Get Top Brand Kit for Next to Nothing This Summer at High Sierra

With about three decades of experience in the retail industry, High Sierra is one of the famous one-stop shopping destinations for anyone looking to embark upon an adventure.

This company offers clothing, accessories and a lot more for men, women, and children. They even have the stuff to pamper your beloved pets. Not only this, but they also offer home decor and other essentials at a reasonable price. To get a discount use Sierra coupon codes available on Don’tPayAll.

Currently and till supplies last, High Sierra has marked down some of their items to up to 90% discount giving you a perfect opportunity to gear up for fall and winter, or for the second half of summer.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing deals available right now at High Sierra.

1: Gear – All Sorts

If you live by the “work hard, play hard” credo, then you know there are few things that can beat spending time outside doing what you love. If you’re like most people with a shared passion for the outdoors, you take your gear seriously and you demand the absolute best from your sporting goods and outdoor equipment.

Whether you need hiking and camping gear, a new pair of skis, tennis or golf equipment, cycling gear, climbing gear, or a new pair of sunglasses, High Sierra carries diverse selections of brand-name outdoor gear and sporting goods from world-class names like Marmot, Haglofs, Browning and New Balance.

For in the gym or out of doors, base layers, athletic wear, and yoga attire are all marked down 80-90% off – that means 7 dollars rather than 67.

2: Shoes – All Ages

Almost nothing is more expensive than footwear when outfitting yourself for your outdoor adventures. But right now at High Sierra, you can get your hands on running shoes, hiking boots, trail runners, trainers, and more all for up to 87% off.

This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself a pair of specialized footwear as well, like water shoes or mountain biking shoes – something that’s really niche, but necessary to pursue a particular activity.

GoreTex – the ultimate in environmental-proof technology has some of their top-of-the-line boots and shoes available on High Sierra for a pittance. Their water and wind-proofing fabric and coatings are legendary in the business, and you’ll never think twice about wading through a stream again.

Evolv– one of the three major manufacturers of rock climbing shoes is getting in on the discount action, presenting the perfect opportunity to add to your rock climbing hobby or pick it up if you’ve always wanted to. Many rock climbing gyms require specialty shoes, and they’re worth it if you want to get success in climbing.

3: Free Shipping On Orders Above $89.00

With our promo code, you can get free shipping on all orders over $89.00 during High Sierra’s epic summer clearance sale.

Here are some ideas on how to make free shipping!

Consider Christmas or birthdays coming up; outdoor apparel and gear makes for a great present.

Make it a family event – equip the whole family at once.

Consider for a moment taking up a new hobby like yoga, paddle boarding, or trail running.

Think about gift ideas for friends.

Getting ahead of any existing equipment that isn’t worn out, but that is likely to become so over the coming months.

4: Free Shipping On All Backpacks

Among outdoor gearheads, nothing gets them talking like backpacks. A backpack has to work through so much, play so many roles, and tick so many boxes that picking the right one can make the difference between a happy camper or a sad one.

High Sierra has an amazing assortment of backpacks to fit the criteria for any adventure, whether jungle or mountain – desert or tundra. They have top-quality packs for day hikers, hunters and fishermen, backpacking through Europe, and more.

Packs are heavy and large, and getting a free shipping deal is a great way to save even more money on many discounted backpacks. All you have to do is go to Don’t Pay All and use our link to get the promo code, then CLICK THIS LINK to go to the backpack selection. 


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