Not Able to Find Protective Face Masks? Here’s What You Can Do!

Find Protective Face Masks, Make a Face Mask at Home

Perhaps the most-frequently searched products today on the Internet are face masks. As the Coronavirus pandemic takes the world hostage, people are seen rushing to medical stores and pharmacies to grab face masks to protect themselves. When the virus outbreak first started, the WHO had declared that face masks must be worn by the infected and care-givers, or medical personnel. The general public was not included in this; but within weeks, the stocks dried up as the number of infected continue to explode and almost all countries got caught in the pandemic. Now, governments are insisting that everyone wears a face mask if they must step outside their homes during the lockdown.

As far as choosing face masks go, you will not want to compromise on the quality because the safety for your loved ones is of utmost importance. However, with dwindling stocks everywhere, finding a proper face mask may be hard. You can look for a Gearbest coupon code to get discounts on bulk purchases of N95 masks that are in stock at the store; this store has a collection of other masks that you can use instead of the surgical ones. A Subzero promo code can fetch you great prices on their breathable masks designed to protect you from air, dust, and droplets and provide you self-protection in a corona-ridden environment.

What to Do if You Cannot Find a Protective Face Mask for Yourself?

With the Coronavirus raising its ugly head the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention was firm that protective masks would only be mandatory for people taking care of COVID-19 patients at home and the healthcare personnel. But as numbers show no signs of slowing down; everyone must now have access to a scarf, mask, bandana, or any other fabric to protect them. There is no sense in competing with hospitals to get masks because the medical facilities must be provided with these at all costs.

Many designers and crafters have now taken to mask making to cater to the needs of people. You can easily make one for yourself and for the others in the house to use when they step outside. There are many benefits to wearing such homemade masks whenever you are going to a crowded place like a supermarket or pharmacy. It can give much-needed protection from respiratory droplets which can be in the air when someone near you coughs or sneezes. When you cover your face with a mask it will stop these droplets, which can stay in the atmosphere for close to three hours, from entering your lungs.

homemade face masks, Make a Face Mask at Home

You can prepare homemade masks by hand or with a sewing machine. They are fast to make and quite effective. You can even use no-sew techniques like a bandana or rubber bands. You will find there are plenty of websites that are offering useful tips and guidelines on how to make masks using elastic bands, cotton cloth, and ordinary thread. While some are shaped to look like the N95 masks, others have patterns with simple folds and straps of elastic so that they can be placed around your ears to give a snug fit.

Tips to Make a Face Mask at Home:

  • Experts suggest that you must make sure that the fabric you choose for the homemade face mask is such that it is capable of filtering the air, and keeping the virus out. According to a report by The New York Times, fabrics like flannel pajamas or vacuum cleaner bags are being chosen. You should ideally hold the fabric against the light to ensure that it is not passing through it much. When light passes easily and you can see the cloth fibers, the material is not right for a mask.
  • The mask needs to fit like a glove; it must sit perfectly on the bridge of your nose so that the whole nose and mouth stay covered and protected; else, wearing a face mask is futile.
  • You can choose a cotton pillowcase or t-shirt to get started. It is best to use double layers for the mask with an inner flannel layer and an outer cotton layer to ensure that they can capture particles, and remain breathable at the same time. The best option is to use three layers with two cotton layers and one inner fabric lining layer to be completely safe.
  • You can cut all these three layers of cloth into a rectangle. The recommended length is 9-inch while breadth is 6-inch. You can place the two cotton layers above one another.
  • You must then take 2 elastic bands that are about 7-inch and stitch the elastic ends at the ends of these cotton cloth pieces.
  • Then you can take the lining cloth and stitch it throughout except a slot on the right where you must make a hole.
  • Next, you need to cut the corners of this mask to make it into a proper shape.
  • You have to pull the two elastic bands from the unstitched portion and turn this mask inside out.

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