35 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Oops! You were busy partying on New Year and forgot to purchase gifts for friends and family.  Now you have almost no time to plan a shopping spree. Moreover, you need to meet deadlines at work and there is this travel trip you must prepare for. What to do?

First, relax. Yes, it’s true that the clock is ticking and 2019 is slipping away. New Year’s Eve is soon to arrive and you still have people for whom you must buy gifts. The good news is that there are several stores that offer fast shipping so that your gift arrives just in time. The icing on the cake is that these gifts won’t cut through your budget. What’s more? Stores like GearBest are even offering free gifts! Plus, they are offering a flat 50% off for the holiday season. Why not use GearBest promo codes and coupons to grab the best deals?

This is just one example of stores that can help you put together last minute gifts and tick off everybody on your list. Ah, and shall we be more agile next time and not delay and keep things for the last minute, eh?

Here is a list of 35 gift ideas that you can shop last minute –

1. Black Mercury Drip Vases

Black Mercury Drip Vases are amazing vases that come in a set of three. Shipping is free. People receive a lot of flowers during the holiday season. It makes sense to gift them a vase, doesn’t it? Order today!

2. Brushed Steel Floor Lamp

A simple yet elegant gift, this steel floor lamp will steal the show. Mounted on a tripod-like stand, its beauty lies in its simplicity. The steel finish is charming and makes it a pleasant gift.

3. Concrete Taper Candleholder

Concrete Taper Candleholder comes in a set of 2. They look old school, but therein lies their beauty. Their antique design is eye-catching. A perfect gift for the holiday!

Wondering where to order all of the above gifts? Bellacor is the name to reckon. Don’t forget to use the Bellacor promo codes for more price drops.

4. Rhinestone Circular Clutch

An exquisite piece with rhinestones all over – pure glitter! Rhinestones are in vogue this season. The best thing? The rhinestones clutch looks highly expensive, but it is less than $50! Grab it with both hands!

5. Linen Crossbody Bag

Linen Crossbody Bag is a small size bag in plain linen and barrel shape. It has a beautiful intricate design. The recipient is going to love the soft feel of the bag.

6. Swan Brooch

This is a beautiful brooch embedded with stones and made of alloy. It can be an eye-catcher on any plain attire. Sophisticated, yet amazingly affordable.

7. Winter Boot Socks

Winter Boot Socks are knee-high and cozily warm. What can be a more thoughtful gift than this? Plus, they are so easy on your pocket.

8. Plaid Shawl Scarf

Plaid Shawl scarf is in fashion. It is better than a simple scarf in the winter months, right? So, you are combining fashion with thoughtfulness to create the perfect holiday gift. The scarf we are talking about here is in tassel acrylic – an elegant design your recipient will love to wear. It works both casual and formal.

9. Hat

You have choices here. You can choose to gift a fedora hat, a straw hat, or a winter hat. All pose as great gifts. A few examples are Sweet Pompon Knitted Winter Hat, Pearl Chain Design Fedora Hat, and Plain Wave Cut Bowknot Sunscreen Straw Hat.

You can find all of the above-mentioned items, from clutches to hats, at TBDress. The beauty of this store is that its collections are ultra-glamorous, yet super affordable.

10. iPhone Case

iPhone case serves as a quick, last-minute gift, yet proves to be useful. How about gifting something different? Try Transparent Glitter iPhone case. It’s not only interesting but also extremely inexpensive.

11. Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings

Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings are always in fashion. The tortoiseshell design gives them charm. Get 6 pairs in less than $5! Gift one to somebody you know, keep the rest for yourselves!

12. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are trendy décor items that come stunningly cheap. Yet, they pose as a nice gift. Somebody who loves to decorate their room will be all smiles to find a sticker in the gift box.

13. Sweatshirt

Your loved one will go crazy for this. Long Raglan sleeve sweatshirt in color block pattern is the thing to go for in the white wintry months.

Find the above-mentioned items, from iPhone cases to sweatshirts, at ROMWE. Explore their vast collection of items that are so cheap that you will fall off your seat! And don’t forget to use ROMWE promo codes to shop at the most delightful prices.

14. Coffee Mug

Nothing beats a coffee mug as a gift. Inexpensive and useful! So, what are you waiting for? Order one today.

15. Stay Magical Day By Day Notepad Gift Set

Stay Magical Day By Day Notepad is an awesome gift set containing notecards, a notepad in the shape of a heart, and a pen. Let your recipient jot down his/her New Year resolutions straight from the heart on this heart-shaped notepad.

16. Calendar

The perfect gift! You can find a plethora of choices for 2020 calendars. There are desk calendars, pocket calendars, wall calendars, and so many more. You also have an ocean of choices in themes. Choose something that complements your recipient’s taste.

Get notepad gift sets and calendars at mind-blowing prices with Calendars coupon code.

17. Herbal Tea

How about starting the new year with health-infused drinks? Gift herbal tea and give your recipient a cue to be more health-conscious in the coming year.

18. Chocolates

It’s an evergreen gift for people of all ages and for all occasions. A box of luscious chocolates truly makes for a sweet beginning to the new year.

19. Gift Basket/Box/Tin

Gift baskets are nice last-minute gifts when you really can’t think of anything. Give an assortment of items or create a theme for the basket. You can easily get ready-made baskets online. So, you only need to choose and order. For example, the Fly High Dreams basket, which contains 3 balloons, Ferrero Rocher chocolates (16 pieces), and 18 red roses.

To get chocolates and gift baskets at discounted prices, use the GiftsnIdeas coupon code. Their early deliveries are on.

20. Aquarium Tank

A beautiful gift for somebody who loves to keep fish. You can easily get a nice aquarium tank for less than $50. Give them a superb surprise.

21. Dog Toys

If you know somebody who has pets, then why not gift them pet toys? You can find a range of toys for dogs and other pets for less than $10. Incredible, isn’t it?

For pet toys, visit the Petco store. This is where you can buy awesome gifts without spending much. The best Petco coupons will help you shop more, yet spend less.

22. Scrunchies

Colorful, satin scrunchies wrapped in a cute gift box make for a lovely present. Velvet scrunchies are also in vogue, so are fluffy scrunchies. Choose dreamy colors. This is a great last-minute, useful gift.

23. Hairpin

When nothing comes to your mind, think of hair accessories. Just like scrunchies, hair clips or pins serve as great gifts. Choose a pair of clips or choose something eye-catching in a single piece, such as Marble Stone Charm Moon Shaped Hairpin. It’s stunningly cheap!

24. Belt

Belts never go out of style. So, gifting somebody a belt is not only thoughtful but also fashionable. You need not think much while choosing a belt. For example, the Leopard Pattern Ring Buckle Belt is an eye-catcher and will look stylish in any attire. Guess the price?

25. Apron

The apron is a thoughtful gift, especially if somebody you know loves to cook. Choose something in a vibrant color or jazzy print to pep up the cold, dull atmosphere. How about a Fox Print Apron in bright yellow and orange? It will cost you around $24. Grab it!

26. Bedding Set

How about gifting a nice, comfy bedding set to your near and dear one? They will love to receive it.

27. Cushion Covers

A pair or a set of cushion covers makes for a nice gift for the holiday season. It also proves to be reasonable and a last-minute gift, when you have everything sorted out and don’t know what to give.

Find all of the above-mentioned items, from Apron to cushion covers, at the Walmart store. The prices are so reasonable you may end up buying for yourselves too.

28. Funky Neckpiece

Gift an out-of-box styled necklace such as the Happy New Year Bead Necklace that comes in 3 colors. The entire necklace reads “Happy New Year.”

29. Aromatherapy Candle

A candle always serves as a beautiful gift, especially an aromatherapy candle. It doesn’t cost much too.

30. Face Massager

Let your known one have a different facial skincare routine in 2020 with this awesome Facial Cleanser Spin Massager that comes with 5 heads. It is battery-operated and features a facial cleansing brush system. A terrific gift, that too, at less than $50!

31. Water Bottle

Let your loved ones continue with their workout sessions in 2020 with a smart water filtration bottle. They can take the bottle to the gym or during their walks and runs.

32. Body Lotion

A Body Lotion is a thoughtful gift for dry, cold months. You can combine it with a lip balm. An inexpensive, yet highly useful gift that your dear one will love to receive.

33. Lip Gloss Set

If you are not sure what colors your recipient wears on her lips, gift them lip gloss, instead of lipstick. Nude gloss works on all skin complexions. Or you could choose soft colors for shiny, tinted lips that look great without lipstick.

34. Makeup Brush Set

A set of professional makeup brushes makes for a sophisticated and useful gift. Let your recipient throw away her old brushes and use new brushes with the new year. Think it will cost you a lot? The price is unimaginably low, with exceptionally high quality.

35. Mystery Bouquet

If you are absolutely short of time and cannot choose a bouquet, leave it to the experts. They will arrange fresh flowers and foliage for you to create a beautiful bouquet. It’s called the Mystery Bouquet and is available at just $50 at Roses Only.

And if you are willing to spend more than $50, there are more bouquets for you at the store. You can also find wines, fruit baskets, hampers, and corporate gifts. Enter Roses Only discount codes for sale offers.

These last-minute gift ideas will not only save you time, but also money. The items are useful, thoughtful, and serve as great gifts. Moreover, your recipient will hardly figure out that they are so inexpensive!

Want to gift somebody a dress? Well, you may have to spend more than $100 for this gift, but you can still get it at a reasonable price. Choose DressWe coupon codes. The store has a marvelous collection of dresses for all occasions and styles.

How about gifting a few to you, eh?

The holiday season is the best time to shop. So, fill your shopping cart and don’t worry about the price. Welcome 2020 with new and better things in your life. For all the mentioned coupons and codes, our website Don’tPayAll is the place to be.


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