45 Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas for Co-Workers

The day of giving thanks is around the corner. Although we must not forget to pay our gratitude to the Divine every day for whatever we have in our lives, Thanksgiving Day is a special day having historical roots in cultural and religious traditions. The day is reserved for giving sacrifice and thanks for the harvest blessing and for the preceding year.

Thanks to this day, we learn to offer our thanks, which we may have forgotten in the hustle-bustle of daily life. While giving thanks to everybody, do not forget yourselves! This is also the time to pamper your own self – your body, mind, and soul. Apart from the savory feast, you deserve a nice shopping experience. Explore the brilliant collection of dresses and never worry about the price. With Zapaka coupon code, shopping becomes fantastic and a super-saver.

Your “second family”

While you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks to your co-workers. These are people with whom you spend 8-9 hours of your lives daily. They are like a “second family.” They make your life interesting, exciting, and motivating, and even challenging at the workplace.

Whether you like a co-worker or not, give thanks. That’s the spirit of the season.

People whom we do not like come into our lives to teach us a lesson. They come as an obstacle to make us stronger.

People whom we like come into our lives to help us learn that lesson. They come as a savior to make us happier.

So, for whatever reason your co-worker has come in your professional life, he/she is here to enrich your life, either by making you stronger, or happier. Doesn’t he/she deserve a gift?

Golden Thanksgiving Tip

One of the tips for giving the best Thanksgiving gift is to present something based on a person’s personality. Well, this is not just a tip; it is a psychologist’s observation. A person will receive a gift with greater happiness if it complements their personality and is something they were longing for.

So, find out what your co-worker is yearning for this season. It may be something they desire or they absolutely need and don’t have at present. You could gift them that. How happy they would be!

Scratching your head thinking about a gift? Not sure what your co-worker wants or needs? Don’t worry. Gift them something that is useful, thoughtful, and, don’t forget, that it should complement their personality.

Here is a range of Thanksgiving gift ideas.

These ideas are affordable and adorable. The gifts are simple to put together. What’s a better way to give thanks without hurting your pocket, yet touching the heart?

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

1. A Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It is the perfect gift for any occasion. Choose from a variety of flavors and gift types. Worried about price? Just use the Ethel M chocolate promo code and shop at awesome prices.

2. Box of Muffins

Is your co-worker on a weight loss program? Well, then he/she deserves a treat day. Gift them muffins that contain healthy ingredients – banana muffins, nuts and seeds muffins, pumpkin muffins, and so on. If you love baking, why not bake a nice pumpkin pie or an apple pie? Arrange for a small Thanksgiving treat at the office. Small celebrations make a huge difference. These act as a stress-buster and lightens the office environment.

3. Glass Candles

Candles are the ultimate gift that goes with all occasions. For Thanksgiving, make them a bit different. Melt wax and pour it in beautifully-shaped, small glasses or vases. Use Washi tape to decorate them. Pack them in a gift box. Superb! Scented candles are evergreen gifts.

4. A Mini Garden of Herbs

Gift a jar garden! Plant herbs in a mason jar and gift it to a co-worker who is health-conscious and loves herbal things. Rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, coriander – choose any of these herbs. It is a thoughtful, healthy, and green gift.

5. Cookie Jar

A mason jar filled with scrumptious cookies (better if they are home-made) speaks a thousand words. It, indeed, is a heart-warming gift. You can attach a thanksgiving note if you want. If not cookies, you can give a box of your co-worker’s favorite snacks.

6. Fragrance

Gift a bottle of their favorite fragrance or let them try a new one. You can get fragrances at a staggering discount through the Sephora discount code. Perfect!

7. Business Card Holder

This should be a different one, not the usual black and brown. Make it as colorful and jazzy as you can. Watch their faces light up!

8. Handcrafted Bracelets

People usually think it is cumbersome to make fashion jewelry at home. Not true. Just get some memory wire and beads. You can easily procure these at wholesale. Weave the beads together in whatever decorative style you want. Handmade jewelry gift is not only thoughtful and heart-touching but also looks stylish and different from the usual store-bought pieces.

9. Personalized Message Mug

Get a plain, light color mug. Scribble your message in your handwriting with a permanent marker. Your co-worker will remember you whenever they sip from the mug. If not a mug, you can gift them a coffee cup with a saucer. Inscribe something with a marker to personalize it. Or you could choose a bright color cup and saucer that stand out at their work desk.

10. Herbal Soaps

You can get a variety of herbal soaps containing essential oils and herbs. They pose as a beautiful gift. Besides, these soaps usually contain mild cleansing agents that keep skin hydrated and soft.

11. Trendy Earrings

Tassels are hot this season. Gift a pair of beautiful vibrant tassel earrings. Or you could choose a neutral color so that your co-worker can wear them at the boardroom meeting too. You can also gift long danglers or huge hoops; as super big earrings are ‘in’ this season. But make sure if they like wearing big earrings. Otherwise, you can gift them ear tops studded with a gem. It makes for an elegant gift.

12. Stylish Scarves

The scarf is a thoughtful gift for the cold months. You can either choose a vibrant color or a neutral tone. Choose a printed one depending on her taste, which you may be familiar with by now by the type of clothes she wears. A knitted scarf in soft pastels is an awesome gift that they can pair with their formal wear.

13. Lotions and Creams

Winter months are great for gifting creams and lotions. You can create a gift pouch containing a small jar of hand cream, a bottle of body lotion, and lip balm. The trio makes for a complete moisturizing regime. So thoughtful! Want to add some makeup? Add a trendy lip color or nail color to the pouch.

14. Thanksgiving Tee

Gift a tee with a beautiful or inspiring message printed on it. You can easily buy tees at affordable prices and in various colors through the Proozy promo code.

15. Sparkler Mugs

Just like personalized mugs, these mugs, too, make the receiver remember you whenever they use them. Get plain mugs. Apply glitter glue at the bottom and a few inches above. Dip them in a container full of glitter. Let the glitter sit on the mug for a while before you pack them in a gift box. Amazing! You can simply buy these sparkler mugs on Amazon at a discounted price via Amazon promo code.

16. Book

If your co-worker loves books, then this could be one of the best gifts for him/her. Know their preference and gift accordingly. If you are not sure what kind of books they like, you can gift them a self-help book or a motivational book. People usually love reading them and these are helpful. Or you could gift them a book for professionals. It would also be better if you can figure out what book they want. Gift them that. They would jump with joy!

17. Jewelry Boxes

Small jewelry boxes in glitter make for lovely gifts. If your co-worker is not much into glitter and shimmer, you can choose a plain satin cover for the box in rich colors like maroon, purple, or cream. Elegant!

18. Essential Oil Diffuser

Gift them a beautiful container with diffuser reeds. If you know what scent they like, you can fill the jar with their favorite scented oil. If you don’t, let the jar be empty; they can fill it with their choice of scent.

19. Yoga Mat or Yoga Bag

If there is a co-worker who is crazy about yoga, then a yoga mat will be a great gift for him/her. If they already have a mat, gift a bag to keep the mat. For a personalized touch, make a bag out of a rug. They will cherish it!

20. Pet Accessories

A great gift for a co-worker who has a cat or dog! Get pet supplies at discounted prices through Canada Pet Care coupons.

21. Bamboo Plant

This is a great gift. Let your co-worker’s workstation become Feng Shui friendly. Make sure you choose a plant with 2, 3, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 21 stalks. Never give a plant with 4 stalks, as that is inauspicious.

22. Décor Box for Business Cards and Items

Gift them a decorative box in which your co-worker can keep their small office items like pens, stationery, cards, and stuff. The box is not only useful at the work desk but also adds to the beauty of the desk.

23. Personalized Magnets

Personalized magnets can find a place on your co-worker’s fridge at home or the cabinet in the office. Either write a personalized message or choose one with a motivational quote or a thoughtful image on it.

24. Box of Gourmet Cheese and Cookies

If your co-worker has a sweet tooth, then a box of gourmet cheese and cookies is a great gift for them. They will relish it and remember you!

25. Phone cover

Phone covers come in a huge variety, from jazzy, colorful, printed, embellished, funky to monochrome, plain, formal, graphics, classic black, and more. Choose a cover based on the person’s personality and, of course, their phone model.

26. Tall glass

A tall, sleek glass can be a thoughtful gift. These are cold months and people may forget to drink enough water. A stylish glass adorning their workstation will make them sip every now and then.

27. Water bottle

With the same thought in mind, you can gift a gorgeous water bottle.

28. A pair of flats

Gift a pair of lovely flats or slip-on. You can get them at the lowest price through the Thanksgiving Shoespie coupons. This gift is useful and thoughtful. Give it to a colleague who has been a pillar of support for you.

29. Hot Cocoa Jar

A jar or container of hot cocoa can never fail as the perfect gift, especially in the winter. What’s more? You can even bring an extra container and make some hot cocoa at break time for all the colleagues and the boss. It can turn out to be a small Thanksgiving hot cocoa party!

30. Calendar for 2020

The New Year’s approaching. What better occasion than Thanksgiving to gift a 2020 calendar?

31. Office Planner

An office planner can prove to be a useful gift for your co-worker. It will help them organize their day better. Planners come in various shapes and sizes and patterns.

32. Paper Weight

The beautiful paperweight can not only be useful but also add to the aesthetics of the workstation. You can also gift a paperweight that contains motivational quotes, inspirational messages, or famous sayings by eminent personalities.

33. Pocket Mirror

An exquisitely designed pocket mirror, packed in a beautiful gift box can be an awesome gift for Thanksgiving. You can even add a motivational note or a heart-touching Thanksgiving message.

34. Set of Coasters

Coasters are useful, especially for a co-worker who is fond of teas and coffees. Find one with a beautiful message inscribed on it, or you could gift one with a funny cartoon, hilarious text, or a big, bright emoji. Whatever you choose, remember the golden tip of gifting.

35. Keychain

Keychains – big, small – made of glass, metal, or plastic – in vibrant colors can add to the festive occasion. You can give one with their name initials on it, or something extraordinary. How about a sparkling crystal keychain? Sounds terrific!

36. Jar of Coffee or Tea

Gift them their favorite coffee or tea. Italian coffee, Turkish coffee, herbal tea, green tea, Jasmine tea, Chamomile tea, and so many others are available in the market. California Tea House coupon codes will help you get the best teas at the best prices.

37. Book of Recipes

If your co-worker is fond of cooking, a book of Thanksgiving feast recipes could make a perfect gift. Or you could get them a book containing recipes for various special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Baby Shower, and more. A book containing dessert recipes is also a great gift.

38. Religious Items

This is for co-workers who are more into religious things. Gifting them a religious item can touch their heart. Incense sticks, votive candles, a bundle of white sage for smudging, and more. How about gifting them a pocket Bible?

39. Spiritual Stuff

If your co-worker is spiritual, gift them a singing bowl, a box of scented candles, a votive candle set, candle stands, dowsing fork, crystals, wind chimes, spiritual animals in crystal or glass, a set of Tarot cards or Oracle cards, Turkish coffee cup for coffee reading, or Turkish coffee beans for brewing, crystal ball, crystal wand, bracelet or neckpiece made of crystal beads, and more. Know what they are into and gift accordingly.

40. Face Masks and Packs

Winter is a great time to prep your skin. Choose face masks meant for dry and cold months. Also, it would be better if you know your co-worker’s skin type. If you don’t, you need not worry. Choose a mask or pack that is meant for all skin types.

41. Pen Holders

Does your co-worker often misplace their pens or pencils? Then it is time to gift them a pen holder. They will truly thank you for this gift. Depending on their taste, choose a cute one, or an embellished holder with glitter and adornments, or a simple stylishly designed holder for the no-mess person.

42. A Journal or Diary

Let your co-worker vent out their emotions on paper. They can write notes, express feelings, or simply scribble something. Some people like to keep a journal. If your colleague is one of them, this could pose as the perfect Thanksgiving gift. You could pair the journal with a pen if you want.

43. Small Clock

A small clock with an alarm and maybe a calendar can be a great gift. They can use it at home or in the office. Somebody who is mostly late to the office because they are unable to wake up on time can use this gift well. Or maybe one of your co-workers is a workaholic and often skips lunch. They are too engrossed in work to know it’s lunchtime. They can set an alarm on the clock and organize their day well.

44. A Pocket Book of Quotes

Who doesn’t like a pop of inspiration? Gift a pocketbook full of inspirational quotes. Whenever your co-worker is feeling low, he/she can bring out the book and read a quote or two for a dose of inspiration. Quotes and inspiring messages always help to boost the spirit, which can, at times, go low due to work pressure or some other stress.

45. Gift Basket with a ‘Thank You’ Card

Well, if you still can’t decide what to gift, simply get a gift basket and add a ‘Thank You’ card containing a heart-touching poem or saying. Use The Best Gift Baskets Thanksgiving promo code. Let the basket and the card match their personality.

For the serious types, gift a basket and card with a heartfelt message for life. For the funny types, a hilarious card will do. For the sensitive types, choose with care, lest you would also need to gift them a handkerchief for all the tears they would shed while receiving the basket and reading the message!

Heartfelt Gifts

Gifts can be big; gifts can be small. Size does not matter. What matters is the thoughtfulness contained in the gift. You could be gifting a tiny keychain for your co-worker’s single cabinet key, yet it may touch their heart. They often lose their single key and have no time to buy a keychain. Your gift can prove to be useful and thoughtful.

Even if a gift is non-functional, such as a décor piece, it still becomes a cherished item due to the thought attached to it. You bought the gift with warmth in your heart. You thought about the co-worker and spared time and effort to bring a gift. The feelings matter.

So, even if you gift a bouquet of flowers, it creates a deep impact in the heart of the receiver. Thinking of buying flowers for your co-worker? Roses only discount code will help you get beautiful flowers at festive discounts.

You need not buy expensive gifts. The gift ideas mentioned here are easily available at low prices. You can even make some of them at home.

The Season of Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to thank people who make a difference in our lives. We may not be thanking them enough in our daily life. Now is the best occasion to make them feel special.

Also, when somebody gifts you, receive the gift with warmth and thank them.

Don’t miss the awesome deals and offers available at reputable stores during the festive season. The Thanksgiving sales and offers are on.

Grab the latest coupons and codes from our website Don’tPayAll. While gifting others, also buy a beautiful Thanksgiving gift for yourselves.


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