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If you’re looking to stock up on top-drawer equipment for the summer adventure season, places like REI which carry top-of-the-line apparel and equipment can often turn away a customer or two with their high-prices.

Leftlanesports.com makes for an extremely lucrative shopping trip on the right day. With revolving door sales, wholesale prices, and special offers, LLS could take care of all your hiking, camping, running, gym, and cycling needs, while also providing much more.

1. Up to 80% Off All Sunglasses on National Sunglass Day

Ending Friday, June 28th now’s your chance to get that pair of Ocean sunglasses you’ve always wanted. They have a huge selection of male and female glasses for casual wear or sport. You can get sunglasses worth $150 for a fraction of what they would cost at Macy’s, Nordstrom, or REI.

3. Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 and Free Returns

LLS is a great place to buy online if you’re still trying to figure out exactly what you want your adventure kit or travel kit to include. With free shipping on medium-priced orders and free returns, there’s no risk for trying out shoes, jackets, trousers, and more.

When going on a trek across Colombia or climbing mountains in the Himalayas, one needs to be sure about their equipment, and while online shopping usually prevents one from trying things out, trying different products is easy with LLS as long as you keep the tags and packaging!

4. Package Adventure Tours – Right Now 30% Off!

LLS also organizes exotic and exciting adventure tourism packages. Sign up to hike beautiful Mount Rainier in Washington, explore Indonesia, Guatemala or Ecuador, or the Galapagos. All kinds of activities like cycling and scuba diving are available, and prices include accommodation, all meals, guides, and equipment rentals.

If you’re not feeling up to an intense adventure, take a trip through the scenic villages and vineyards of the Republic of Georgia or Croatia with hotels and translators included in the price.

5. Every Kind of Footwear Imaginable

LLS carries every kind of footwear.  Their sorting system will make sure you take home the flexible women’s trail running shoes, fair trade sandals, or snowboard boots made specifically for your board and be perfectly happy with them.

Right now there 50% off all New Balance Running shoes – representing the perfect gift opportunity (again safe in the knowledge that returns are free).

6. Backpacks and Tents

LLS carries a wide variety of tents for 1-6 persons and premier backpacks made by top companies like Osprey and Mountaintop. Compare their prices to REI or Bass Pro Shops – they actually can’t be. Whatever sports activity you pursue, like mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, surfing, snowboarding, camping, or marathoning, LLS is the place to equip yourself to succeed in the biggest way. Keep an eye out or refer a friend for special offers and even more savings, and don’t forget to take advantage of them to find your favorite brands like Hoka One One, Craghoppers, North River Apparel, and more.


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