Perfect Christmas Gifts for Everyone in 2020

Christmas gifts

It’s Christmas time. As the world adjusts to the “new normal” and learns to live with Coronavirus, let’s not forget the blessings that are still there with us. And with this note of positivity, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming celebrations.

The perfect Christmas gift for 2020 may not be something frivolous. This time, let’s focus on gifting something meaningful or something that the recipient needs to help them make their lives a bit easier. This is perhaps the best way to celebrate. Explore unique gift ideas and bring a smile to somebody’s face. This gift could be something that they love and makes them jump with joy, forgetting all the pandemic woes for a while.

What’s the Most Important Lesson of 2020?

We learned many lessons, but the most important lesson is: Health is wealth. 

So, this Christmas, why not gift somebody an item that encourages health and fitness? Here are the top 5 health gifts for the season. 

Health and Wellness Gifts 

1. Yoga Mat:

Yoga mats

Yoga brings physical and mental wellbeing. Stress and anxiety have become common this year. So, encourage your loved one to embrace the power of yoga. Gift them a nice yoga mat. 

Try this

High-Density PVC Yoga Mat

It is available at GearBest for just $$8.35. Choose from a myriad of bright colors. If someone in your family is too lazy to stretch their muscles, this vibrant yoga mat will make them want to work out daily. The first 1500 orders get an extra discount. Plus, the latest GearBest discount codes help you shop for the mat at additional discounts. 

2. Air Purifier:

Air purifier

Do you know indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air at times? Let your loved ones live in fresher air at home. Gift them an air purifier. 

Try this:

Bilikay CO2 USB Rechargeable Smart Air Purifier Ozone Generator

It comes in a sophisticated white and sleek design with wood textured rims. Looks so elegant! Just place it at the table, and it also serves as a décor. Buy it at GearBest for $33.57 only.

3. Warm Slippers:

Warm slipper

Does anybody you know has cold feet? Let your loved one’s feet be warm and cozy as they move around the house and garden. Gift them plush slippers that are oh-so-cute and soft!

Try this:

Halluci Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Indoor/Outdoor Slippers. 

They are available in beautiful colors and soft enough to pamper your feet the whole day. Get them at Amazon by spending a mere $25.99.

4. Essential Oil:

Essential oil

Essential oils calm the senses and relieve you of stress and pain. You can choose any essential oil, as each one comes with a set of benefits. It is a great gift, especially in these trying times. You can couple the gift with a diffuser if you like. 

Try this:

Gya Labs Rosewood Essential Oil 

It is 100% pure oil in a 100 ml bottle with a dropper. With free delivery, it is available at Amazon for $9.99. Use Amazon coupons to avail discounts if you’re going to buy several of these for your friends and family.

5. Fitness mask:

Mask is what we all need at present. However, working out in a face mask seems impossible; but with specially designed fitness masks, working out all masked up can be a breeze.

Try this:

UnderArmour UA SportsMask. 

It is available at UnderArmour for just $30. It features skin-cooling technology, is breathable yet protective.

Let’s do some fashion now! A fashionable gift makes the recipient feel awesome. Here are the top 5 trendy gifts, 2020 style. 

Fashion Gifts 

1. Valet Box:

Valet box

Valet Boxes serve as great gifts for somebody who loves to indulge in elegance. Besides, they would remember you whenever they open the box. Gift it to your dad, husband, bro, close friend, or even a co-worker. 

Try this

Pebble Grain Valet Box. 

Spend $60 on the valet box that is available at Things Remembered. This beautiful steel grey box comes with three compartments and an option to add a photo. Gifting it to your hubby? Don’t forget to add your photo. Whenever he opens the box, he will remember you. Brilliant, isn’t it?

2. Bath Robes:

Bath robes

Looking for something more useful to give to your mom this year? Why not gift her a nice bathrobe? It’s a great way to tell her to unwind. You can pair this gift with a lovely coffee mug. She can relax in her robe with a hot cup of coffee! 

Try this:

Pink Plush Mom Robe 

It features long bell sleeves, a luxe shawl collar, and an adjustable tie waist for the perfect fit. You get the option of free embroidery and personalize it for the person that you’re gifting it to. Grab it from Things Remembered for the price of $49.99. Don’t forget to use Things Remembered coupon codes to avail a discount on your purchase.

3. Scarves:


Does your wife often catch a cold? Gift a scarf so that she stays all warm and bundled up in the cold weather. And every time she wears the scarf, she will think about you. 

Try this:

Red Tartan Softer Than Cashmere Plaid Scarf 

It’s a beautiful scarf with fringed edges. It can perk up any solid color dress or blazer. Personalize it with your initials or some cute symbol. Buy it at Things Remembered at 25% off for $22.49.

4. Shoulder Bag:

A useful gift and a stylish one too, a shoulder bag for your hubby or dad will serve him for a long time. 

Try this:

US Men’s Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag Military Travel Satchel. 

This is a gorgeous rugged bag available in three different earthy tones of brown. Neither too big nor too small; comes with adjustable strap. It features a small wide side-pocket for a smartphone or sunglasses and a small zip pocket on the flap, and one inside. Find it at eBay at 62% off for a mere $18.99.

5. Blanket Sleeper:

Blanket sleeper

Got small kids in the house? You can gift them lots of toys and games this Christmas, but when talking of thoughtful gifts, a blanket sleeper seems perfect. It’s warm and will make your kid fall asleep cozily. 

Try this:

Jojo Siwa Girls Exclusive Blanket Sleeper, in sizes 4 to 12. 

Also available for boys, it features a comfy knit fabric and a bright, fun graphic print. Get it at Walmart starting at $9.98 and enjoy exclusive pricing with the Walmart promo codes.

How about gifting somebody something different? Gift something they may not have thought of before but is still useful for them. Here are a few ideas. 

Outstanding Gifts 

1. Piggybank:


We all need this one! And if somebody you know is a spendthrift, let them save some money with this thoughtful and unique gift. 

Try this:

Light Pink Ceramic Piggy Bank. 

Shop it at Things Remembered spending only $42. Although it is available in the kid’s section, you can gift this to an adult too. Or you could gift it to your teenage son or daughter and encourage them to save. 

2. Wine Glasses:

A set of wine glasses makes for an elegant gift for Christmas. This gift is suitable for anybody – your mom or dad, wife or husband, friend, or neighbor. 

Try this: 

Vintage 1970’s Smoke Tone Wine Glasses – Red Wine 

Available at eBay in a set of twelve, get these beautiful glasses for $16 only. Explore more eBay offers on glassware since they never go out of style.

3. Popcorn Popper:

Popcorn popper

A distinct gift that your loved ones will appreciate, especially if they are movie buffs. A bowlful of freshly popped popcorn smeared with melted butter and an extra comfy sofa are what you need when you wish to transport yourselves into the ‘world’ of movies. 

Try this:

Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper

It comes in a beautiful red and borosilicate glass with a 3-in-1 silicone lid. It is dishwasher safe, and its lovely design and color are the most attractive features. Buy it at Amazon for $12.99 and get free shipping.

4. Irish Coffee Mug: 

Irish coffee mug

Care for some coffee? Sip in no ordinary mug. Bring home a regal coffee mug that makes your coffee drinking experience extraordinary. Want to gift somebody a coffee mug? Then look beyond those usual coffee mugs. Get something different. 

Try this: 

Irish Coffee Mug. 

A superb glass mug that makes for an enriching coffee experience. You can also engrave a message on the mug. And who says you ought to have only coffee in a coffee mug, eh? This elegant glass mug can serve as a beer mug too! At Things Remembered, you can get this mug for no more than $6 with free personalization.

5. Votive Candles:

Votive candles

Votive candles almost always prove to be an amazing gift just for anybody. How they complete your décor and festivities! These aesthetically pleasing candles are just what’s required to give the décor a subtle upgrade.

Try this: 

Yankee Candle – Pink Sands Scent Votives 

Buy it at eBay at a wonderful price offer of 30% off if you buy more than one candle. A single candle is priced at $9.99.

A plethora of gift ideas are flooding everywhere. Pick those that suit your taste and budget. And don’t miss the yummy Christmas cakes! They are the best gift option if you can think of nothing else. You can also bake a cake at home by finding delicious cake recipes online. 

So, have you thought of a Christmas gift yet? It’s the sentiment that matters, and so we think the price should not be a problem. Grab some hot deals and offers online, and don’t forget to use the latest coupons and codes available at our website Don’tPayAll. But you must hurry lest your favorite item may go out of stock. Shop big, save big. 


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