Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020 amidst COVID-19

Safe Halloween

No guesses as to what is the scariest monster lurking in the shadows this year! But, even in the midst of the global pandemic, people all around the world are gearing up in different ways to celebrate the ever-popular Halloween festival. The coronavirus may have changed the world beyond imagination but it cannot dampen the spirit of festivals like Halloween. While you may not be able to indulge in many of the activities that you could earlier, there are still plenty of things to do on Halloween with friends and family.

The CDC has already come out with guidelines and safety measures for celebrating Halloween this October 31st. Although many traditional Halloween activities like trick-and-treat may be discouraged this year, there can always be low-risk Halloween activities at home that both grownups and children can be a part of. For instance, you can organize scavenger hunts and kids’ costume parades on your front porch. You can get your kids ready for the costume parades by getting some latest kids’ Halloween costumes from Spirit Halloween at attractive discounts. You can also shop for Halloween costumes from many other stores. We have handpicked some of the best Halloween coupons and deals to help you save money on costumes, Halloween decorations, and goodies.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020.

Things to Do on Halloween at Home:

For most kids, Halloween is probably the most exciting and thrilling time of the year but things may need to be tweaked a bit this year in light of the coronavirus outbreak. However, this should not mean that kids have to stay locked indoors and stopped having a good time outdoors. Obviously, the most popular traditional Halloween activity has been carving out and decorating pumpkins to make Jack-o-Lanterns. But there are plenty of other exciting things that can guarantee you a memorable Halloween in 2020.

1. Scavenger Hunt:

This can be one of the most entertaining events during Halloween provided it is planned and executed well. You can even organize it this year using a limited area and add creepy and spooky items to your list. If you don’t feel safe organizing a full-scale scavenger hunt, you may enjoy the fun of this evergreen game by scavenger hunt board game available on Amazon.

2. Trick-and-Treat:

trick-and-treat as one of the safe ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020

This may not be exactly the best thing to do this Halloween, but the truth is, this is safe as the children are only going to individual houses for a short while. Going to apartments in buildings may not be a good idea. It is also recommended that you stay away from people who you do not know. Risks of contamination through candies are practically negligible and one can always wipe down the treats first or leave them aside for a couple of days before allowing the kids to munch on them.

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3. Outdoor Gatherings:

In this pandemic, it is probably much safer to arrange for anything outdoors than indoors. Unless the weather is exceptionally cold, you can have a small gathering involving a few families and maintain physical distancing. Instead of serving snacks on a buffet table, you can have individual snack portions for guests or even encourage them to bring their own drinks and snacks along.

4. Outdoor Games:

This of course depends on how kind the weather is, and you can arrange for games like Halloween pong table game, candy corn relay race, etc. in your garden or backyard after the sun has set. You need to make sure you have taken all possible precautions for the safety of your kids.

5. Indoor Gatherings:

A couple having Halloween home party

Big indoor parties are strongly being discouraged by health experts for fear of infection spread. This is a bigger threat where teenagers are concerned. It is also a mistake to believe that the Halloween costume can be a protector against the COVID-19 spread. Instead, make sure that youngsters have proper masks on; you can always get creative and make interesting masks in keeping with the spirit of Halloween.

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6. Virtual Call:

If you wish to stay indoors, why not arrange for a virtual video call with friends or extended family? You can always dress up in traditional Halloween costumes and even arrange for some Halloween-themed snacks on hand while you chat with your loved ones on Skype or Zoom.

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7. Costume Parade:

Even if you are not keen to have your kids walk around the neighborhood in their spooky attire, you can always get them inside the car and take them to a friend‘s house so that they can flaunt their costumes. Carrying small goodies and treat bags for cousins and friends can be a great way to celebrate this festival with them.

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8. Movie Night:

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to arrange for a movie night? That way you can stay tucked indoors safely with your closest friends or family and watch movies on Halloween at Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can always put on fancy Halloween costumes and binge on Halloween-themed party snacks.

9. Making Face Masks:

Halloween themed spooky face masks

The best way to get your little ones busy this year is by getting them involved in mask-making. Since wearing costume masks and face masks together may be difficult and going out without protective face masks may be dangerous it is best to either buy or create Halloween-themed masks and then decorate these with spooky accessories.

10. Cookie Baking:

This has always been a popular festival activity over the years and like the Christmas gingerbread house, you can try baking cookies with your children based on Halloween themes this year. Even if you do not have enough time or energy for baking, you can simply get pre-made dough from your neighborhood grocery store and start off.

11. Haunted House:

This is by far the best activity for kids on any Halloween and this year it can actually be on top of your to-do list. This can be made with any regular blanket at home and you can add spooky elements such as fake cobwebs, LED candles, and other Halloween décor. You can put this up on the family dining table and eat your meals around it. If the haunted house is of a reasonably big size, your kid can also camp inside it for a few days. If you have ample space in your garden, you can also set up your haunted playhouse or treehouse. In case, you aren’t comfortable outside due to COVID, you can go for a haunted mansion board game from Shop Disney.

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12. Spooky Dinner Party:

soup for Halloween dinner party

You can organize this in the evening before Halloween and you will be surprised at how many things you can introduce for dinner that will delight your children. For instance, you can get bat-shaped noodles to make a chicken soup dinner or bake cupcakes having candy eyeballs. The teens in the house may be keener on a more Goth-inspired décor that looks a tad sophisticated and elegant.

13. Fortune-Telling:

fortune telling games

Why not try having fortune-telling games to really feel the essence of the festival? Halloween had traditionally been celebrated with such games. Now, you can get your children to play these using tarot cards, tea leaves, or trying their hand at palm-reading.

14. Face-Painting Party:

face painting for Halloween

All you need is an inexpensive face-painting kit for Halloween, and you are good to go. Watch some helpful make-up tutorials on YouTube and soon you will find that you are getting really good at it.

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15. Shadow Puppet Display:

You can make a set of shadow puppets based on Halloween themes and children will be engrossed for hours. You could even consider filming this shadow show and add some spooky music for effects.

Home Decor Ideas for Halloween in 2020

Getting into the spirit of Halloween does not mean that you have to give up your elegant design sense. It is possible to have elegant Halloween home décor without spending a fortune on it. You do not necessarily need inflatable spiders, fake cobwebs, or plastic skeletons to make it look like Halloween is here.

1. Instead of going through the pains of carrying the big carved pumpkins out of your homes once Halloween is over, why not invest in tiny Jack-o’-lanterns that look chic and aesthetic?

Jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween

2. Opt for a simple monochromatic look instead of rushing to get everything in an orange shade just because it is Halloween. You can always be different and choose to decorate your home using gourds and white pumpkins instead.

3. Rather than carve out a face-pattern as is done in traditional Halloween pumpkin-carving, why not try easy-to-make geometric patterns instead for a different look?  Alternately, you could also try to paint the pumpkins in white and orange instead of carving out face patterns.

4. In keeping with the spirit of this festival, get a spooky wreath to hang from your front door.

spooky wreath for home decor

5. While black is timeless where Halloween décor is concerned, you can try to infuse some freshness by opting for an all-white theme this time.

6. If you have a nice garden to flaunt, dress it up with miniature candles and Jack-o’-lanterns. Make new interesting décor with DIY bats and white pumpkin ghost decorations. You can even have dainty and sleek vampire-inspired bat décor hanging in different corners of the house.

Candles, pumpkins and spooky skull to decorate garden on Halloween

7. Choose to serve candies and other edibles in gold-plated cauldrons; you may also use these as centerpieces and decorate them with flowers. Some people like serving snacks in gold pumpkin bowls on Halloween for that extra touch of elegance.

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8. You may buy a terracotta skull candle for adding a spookier feel to your room. This is definitely a classy way to display your candles.

9. Get yourself a set of creepy-looking custom acrylic coasters that can look great on tables on Halloween and you can also use them all the year-round.

10. Skull twig stems can be bought as a set of six, and when interspersed with some dried flowers; they can add the perfect Halloween vibe.

Spooky twig stems for Halloween decor

11. You can consider serving wine to guests in black matte and copper wine glasses. These glasses are perfectly in tune with the spirit of Halloween and they look evidently classy.

So, plan your Halloween weekend now and get your home ready to celebrate this year’s Halloween in a unique but memorable way!


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