Some Interesting Halloween Goodie Bags/Gift Bags Ideas

Halloween goodie bags

Are you having sleepless nights trying to think of Halloween gift basket ideas for the little ones at home and those knocking on your door for trick-or-treating? Now, gifting on Halloween is easier than you think, and you can even make exciting Halloween gift boxes with whatever you have lying around at home.

Goodie bags are what kids look forward to the most on Halloween and their joy knows no bounds when you open the door and place those fancy treat bags in their hands. So, why not make it extra special this year, especially because the pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home all these months? Make this Halloween a memorable one by choosing to make Halloween gifts for kids at home so that every youngster who rings your doorbell has a smile on their lips when you greet them with the goodies bag!

To buy gifts for Halloween lovers you can search online for Halloween best deals from stores like Walmart, Amazon, Things Remembered, etc. Whether it is kid-friendly designs or customized Halloween goodie bags, you will be spoiled with ample choice. Not only do the bags look delightful themselves but the contents inside are sure to brighten up one’s day. Besides, there are many do-it-yourself goodie bag ideas that you can easily make at home if you do not want to buy the readymade ones.

Here are some interesting Halloween goodie bag ideas that are sure to catch your eye:

1. Canvas Jack-o’-Lantern Bags:

Black and Orange Canvas Jack-o’-Lantern Halloween Goodie Bags

You can buy these readymade treat bags from Amazon. They are made from canvas material with drawstrings to close them. You can personalize these bags with a black paint pen.

Get a pack of 2 such reusable canvas bags from Amazon for $12.98 only.

2. Jack-o’-Lantern Cellophane Bags:

Orange Jack-o’-Lantern Cellophane Bag

These can be made with colored cellophane paper that you tie off in the middle to make a Jack-o’-Lantern face.

Visit Amazon and get a pack of 50 colored cellophane paper bags for $8.99 before they run out of stock.

3. Candy Corn Treat Bags:

Black Candy Corn Treat Bags

These are graphic paper bags that you can buy on Amazon and then fill then with candy corn.

Buy a pack of 100 graphic bags for 10% off, i.e., just for $8.99, available at Amazon.

4. Assorted Orange Treat Bags:

Assorted Orange Treat Bags

This is a classy choice mainly for grownups but it will appeal even to kids. You can customize each with names and messages for each child using black stamps.

Check out the plain orange paper bags starting at Amazon and get a 50-piece pack for just $13.99.

5. Skull-Shaped Goodie Bags:

Skull-Shaped Goodie Bags

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween why not use skull-shaped bags for gifting treats? These are sure to look sinister and may be the perfect choice for tweens and teens.

Get these spooky skull-shaped goodie bags for $24.18 on Walmart.

6. Halloween Tote Bags:

Purple Halloween Tote Bag

You will find these rather handy for gifting treats to the young trick-and-treaters. They are readily available on Walmart.

You can also buy customized Halloween tote bags for $15.99.on Walmart.

7. Drawstring Goodie Bags:

Drawstring Goodie Bags

You can get a pack of 50 draw-string goodie bags on Walmart at 23% off and for just $16.99 and fill them up with a variety of treats, chocolates, and candies.

8. Small Pumpkin Buckets:

Small Orange Pumpkin Buckets

These can be mini pumpkin-shaped plastic bags that are perfect for the little ones that are dressed in fancy costumes and walking up to your door on Halloween evening.

Buy these candy holder pumpkin baskets on Walmart for $7.99.

9. Halloween Paper Gift Bags:

Halloween Paper Gift Bags

These paper bags can be sealed with different kinds of stickers that are eye-catching.

You can also try the Halloween-patterned 36-pack paper bags $23.59.

10. Large Neon Skeleton Tote Bags:

Large Neon Skeleton Tote Bags

These are made from fabric and are best suited for trick-and-treating purposes. You can use 15×17 inches of fabric and keep it empty in the middle portion that you may later customize with marker pens.

Grab the set of 12 neon tote bags for $17.99 from Amazon today.

Some Interesting DIY Halloween Goodie Bag Ideas:

Besides the easy-to-find Halloween readymade goodie bags online, you can always consider making these exciting giveaway bags at home, involving your kids in the exercise. Crafting is always fun and educational, and you can make something out-of-the-box that is both creative and visually appealing to young ones. These bags could be for gifting purposes and for collecting goodies and candies when you kid goes trick-and-treating.

1. DIY Frankenstein Halloween Treat Bag:

DIY Frankenstein Halloween Treat Bags

You can simply use green colored paper bags and draw Frankenstein’s face on them to make treat bags.

2. Boo Treat Bag Toppers:

Boo Treat Bag Topper

Print the template and attach it to the top of a small bag filled with candy for some easy DIY treat bags.

3. Mini Halloween Treat Bags:

Mini Halloween Treat Bags

These are easy to make and you can use felt bags for the purpose, decorating these with typical Halloween symbols like Jack-o’-Lanterns, Frankenstein faces, or bats. These can be perfect for collecting candies during trick-and-treating.

4. Jack-o’-Lantern Treat Bags:

Orange Jack-o’-Lantern Treat Bags

These are super easy to make at home with your kids. You can simply use plastic bags and fill these with orange candies. To make them Halloween-friendly all you have to do is draw Jack-o’-lantern faces on these mini treat bags.

5. Paper Coffin Candy Boxes:

Paper Coffin Candy Boxes

To make these you must use some black paper that you fold to create spooky-looking coffin boxes and fill these with delicious candies. These can be the best kind of mini gift for the young ones.

6. Candy Shaped Bags:

Candy Shaped Bags

Why not make candy shaped gift boxes for giving away candies this Halloween?

7. Printable Owl Treat Box:

Printable Owl Treat Boxes

You can either take printouts or use stencils to draw on these boxes and they make for special Halloween gifts for school-goers with each child’s name written on top of the box.

8. Scarecrow Halloween Treat Bags:

Scarecrow Halloween Treat Bags

These can be made using straw and burlap, and they can be the perfect deterrent for candy stealers too! These spooky-looking treat bags are both affordable and authentic and perfect for pre-packaged Halloween party treats.

9. Duct Tape Buckets:

Orange Duct Tape Bucket

All you need to make these at home are some empty tins and duct tape. You may choose Halloween-themed patterns or colors for making attractive DIY buckets.

10. Black Cat Bag:

Black Cat Bag

The black cat is a typical Halloween motif that is seldom used. But it can be an excellent choice for crafting. Make felt or paper bags with these black cat cut-outs and fill these with goodies.

11. Spooky Eyeballs Bag:

Spooky Eyeballs Bag

All you need is some fabric or paper and googly eyes to get started.

DIYs are a fun idea to do for this Halloween. If this is what you think is the best option for you, get started by buying the fabric paper from Walmart at 18% off at a price of $15.22.

You can also visit Amazon to get 10% off on plain, colored masking tape and 17% off on patterned duct tape. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab the Halloween-themed Washi tape from Amazon at 11% off.

Stores Offering Deals for Halloween:

If you are keen to try out any of these do-it-yourself bags at home this Halloween or simply want to buy some of the readymade goodie bags at stores, make sure you visit these for exciting discounts:

Things Remembered:

If you wish to find something special to gift no matter what the occasion is, try Things Remembered. Why not buy Halloween special bags with long handles from this store using their coupon codes, get them embroidered with a name or special message, and then use them as treat bags?

You can avail 25% off on Halloween collection with the code 25FORYOU when you get Things Remembered coupons at Don’tPayAll.


It can be your go-to store for Halloween costumes, decorations, gifts, and of course, goodie bags. You are sure to get big savings on your purchases this Halloween when you use discount coupons from Walmart. You can enjoy several coupons with great discounts on kids’ Halloween costumes and candies.

Satisfy all your ghouls and goblins with the 9.77-ounce TWIX® Cookies & Creme chocolate candy for only $2.88 at Walmart.


It has always been the one-stop-shop for all your needs and Halloween is no exception.  You can get ready-made goodie bags on this site and even find materials to make treat bags at home.

Amazon is currently offering up to 50% discount on Halloween candies and costumes.

Gourmet Gift Baskets:

is can be your preferred destination for buying heartfelt gifts for your loved ones for any occasion. Chocolates and thoughtful gifts never get out of style and are always loved by all. Now, the store is offering discounts on chocolates, gift sets, Halloween specials, and much more.

Buy Halloween Candy Gift Basket for just $34.99 and get free shipping.

Old Time Candy:

When you step into the store, you are bound to feel nostalgic because you will find all the different types of candies that you relished as a kid. Candies are kids’ favorite thing to look forward to on Halloween, followed by costumes

You can enjoy a 15% discount on Halloween candies with Old Time Candy deals for Halloween and even avail of free shipping on your purchase.

Note: Any sale/deal mentioned for any brand is currently active but may not be active later.


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