Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Is Officially Out Now!

If you are looking for a flagship Samsung phone, the Galaxy A71 5G is going to be your best bet. It is being widely held as the most perfect Android smartphone because of its attractive features, extended battery life, headphone jack, brilliant camera specs, and a host of other exciting additions.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G made its grand debut in April 2020 and has impressed both users and critics alike. The display is large and a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels makes it even more appealing. The Galaxy A71 5G has an octa-core processor; 8GB RAM storage and runs the Android 10 operating system.

Why Should You Buy the New Samsung Galaxy A71?

1. A Galaxy A71 5G review will show you why this new smartphone can be a worthwhile investment for you. It operates its user interface on the Android 10 operating system and offers 128GB inbuilt storage. This smartphone can accommodate dual Nano-SIM cards and is a lightweight device launched in a variety of attractive shades like Prism Crush Silver, Blue, and Black.

2. As far as its design goes, the Galaxy A71 5G has smooth edges all over. The display is a tall glass cover at the front with a plastic cover at its back and the overall feel is top-of-the-line. While the plastic may be smooth it is not slippery in the least. You can easily get your hands on this latest mobile at BestBuy.

Samsung Galaxy A71, Galaxy A71 5G review

3. The display is impressive with a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and a high-end resolution. The display is sharp and the colors are not oversaturated. The unique 20:9 aspect ratio indicates that users must pinch to zoom for watching movies on Netflix or YouTube. The tall screen can offer a far better reading experience and you can view a lot of content when scrolling through your social media news feeds. The selfie camera at the center of the phone’s display is so compact that it will never disturb your viewing pleasure. You can enjoy a unique always-on display that ensures that important information like time, date, or alerts will remain visible even if you have locked the phone; this feature however does not drain out the battery.

Galaxy A71 5G display

4. The fingerprint sensor below the screen is the most reliable and within a second you can have your phone unlocked by tapping on it. There are multiple connectivity options for the Galaxy A71 5G including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G. Other sensors that the smartphone provides include accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor.

5. Can you afford to overlook the camera specifications when you buy a smartphone today? Camera specs are highly impressive where the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is concerned and you can take pictures in all kinds of conditions. A rectangular module accommodates 4 cameras at the back, with the main being at 64 megapixels. The remaining are a wide 12-megapixel cam with a 123 degrees view, a 5-megapixel depth cam, and a 5-megapixel macro cam for close-ups.

GalaxyA71 5G camera

The picture quality is impressive as well with sharpness and unexaggerated colors. Even portrait shots come out well with a nice, blurry background and the output is almost the same as that taken with a DSLR. Even video footage turns out to be vibrant and sharp; the Super Steady mode ensures stable videos although the color output and overall resolution can be a tad compromised. Even night-time videos turn out quite clear when there are adequate lights.

6. The audio quality is average, and the smartphone has a headphone jack which is an advantage.

7. As far as performance goes, this smartphone will not disappoint you; you can expect zero downtime. The operating system is Android 10 on the surface for the user interface while the super-fast Snapdragon 730 processor drives the inside. Browsing through social media or menus is quick and hassle-free. You can multitask without any lags; playing games is a seamless experience unless you are playing heavier ones that need graphics settings to be tweaked.

8. The user interface has multiple features like flashlight, screen recorder, and Edge Screen enabling easy access to information, apps, etc. by swipe actions from the display’s edge. The built-in screen recorder allows users to record any on-screen content simply with a tap. Other features include Game Booster for different in-game functions, Dual Messenger, Always-On Display, themes support, side-key customizability to select what the phone’s power key will do on a long or double press, one-touch connection to the app Microsoft Your Phone Companion, etc.

9. Other features, like Link to Windows for one-touch connection to Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion app on a PC, side key customization to select what the power key does on a double or long-press, and Game Booster for various in-game functionality (such as changing whether the phone focuses on performance or power saving) are also present. Standard Galaxy features like Dual Messenger themes support, and Always On Display are included as well.

10. If you were to consider the Galaxy A71 5G price, you will find that while it is costlier than the mid-range phones like the iPhone SE launched this year, it is less costly than the OnePlus 8. Neither of these two is 5G capable. This explains why this new offering from Samsung may just strike a chord with consumers. It offers unparalleled connectivity at affordable prices making it the first choice for people who do not want bonus features but a modest priced phone with optimum connectivity.

11. As far as the battery life goes, this new model from Samsung can last two days at a stretch without being charged, provided it is used lightly of course. The always-on display will not affect its battery life. It does not take long for the smartphone to get charged up because of its 25-watt charging capabilities.

12. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G uses the octa-core processor that is meant for 5G connections. This hybrid technology ensures that the phone can be changed to other bands like 3G or 4G as and when needed. The processor also operates using high-end artificial intelligence technologies and provides quick gaming experiences because the processors reduce the loading times and lags.

Samsung Galaxy A71 battery life

If you consider the features that the smartphone offers and the price for which you can access these, you will realize that the Samsung Galaxy A71 is worth every penny you spend on it.


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