Looking To Improve Your Skill Set? There’s A Much Cheaper Option Than Community College.

Udemy, (You-duh-mee) is an online database of courses to help improve your skillset. While none of the courses are currently recognized as being worth college credit, Udemy is still one of the top educational websites available in case you’re trying to learn a new skill for a job requirement, or maybe brush up on something you learned in college but that has changed due to new technologies.

Choose from over 100,000 online video courses with new additions each month with topics as simple as Microsoft Excel, to ethical hacking and intensive Python boot camp. Udemy literally has everything, from SEO courses to even physical skills like self-defense.

1: Producing Independent Films For Profit.

Next year’s Oscar-winning films are already being made, and in an era where 75% of all the movies that come out in a year are remakes of movies from two decades prior, pundits everywhere are hungry for new ideas. Udemy coupons give your dreams of being together a brilliant independent film 80% off, making it way more affordable than, say, acting classes. These coupons will help you get started on your new skill!

2: Learn Webscaping Free!

Web scraping (also known as scraping, harvesting, and data extraction), is both the art & craft of extracting data from websites. Data obtained from web-scraping is used for price comparison, business lead generation, and competitive analysis. There are whole sectors of digital employment that can pay tens of thousands of dollars simply to get actionable data. A free course is as good a place as any to learn.

3: AWS (Amazon Web Services) For Absolute Beginners.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is fast becoming the most important independent certification that anyone working in IT can earn due to the absolutely gargantuan reach of Amazon across so many platforms. This course will take a total novice and whip them towards getting their AWS Solutions Developer Certification quick! This coupon is worth 80% off.

4: Youtube SEO Bootcamp

Building a successful YouTube channel is all about making sure your SEO optimization for maximum reach. How to use keywords, planning your videos out around niches and keyword niches are all topics covered in this course, which you can get for FREE if you follow the link.

5: Anger Management Secrets

Proving the true depth of Udemy’s wealth of courses, this anger management course is also offered for free through Don’tPayAll at the link above, and will help you identify your anger type – yes there are different types of anger, recognize situations in which you normally begin to simmer, and to help you learn how to douse those flames before they become a bonfire.


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