The Summer Lifestyle Hacks That Will Make Your Next Trip to the Beach a Breeze

Nothing can sooner bring cloudy skies over your summer trip to the beach than a poorly planned visit. Working all throughout the school year, everyone deserves time for care-free relaxation with a backdrop of sand, sea, and surf.

These products and lifestyle hacks will go a long way towards making any trip to the beach one to remember.

1: Security

Falling asleep in a beach chair can be easy and lovely, but while you’re dozing who is watching your things? Don’t wait to get to the pool or beach to rent a locker or be told you have to bring your combination lock. Get ahead of the game and buy a cheap footlocker at Walmart or Amazon. THEN, here’s the brilliant part, use it as your footrest while you sleep! If you don’t feel like spending the money, here’s another hack – buy a jumbo box of disposable diapers and keep your things there; no one will suspect a thing!

2: Getting Rid of That Sand

Baby powder isn’t just for baby’s bums, no matter what the packaging tells you. True, it can help kill some of the funky foot smell from your favorite shoes, but it’s also a beach bag essential. Ready to head inside but feel like your hands are covered in sand-gloves? Shake out a little baby powder and use it to brush off the sand. Not only will you be sand-free but you’ll also be baby-scented!

3: Sunburn

Aloe gels are a great way to treat sunburn, as the renowned dermatology benefits will help your skin recover. But check this out, you’ll get much more immediate relief if you leave your aloe gel in the fridge while you’re at the beach! The 41-degree gel will feel like heaven!

You can easily buy aloe vera gels and sunscreen on beauty and personal care websites like Sephora.

4: Beach Towel

Keeping track of your sunglasses, sunscreen, and beverages can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. One of the best ways to keep organized on the sand is to sew pockets into your beach towel! Simply pick one of the smaller sides of your towel, and sew 6-8 inch pockets from corner to corner to keep your things in!

5: Your Car

When you have finally found your fill of fun, sun, and sand, getting back and receiving a brand from your car seat, steering wheel, or seatbelt is no fun at all. Leave spare beach towels or blankets on all the seats to absorb the rays of the sun, and turn your steering wheel so that it’s upside down – sparing your hands from having to play hot potato.

6: Phone

Pictures capturing the memories made on a beach are an irresistible temptation. However, sea and sand are no friends of the delicate internal components of a phone, so get a double-seal plastic bag to keep it in! This will keep out most of the water and sand while still allowing you to use the touchscreen through it.

7: Jellyfish

Depending on the beach, a jellyfish sting should be treated with an immediate trip to the emergency room. But many beaches across the United States are occasionally visited by swarms of very benign jellies. If you or someone you know gets stung, a great home remedy is vinegar. Pour vinegar over the wound and it will help, but don’t try and rinse the sting with freshwater or urine, as both will make things worse.

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