Know Halloween Costumes Dos and Don’ts Before Getting Ready!

Halloween costumes

October – the time of the year when the Halloween excitement creeps into almost all of us. Costumes, make-up, props, party themes, and décor – so much to do! Pumpkins are harvested. Stores like Ezcosplay are ready with the newest Halloween collections that cater to different ages, party themes, and ideas. The latest Ezcosplay promo codes have also arrived to help you save money on Halloween costumes.

It’s the shopping season.
The harvest season
The scary season.

It’s fall.

Some of you may have started thinking of the right kind of Halloween costume, while some may think Halloween is still weeks away and they can wait to buy one for them.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for selecting and buying the right Halloween costume that matches your unique style.


Plan early.


Wait till the last minute


You might think there’s still time to plan for the big night, but as the adage goes, “Time flies.”

It may sound cliché to you. However, as you become busy in your routine, you realize the time is, in fact, flying and Halloween will be staring at you in seemingly no time.

Here are some benefits of early planning if you are still not convinced:

  • Early planning saves you from the last-minute rush.
  • You can easily grab the latest styles and trendy costumes. If you shop late, you might miss the best pieces, even the best offers, at times.
  • If you are planning a theme or a costume, you need time to arrange for it. For example, you may want to have a Gothic setup or a setup that matches your costume pick. You need to shop early, have enough time for delivery, have sufficient time to coordinate ideas, and do the décor and yes, have some scope left for the last-minute touches.
  • If you are planning for things like elaborate make-up or full body paint, you might want to rehearse a bit.
  • Halloween costumes require research to know how far you can go with the idea. For example, if you want to dress up as a mythological character, you must know about it in detail so that you don’t go wrong with it or get into a controversy.
  • You save yourselves from the stress of putting things together as the big day approaches.


Be creative.


Copy others.


It is awkward to see two people wearing exactly the same costume in a party. You might become a laughing stock. It may not impress because people would think you hardly are creative enough to create your own style.

Once, the renowned designer, Roberto Cavalli, imitated his frenemy Karl Lagerfeld. This gave style insiders a good laugh and lots of juicy gossip.

The gossip is almost always around the imitator, not the person who is being imitated.

If you learn your friend is doing a vampire this Halloween, skip your vampire idea. Do something different.

If you are hooked to the vampire idea, you should add your creativity and create a different version of the vampire. Say, your friend plans to be a cultured, friendly vampire. You choose to become the demonic type. This way, you both won’t look the same, even though your theme (vampire) is the same. A wide range of vampire costumes is available at amazing discounts to help both you and your friend do a different vampire look.

Or maybe you can be the vampire slayer, if your friend is the vampire !

You can choose to be the Castlevania Vampire Dracula and get the Cosplay costume for the same at Ezcosplay for just $163.99.

Women who want to try the Vampire look this Halloween can visit Walmart and buy the Gothic Manor Vampire Costume for $35.89.

Don’t forget that vampires have pale skin. You can achieve that with the Mehron Makeup Creamblend Stick in the shade Alabaster, available at 27% off, and for $10.88 at Amazon.

Black Vampire slayer crossbow

But if you decide to be a vampire slayer, don’t forget to carry a Crossbow! Get one from Spirit Halloween for just $24.99.


Consider the occasion while choosing a costume.


Wear an inappropriate costume.


Halloween is usually linked to scary costumes; but it is not mandatory that your costume be scary. You must consider the place.

Today, Halloween is celebrated almost everywhere – in schools, at workplaces, and, of course, at homes. Even many hospitals create a Halloween theme to perk up the mood of patients.

When at the workplace, you must maintain the decorum of the office and not go overboard with your costume. Suppose you are the blood-dripping, bone-chewing monster at your home party. You cannot be the same at your workplace. Choose something milder. You could choose one of the simpler Halloween costumes with masks.

Consider the same when you are at a children’s party. The gruesome monster getup can be too scary for small kids.

Getting a plague doctor’s mask for this Halloween would be a brilliant idea for Halloween. Save 24% on the mask and get it for $24.99 at Amazon.

You can also wear the creepy Glare Doll Mask, which is available at Spirit Halloween at 60% off and for just $29.98.

Scarecrow gunny sack mask

If you decide to be a scarecrow, get the Gunny Sack mask from Walmart for $25.98.


Be sensible in costumes.


Wear skimpy costumes, unsafe costumes, or controversial costumes.


It’s true that Halloween is the time to go crazy. This is the time to be bolder in make-up, go over the top, and unveil your wild side. Yet, you must not cross the line.

Halloween is no excuse to be scantily clad to attract undue attention or to wear something that might hurt the sentiments of a particular culture.

So, choose your Halloween costume with care.

Be mindful of the following:

  • Halloween is about fun. You don’t want to actually scare, hurt, or offend somebody, right?
  • If you are not comfortable in a particular costume, don’t wear it – as simple as that. Say, wearing full Halloween costumes is not your cup of tea, skip it. Instead, wear your best dress and pair it with a mask or use accessories and props to create the effect.
  • Ensure the “weapons” that you bring along do not hurt people around. Skip a costume that makes you too conscious. You are at the party to have fun.
  • Always try on the costume in advance to know how exactly you feel in it.

It’s not mandatory to wear a Halloween costume on Halloween. You can wear a dress and put on a creative mask.

You can get some interesting masks at Spirit Halloween and you may get shipping discounts on orders over $30 when you use the promo code 4HLWN.

If you are a fan of simple costumes, the store gives you a variety, including humorous costumes, batwing sleeved dresses, classic costumes, 3D pullovers and hoodies, Halloween tees, and more. We have listed some latest Ericdress coupon codes to ensure that you don’t lighten your wallet much for Halloween.

Wear a Batwinged Body Dress this Halloween. Get it from Ericdress at 45% off and get it for $30.95 only.

Ghost bride black costume

You could even think about being a ghost bride and get the costume at 56% off for $44.15.


Be tastefully seductive.

Tastefully seductive Red Riding Hood costume


Dress up as if you have just come out of an adult movie.


Many people commit this mistake. You may find at least one person in almost every Halloween party who has crossed the line in sexy costumes. Lingerie and other undergarments don’t make a costume!

If you are a woman on the lookout for some dating fun during Halloween, spare those skimpy outfits. Avoid selling yourselves short.

No doubt, Halloween is a great time to bring out your sexiest selves, ladies; but be sexy with class, not sleazy.

One of the things you absolutely must-have for the ultra-sexy look is a pair of high heels. You can easily find a pair designed exclusively for Halloween at Ezcosplay. Many of the Halloween costumes with masks are designed to make you look sensuously beautiful.

As we mention again that Halloween is not limited to being scary. Go for the Marvel’s Deadpool look and get Deadpool high-heeled boots for $42.99 at Ezcosplay.

Buy the Abigail heels from Spirit Halloween for $49.99 if you are going for a Gothic, Victorian or Witch costume.

If you don’t know what shoes would go with your costume, buy a pair of 4” stilettos from Macy’s for $51. You can never go wrong with those.


Be obvious.


Wear something that nobody understands.


Halloween is a time for fun. Do you think it be a good idea to spend a lot of time explaining to people what you are wearing and why?

It’s nice to be mysterious; but there no point in wearing a costume that will baffle people.

Wear a costume so that the people recognize the character you are playing. Whether you choose to wear ethnic costumes or any other, add props and accessories to make your look more interesting and authentic. By doing so you will surely get some looks of admiration.

When nobody understands what you are wearing, you are bound to get frowns and the typical blank and puzzled looks on people’s faces. This might spoil your whole idea of fun on Halloween night.

Wigs and costumes

You can choose from the range of Cosplay wigs and costumes at YCosplay. Use the code Y20 to get 20% off on your orders.


Have a costume buddy or buddies.

Halloween Costume buddies


Have fun alone.


One of the costume rules of Halloween is: Friends do not have fun alone on Halloween; it’s a group thing.

Go out with bold make-up and weird hairdos, but it is more fun and memorable when you do it with your closest peer group. Take lots of selfies and pictures.
Just make sure you don’t post them on professional social media platforms such a LinkedIn or make one of them your official screensaver!

Get the perfect Halloween makeup look with the James Charles palette available at Ulta for $39 only.

You can also buy Nyx Professional Makeup Glitter primer for $6.50 at Ulta and get 1 free for your sparkly costume ideas.


Make your childhood fantasy come true.


Limit yourselves to the trend.


Halloween is the time to make your fantasies come true. So, if you were longing to be Cinderella or Mickey Mouse or Little Red Riding Hood, this is the time to live those fantasies. Bring out the Pokemon, PowerPuff Girls, Dexter, or the Scooby-Doo in you. Or how about being one of the characters of Adam’s Family? Perfect for Halloween!

Dressing up as the Red Riding Hood would also be a great idea and you save 49% off and buy it for $39.49 only.

Be Cinderella this year and get the classic costume from Walmart for $38.98.

Morticia Addams Gothic black costume

Or dress up like the beautiful but scary Morticia Addams when you wear her Gothic costume from Amazon starting at $24.99.


Dress up crazily and go over the top with make-up.


Be your usual self on Halloween.


Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with glam looks and dresses. So, if you have always wanted to try the wild looks of Lady Ga Ga, go ahead! Grab a pair of high platform heels, a blonde wig, bold shades, and just anything bizarre you can find.

Stores like Ezcosplay or Spirit Halloween can help you indulge in your crazy, wild side. Their Halloween costumes and props will leave you going Ga-Ga (literally)! You can use Ezcosplay promo codes to ensure your wallet has fun too.

Thinking of doing bloody make-up or using full body paint? Consider the occasion first and then choose to do it. Skip it, if it’s a children’s party or office Halloween party.

Halloween blue face paint

Don’t forget to buy the face and body paint kit this Halloween. Save 14% on it and get it for just $11.95 from Amazon.

Being Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween would be a great idea if you wear blonde hair like her. Buy the wig for $34.99 at Ezcosplay.

For looks that require a bold eye, get the Makeup Revolution’s Viva Neon palette for $9 from Ulta.

Save time, money, and efforts by choosing the right costume and make-up for the Halloween party. Don’tPayAll is your destination to find Halloween deals and coupon codes to save big and make the celebration more exciting.


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