Look Scary with Interesting Halloween Make-Up Tips

Halloween make-up tips

Halloween maybe just a few weeks away, but you need to get your costumes in place so that you can celebrate it just like every other year. The coronavirus may have dampened our spirits but that is no reason to give Halloween a miss. So, start looking for the perfect Halloween get-up that you don’t need to spend a fortune on. Deciding what you want to be for Halloween can be a daunting task and creating that look is even trickier. But sometimes, what you have in your makeup kit at home is enough to give you the perfect Halloween look.

Whether you want a ghostly or glamorous look this Halloween, you will need to get your hands on different cosmetics and makeup essentials. The amazing collection of beauty essentials at Ulta can guarantee you great price-cuts on products like lipsticks, mascara, and eyeliners. Browsing through pictures posted by talented makeup artists and step-by-step tutorials on YouTube are enough to get the job done for you. For instance, to get the perfect mermaid or zombie look, you are going to need different types of palettes, foundation, eye makeup, eyeshadows, and lip colors.

Since makeup is the one thing that can make or break your Halloween getup, you need to get these from reputable retailers like Olay. With Olay coupons, you are sure to find everything you need at discounted rates. You will be surprised to find that scary makeup looks easy when you have the right tools to help you.

Halloween Looks That You Can Do with Minimal Make-Up at Home:

1. Halloween Bloody Tears

Halloween bloody tears makeup look

This is a huge favorite among people who celebrate Halloween as you can add bloody tears to different kinds of looks. You may draw this using any red makeup product you have, like red lipstick or a lip liner, face paint, or even fake blood if you have it at home. You are free to make these tears look gruesome or attractive; you may add them to your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose, and you hardly have to do anything else besides this to look scary on Halloween. It is the perfect quick-fix makeup when you must get ready in a hurry.

To get the look, visit Ulta and buy one L’Oreal Colour Riche Red lipstick to get another at 50% off.

You can also try the look with CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil Kit with 12 colors and 6 wooden brushes and get 12% off only on Amazon.

2. Black Swan

Black swan Halloween makeup look

This has always been a go-to Halloween look that can be achieved even when you do not own the black swan costume. The makeup consists of sharp upward angled lines that offer a lifting and flattering effect to the face shape. You can then contour the nose and cheeks for a more slimming effect. All you need are colored contact lenses and cream makeup. The other basic tools are lipsticks, eyeliner, and eye shadows.

Get the bold Black Swan look through the Urban Decay Shapeshifter Highlight and Contour Palette available at 25% off and for just $33.99 at Walmart.

3. Corpse Bride

Corpse bride Halloween makeup look

For this look, you need some specific things like white and black colored face paints and blue makeup. With these in hand, creating the look becomes quite easy. You need to simply draw over the eyes and distort facial proportions; it is best to buy a dark-colored wig and spray paint or dye it blue with a spray-painting kit and corpse costume.

Complete the look with the Corpse Bride Bouquet now available at $12 off at Walmart.

4. Vampire Look (For Men)

Vampire Halloween makeup look for men

The Vampire look for men was originally introduced by Count Dracula but now with the popularity of movies like Twilight, people have started emulating the look of Edward Cullen instead. This makeup is easy to create and you simply need some glitter to scatter over the skin.

You could achieve the look with the help of Cover FX Glitter Drops from Ulta for only $44.

5. Vampire Look (For Women)

Halloween vampire look for women

Women can also try the vampire look this Halloween. Black smoky-eye makeup along with red lips are the key to getting this look right. Wear a simple black dress and you are ready for Halloween night.

You can complete the makeup with some fake blood face paint makeup cream from Walmart. Buy it at 63% off for just $5.99

6. Pop Art Zombie

Pop art zombie Halloween makeup look

This comic book zombie is one of the most dramatic looks for Halloween and certainly needs more work. You would need good makeup skills to make the skin slightly green in shade. You will also need good quality makeup brushes, a face-painting kit from Amazon or Walmart, and a dollop of creativity. The face paint will help you produce strong visual effects while the black outlines can give a comical touch.

Perfect those black outlines with e.l.f. Cosmetics’ 6-Piece Makeup Brush set available at Ulta for $15 and get a free gift.

7. Creepy Clown

Creepy clown Halloween makeup look

You must have seen this on Halloween every time and this can be created with ease using basic makeup at home. This look is fairly easier, and you can almost never go wrong with this look.

Get it with Tarte’s Tarteist Pro Remix Amazonian Clay Palette for only $49 when you buy it at Ulta.

8. Half Skull

Half skull Halloween makeup look

For those who use makeup on a regular basis, this should be easy to achieve. You simply require white and black face paints and a makeup brush. The perfect finish might come after some practice and using some good quality products. You can find these readily available from different brands on Amazon.

For example, the Mehron Makeup CreamBlend Stick in white is available at 11% off, for just $11.

9. Half Skeleton

Half skeleton Halloween makeup look

This look is guaranteed to make a splash and you can get it without much effort. This look, too, would require some practice before you finally achieve the creepy skeleton look. All you will need, in addition to good makeup skills, is black and white face paint on one half of your face while keeping regular makeup on the other half. It is advisable to use a few paintbrushes with varying widths to create a three-dimensional effect of the face.

Save 20% on set of paintbrushes with the code 20MADEBYYOU at Michaels.com

10. Skull

Skull Halloween makeup look

If you are looking for scary Halloween makeup for guys, the skull is a popular choice. It is popular because it is super easy to create; you do not need to have drawing skills to get it right.

All you require is an Ulta black pencil eyeliner from Ulta’s exclusive range of products. Get it at $8 and enjoy a free gift on your purchase. You can buy it for less with Ulta coupons and shade the areas near the eyes and the nose tip with this. You can even draw teeth on your skin to make them look scarier.

11. Batman

Batman Halloween makeup look

For superhero fans, the Batman look can be one of the easiest to achieve. All you will need is some face paint and yellow smoky eyes that could be done through the blending of a yellow eye shadow.

Get a high-quality face makeup paint kit from Spirit Halloween starting at $2.99.

12. Mermaid

Mermaid Halloween makeup look

Did you know that you could create this magical look for Halloween simply by using fishnet stockings and an eye-shadow pallette? This easy makeup lets your creative juices flow, and you can even experiment with this on your kids. After all, almost all kids love Ariel, the Disney princess. Try the mermaid look this Halloween for both kids and adults.

Save 30% off on the adult mermaid costume at ShopDisney and get it at $45.49.

Use some glitter and stick-on rhinestones easily available on Amazon to create the perfect mermaid look for them.

Get lead-free and safe to use on skin blue rhinestones for 18% off on Amazon. Buy it for just $9.84

13. Zombie

Zombie Halloween makeup look

This is another common Halloween makeup idea for guys just like the skeleton look. This too does not require drawing skills and you can achieve this by using white face paint and black shadow for the eyes. To make the look more authentic, consider creating gaping wounds and blood drips.

Get Wolfe FX white face paints from Walmart at only $16.66.

14. Poison Ivy

Poison ivy Halloween makeup look

You are only going to need a palette of dark blue Eyeshadows from the Macy’s to get this look. A red wig and a green dress can help you stand out as the most striking vamp at any Halloween party.

Get the wavy-hair wig by HairWiz at Walmart at 15% off for only $10.99.

15. Scary Good Scarecrow

Scary good scarecrow Halloween makeup look

This is not the stereotypical scarecrow noticeable in the pumpkin patch; rather, this is brought on by applying the makeup in a messy fashion using orange and blue shades. You don’t have to be a make-up pro to get the perfect scarecrow look.

You can try the Morphe 18A Blue Ya Away Artistry Pallete available only at Ulta for $18.

16. Addams Look

Addams Halloween makeup look

What is Halloween without the Addam’s Family? One can hardly afford to ignore Wednesday with her characteristic braided pigtails or Morticia with her high cheekbones and long mane of straight black hair.

You can get this look simply by using a black Nars Powermatte lipstick at Macy’s.

17. Voodoo Doll

Voodoo doll Halloween makeup look

If you have time to do makeup and do not want to opt for something overly complex, you can try this look. The voodoo look will only require you to invest in contact lenses that you can find on SmartBuyGlasses website. Once you have your lenses, all you need are makeup, lash glue from Spirit Halloween, and black rubber bands available at Amazon at 35% off and for just $12.99.

Get your hands on black rubber bands at only $12.99 from Amazon.

18. Gory Cat

Gory cat Halloween makeup look

It is possible to make the traditional Halloween cat look slightly quirky with a twist. To get this distinct look you need some fake blood from Rubie’s Costume Co. that you can find on Amazon and scar wax, and you are sure to look like someone who just escaped a catfight.

Try this unusual look with the Mehron Makeup Liquid Latex in clear. Save 13% on it and get it for only $12 from Amazon.

19. Stylish Skeleton

Stylish skeleton Halloween makeup look

All you must have is powder and foundation to create a white canvas; then you can take all the blacks you have inside your home makeup kit like mascara, brow pencil, dark lipsticks, and eye shadows to produce a creepy, bony look. To get these makeup essentials, search for the Ulta coupons to get discounts.

Buy the L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation at 30% off for $6.29.

20. Purring Leopardess

Purring leopardess Halloween makeup look

If you are not excessively fond of sporting black or dark makeup on Halloween like everyone else around you, you can keep the style minimalistic with this feline-inspired look. So, you simply play up with a cat’s eye and add focus on your upper lips and nose to get the ideal leopardess look without too many dark spots.

Get the purring leopardess look with the DHGate Collection’s Stock Baby matte eyeshadow pallette and save 50%. You can buy it for just $13.3.

21. Weeping Woman

Weeping woman Halloween makeup look

To get this scary look right, you need a black-and-white costume from Spirit Halloween that is going to turn heads. You have to make your face strikingly white and pore-free with mascara streaming down the eyes.

Volumize your natural eyelashes with the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara at just $10.99. Also, enjoy the Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off offer available on this mascara at Ulta.

22. Distressed Doll

Distressed doll Halloween makeup look

This is the frightening Barbie doll look that can be achieved by drawing extra big eyes and amplifying these with white eyeshadow. You can add lipstick to the middle portion of your lips for a puckered look.

And with all this, you will of course need the perfect doll dress with sheer stockings from Macy’s. Use the code THANKYOU to get 30% off.

Also, check out the Shany Bold Effect eye shadow at Walmart and buy it at 20% off for just $7.95.

23. Red Lolita

Red Lolita Halloween makeup look

This Gothic-inspired Halloween look demands something red for the perfect effect. You can use your cherry-colored lipstick with black liner, gel liner, or liquid eyeliner from Macy’s for creating the gaze of a bloody belle. A messy hairdo and an all-black ensemble will complete this spooky look.

You can buy a variety of professional black eyeliners starting from $10 at Macy’s.

24. Black Widow

Black widow Halloween makeup look

Good-quality mascara from Ulta is all you need to produce this look that resembles a spider’s web. This is surely one of the best-known make-ups looks for Halloween because you do not need more than basic makeup items available at home.

Choose the Clinique High Impact Mascara at Ulta that kicks up the volume and length of every lash at just $20 and get a free gift.

Halloween makeup indeed has come a long way with Pinterest and Instagram stories for inspiration. Now you can easily create the scariest looks on your own at home with basic makeup accessories and some imagination. If you are doing your own Halloween makeup for the first time, it is best to try a simple scary look that is easy to recreate. But if you have been doing Halloween makeup for a few years now, you can always experiment with scar wax and add extra elements like lashes. The make-up essentials are available at reasonable prices if you use coupon codes when you buy them.

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Note: Any sale/deal mentioned for any brand is currently active but may not be active later.


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