National Adopt a Cat Month- Tips to Take Care of Cats

National Adopt a Cat Month- Tips to Take Care of Cats

Are you an animal lover? Then maybe you can consider adopting a cat during the National Adopt a Cat Month celebration. This is the perfect time for adopting an older cat or even a new kitty because the kitty season will be at its peak in June. During this special time of the year that is promoted by the American Humane Society for encouraging cat adoption, you will actually be doing a favor to yourself because pet adoption can be more rewarding than you think; both for your fur baby and yourself.

With the kitty season in full throttle, there are hundreds of litters being produced and not enough shelter for them. The rising numbers cannot be handled by rescue organizations and affect care and provisions for the already-existing cat families housed in them. So, if you are in a position to help out, you should adopt a cat and follow some cat care tips to make sure this journey with your pet is a satisfying and pleasant one. Many online stores offer pet food, pet accessories, pet beds and cages, and so many other pet essentials that could come in handy when you get a cat to be a part of your family. You can try and get the latest Petco coupons to get your hands on quality cat-care products and pet services for your cat, dog, fish, or any small animal that you may be keeping home as a pet. Below are given a few guidelines and useful tips on how to look after your cat and requirements to adopt a cat.

These are some things that should be in a first-time cat owner checklist:

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  • To start with, you need to pay a lot of attention to the diet you offer to your kitty. High-quality wet foods are the best kind of foods for a healthy cat because this replicates what they would have eaten had they been living outside, and not your home. The idea is to introduce the wet foods as soon as possible in the cat’s diet since they are by nature rather picky about food, and if they are not accustomed to a particular kind of diet; they may not take to it easily later on. Similarly, you should be judicious about offering treats because you do not want your kitten to get sick and develop health issues. You need to understand that your cat cannot be kept on a vegetarian diet, even if for a short while. Dry foods are primarily carbs and they do not contain meat; so they may result in obesity. If you have adopted an older cat, be sure to look out for signs of dehydration, lethargy, and sunken eyes.
  • Your duty is to offer your pet cat a safe space to live in. While cats can be rather social in nature, they still prefer a place where they can retreat when they are back from roaming outdoors. The litter box should also be kept in a safe and hygienic place so that your fur baby is not uncomfortable. Ideally, if you have more than one cat, you need to have separate litter boxes for each of them.
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  • Your pet’s health needs a lot of medical attention since they cannot speak and let you know what exactly it is that’s causing discomfort. Since pet medicines and treatments could be a little on the pricey side, a BudgetPetCare discount code will fetch you fabulous discounts on pet care supplies, supplements, vitamins, tick and flea treatments, etc. Besides providing quality pet care products, you must keep brushing your pet cat. Daily brushing will ensure that hairballs do not grow inside their digestive tract. Most cats are great groomers but you should not get complacent and leave the brushing entirely to them. The best way to make sure brushing gets done frequently and smoothly is by rewarding brushing time with a treat.
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  • While adopting cats may be a great way to help the feline and yourself, you should not have too many in your home. Two is a good number because more than this will cause territorial issues amongst the cats and may force them to defecate outside their litter boxes.
  • The majority of cats will be indoor cats as there are many dangers of them being outdoors. When you can keep your pet cat inside, you can ensure that he lives longer and you get to save money on vet visits. But cats are not likely to be happy as they are born natural hunters. They like to chase and smell, explore and touch their surroundings. So, if you plan on keeping your pet cat inside the house, you must ensure that the environment is enticing and stimulating enough for them to stay happy and active.
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  • Cats like to play with toys but their preference can vary greatly. While some like to play with laser pens, others may like fishing lures having toys at their ends. They need to have an access to places for scratching; else you may find marks on your furniture and tears on your curtains.
  • You can get cat vaccines, cat supplements, tick treatments, cat heartworm, eye care products, joint care products, allergy medications, etc. on Allivet. You can use Allivet promo codes to get these products at affordable prices. Besides, you should make a visit to your veterinarian a routine habit. This will make sure that your cat gets the vaccines on time and you remember to follow deworming protocols and give it flea-and-tick preventives. The vet will test it for feline leukemia.
  • Finally, you must neuter or spray your pet cat because this will indirectly help the movement for cat adoption. It not only helps to control the growth of the feline population but also stops the high rates of euthanasia associated with cat-overpopulation.
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So, whether you find an animal shelter home or a cat rescue center in your neighborhood, make an effort to bring a cat home this month in honor of the National Adopt a Cat Month event. You are sure to find one, whether you are looking for an older cat, a kitten, a long-haired or short-haired one, a tiny or big cat. And once you have found the cat that you think is perfect to be a part of your family, make its stay at your home comfortable and get it every essential that it might need. You could also make your purchase of pet essentials light on your pocket if you get the coupons from our website, Don’tPayAll for Petco, BudgetPetCare, Allivet, and other pet stores to give your new pet a healthy and safe life!


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