to adults and senior citizens too. You can use a Sephra coupon to shop for wonderful gift boxes at excellent prices.

The benefit of using a coupon is that you can shop for multiple items, yet save money.

Fruits, Wine, and Halloween

What’s Halloween without the finest selection of wines?

One of the trendiest wine baskets is the California Classic Wine Basket. It is actually a leather container containing a selection of lush white or bold red California wines accompanied with seasoned peanuts, peach candies, oatmeal tea cookies, cinnamon almonds, and other such treats.

Hot Tips:

  • Either choose to gift a wine set, which may contain a white wine and a bold red.
  • Or you could combine chocolates and wines, nuts and wines, cookies and wines.
  • Another option is to prepare a basket of fresh fruits and place a sparkling wine bottle at the center.
  • You can do the same with a basket of flowers instead of fruits.

Halloween Cakes and Cookies

What’s selling like hot cakes?

Cakes themselves!

This Halloween, don’t miss the scrumptiously delightful cake pops.

Love Oreo?

Then, gorge on the yummy strawberries and Oreo pops and cookies.

Pack 5-6 Oreo cookies or pops in a neatly done box or pouch and hurray, your mini gift is ready! Decorate it with tiny ghoulish things for the scary effect.

Or you could place a big rubber spider amidst the cookies for a scary trick!

Fresh Flowers – An Evergreen Gift Choice

Everything seems spooky on Halloween night. From your makeup and costume to the party and the parade. Take a break from the spooky and add some soothing alternative – fresh flowers.

Some of you may wonder – is it okay to gift flowers on the eve of Halloween?

Why not!

Flowers are an evergreen choice in gifts. Even the spirits love flowers. Don’t we pay tribute to our departed ones with flowers?

So, do not hesitate to gift a neatly done bouquet or basket of flowers this Halloween. Your mom, dad, mother, neighbor, colleague, boss, or any other acquaintance will be delighted to receive a bouquet with vibrant blossoms.

The hottest bouquets this season are the Perfectly Pumpkin Bouquet, the Happy Halloween Bouquet, and the Spooky Spider Bouquet.

Hot Tips:

Add an extra dose of scariness in the bouquet using your creativity.

  • In a rose bouquet, add a few birch and oak leaves for the eerie effect.
  • Add a ghost made from satin paper. Let it peep from the flowers.
  • Place a few paper or plastic bats among the flowers.
  • For a more ghoulish effect, add a tombstone or a Frankenstein or cobwebs over the flowers with a Black Widow rubber spider hiding in the petals!
  • You can also shop for glow sticks and glow ghosts and other items that are easily available at online stores to create an awesome Halloween effect in your bouquet or basket.

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Say Cheese!

Cheese and cheesecakes are all-time favorites. They are so delectable you just can’t think of celebrations without them.

Now, there are various ways in which you can use cheese as a gift item. Pair it with chocolates; pair it with cookies; pair it with the best wines.

Gift Examples:

  • The hottest items this season are an assortment of delectables like coffee, chocolates, snacks, and cheese in one basket.
  • You can also pair baked items with cheese.
  • An igourmet cheese sampler is a great gift choice.
  • Fruit cheesecake sampler is so yummy your recipient will love you for the gift!
  • One of the sensational gift baskets this season is the Orchard’s Abundance, which is a mixed basket containing goodies like cheddar cheese, cherries covered in chocolate, fresh fruits, sea salt caramel sauce, roasted and salted peanuts, and more.
  • Another interesting choice is to combine fresh fruits with baked items and throw in some cheese for a scrumptious basket.
  • How about a nice pumpkin cheesecake? If you can’t wait to order one, grab the iGourmet coupon to avail yourselves fantastic discounts.

The Simplest Gift Ever

Be it Halloween or whatever occasion, a box containing scrumptious cake is one of the simplest and the best gifts ever. Pair it with a rose or two and you have got your recipient floored.

Halloween does not mean everything should be scary, does it?

So once you are off scaring people or getting scared yourselves, time to gobble up some cake!

Gift Examples:

An assortment of mini Halloween cupcakes is as great a gift as a “boo-tiful” basket of Halloween goodies.

Let those ‘ghouls’ and ‘ghosts’ go weak in the knees and ‘crumble’ to the aroma and taste of freshly baked Halloween cake!

Some of the trendiest flavors of this season include:

  • Blackout cake
  • Red Velvet chocolate cake
  • Carrot cake
  • TresLeches cake
  • Golden Fudge cake
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • New York cheesecake
  • Boston Cream cake
  • Lemon Coconut cake
  • Rainbow cake
  • Pumpkin pie

Scary Ideas to Gift the Perfect Cake for Halloween

Would you gift a Halloween cake simply like that? Of course not!

Decorate the cake box with a creative Halloween theme viz:

  • A black cat on the box. You could use paper cat or a plush toy or simply draw a cat on the box.
  • A giant spider attached on the box or, if you may, inside the box. For the more “Halloween-ish” effect, let it crawl over the cake!
  • A witch with a broom sitting on the cake.
  • Let the box be themed in pumpkin style.
  • Insert glowing items in the box or attach them outside.
  • If you are using a basket, cover it with all the spooky stuff you can think about. How about a ghost-covered basket? Boo!

Have more ideas?

‘Tis the time to bring out your creative hats and use your signature style to create the perfect gift basket or box.

Here’s a chance for you to save big while you order the perfect Halloween cake. Just get a Bake Me a Wish coupon and make your Halloween deliciously scary.

Let’s Glow in the Dark

You may have already stocked up on glittery makeup and richly pigmented lip colors and body paints. Let’s add a couple of items in your Halloween menu – glow toys and lighting.

If you are throwing a Halloween party, you could certainly do with some terrific stage lighting. How about some moving head DJ disco lights or waterproof acrylic starry dancing twinkling LED lights? The lights not only create a party feel but also, when positioned in the right manner, can create an eerie effect.

Hot Tip:

Place glow sticks and toys on the plants and bushes of your garden to spark up the greenery.

Hide & Seek on Halloween Night

Play a game of Hide & Seek on Halloween night. Hide small gift items like fashion jewelry and toys or a box of candies and cookies at various places in your garden and porch. Let the kids find them. The finder of the gift owns it.

You can place keychains, bracelets, souvenir items, small pouches or baskets of savory snacks, and more.

Attach some trick with the treat to make the game more thrilling.

You can even have a ghost, a vampire, a zombie, or anything ghoulish hiding somewhere. The person has to ‘fight’ the thing to get the gift.

Shop for a series of small gifts without spending much through Made in China coupon. They also have a collection of stage lighting. Enjoy products at brilliant prices, making your festive occasion brighter and finding more reason to celebrate.

Hot Tips:

You can even create a huge gift basket containing all the spooky items. Amidst them, let the recipient find gifts. Place treats like a pouch of cake pops, a small box of pumpkin candies, a neat wooden box containing fashion jewelry, and more.

If the basket is bigger, you can even add a bottle of wine or a box of cupcakes. Throw in a couple of fresh fruits.

Make sure the basket brims with spooky items. Include birch leaves, bats, spiders, ghoulish eyes, skulls, and bones. If the basket is in the shape of a pumpkin, even better! Or you could have a big boo-box. The recipient of the box or basket must find gifts after digging into the ghoulish items.

Well, the page is already brimming with ideas. It’s time to implement them. Do not delay in shopping for gift baskets, lest the best items get sold out and you miss them.

Coupons mentioned here are available at our website Don’tPayAll. We have the latest ones to help you grab the most advantageous festive offers available. With coupons and codes with you, who can stop you from gifting an extraordinary basket? Let your gift basket become the star attraction this Halloween night.

Happy Halloween!


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