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Is it possible to enjoy a grand cruise vacation without breaking the bank? Indeed, it is, if you know the secrets to find amazing cruise deals. Usually it is the perfect combination of planning, timing and great luck which can guarantee the best deals. But there are some tricks that you can make use of to get your money’s worth and more.

Like any product that you may buy on the Internet, a cruise will also give you as much luxury as you are willing to spend on it. So, the costs are typically steep, ranging from about $100 per person per day to more than $1000 per person per day. The costs vary depending on how big the ship is, what kind of cabins you have booked, its amenities and the places it will cover.

Tips to Find the Best Cruise Deals:

Buying online will always be more profitable for you if you can research the product beforehand. Likewise, before you book a cruise holiday with your loved ones, you should spend some time reading up on the different options available within your budget. You could also get a travel agent specializing in cruise holidays.

Know the Deals:

There are usually two kinds of cruise deals available for vacationers. One type will offer you discounted or slashed fares or you may avail discounted travel packages through coupons. You can register on reliable coupon trader sites like Don’tPayAll to get daily updates on the latest cruise offers. The other type is where deals have add-on values. Here, prices are not slashed, but for the same price you can get better facilities, like cabin upgrades, beverage packages, free Wi-Fi connectivity, free gratuities, etc.

Advance Booking:

Since cruise lines want to sell off their “berths” at the earliest opportunity, you can get the best deals by being an early bird. There are even low-fare guarantee provisions where the cruise line will lower the prices in case the fares come down after you have made a booking with them. So, you must keep monitoring the fares to ensure the prices are not coming down; and if they are, you can either claim an upgrade or a refund.

Last-Minute Deals:

Being late may not be as bad as you think because cruise lines often offer the most incredible travel packages in the last few days before they sail. No cruise line wants to incur losses for lack of bookings. Empty berths deprive the staff of extra earnings through tips. So, these last-minute deals can prove to be a jackpot for retired people and for those who can take a break from their jobs at short notice.

Travel in Group:

When you book for more people, you are going to be given the best rates. If you like to travel solo, you can keep an eye out for price-cuts in the single supplement fares that are offered by cruise lines.

Travel in Off-Season:

The easiest trick in the book to get the cheapest and best cruise deals is by booking for a holiday during the off-season. Even booking for days at the end or beginning of the holiday season also called the “shoulder season”, can give you attractive discounts. For example, if you travel to Europe between March and May or between September and November, you can get better prices than if you travel in the summer.


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