Impact of Corona Virus on Various Industries

Nobody on the Earth may have imagined there would come a day when countries go into complete lockdown and a deadly Corona Virus/Covid-19 rampantly goes on consuming lives. Isn’t it like a nightmare? The global economy is on the verge of crashing; the virus is not stopping, and people are becoming isolated. Sounds gloomy, right? Well, a ray of hope. While you stay at home, Netflix gives you company!

Watching Netflix

According to a report, shares of several movie theater chains have dipped, but Netflix’s shares have risen by 15% this year. Ok, forget about shares and stuff; the best part is that you can spend time and entertain yourselves through online movies, shows, and other programs at home.

As Covid-19 continues to spread panic across the globe, you can relax at your home and explore the virtual world.

Everybody is talking about the virus. News channels are filled with virus news. It’s only Corona these days. “This can affect the minds of people,” say psychologists. It’s better to distract your mind and entertain yourselves through streaming shows and movies. And please, avoid watching those “outbreak” movies! It’s already happening people! So, why not watch something else that lightens up your heart?

Deep Impact on Industries

Corona Virus has deeply impacted industries, including fashion, travel, and entertainment. The travel industry has almost taken a punch in the face. As nobody is traveling, hotels, resorts, airlines, and the entire hospitality industry is adversely affected.

The Good News!

Your favorite Shein store is fully operational! So, if this virus situation is making you go insane and depressive, time to do some online shopping!

Girl wearing mask

Shop for dresses, tops, beauty items, shoes, bags, spring accessories, and jewelry! They have marvelous collections in home décor, kitchen tools, bakeware, personal care items, bedding, bathroom, and lots more. The store will light up your spirit.

The store believes: Everything Will Be Fine.

Check out their info about COVID-19 on the site and why it is safe to receive delivery packages from them.

Don’t miss SheGlam Beauty Collection featuring eye shadow, gloss, balm, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, and more. So what if you are home? Stay glamorous. Avoid letting the virus gloom take over you.

What If You Absolutely Must Travel?

Locating places on map

Although the best thing to do right now is to stay where you are, but if you must travel, book through Expedia. They are offering exclusive deals and features, plus 30% off on hotels.

According to a report, global airline revenue is anticipated to dip by over $4 billion in the first quarter.

Yet, there are flights available for people who absolutely need to travel. You can check out Expedia’s rental car service and low-cost flights.

Grocery Shopping While Staying at Home

Girl on grocery shopping , Girl holding Doritos packet.

Reports around the world are painting a grim picture of how industries are getting hit by the Corona Virus outbreak. However, not everything is as grim as it seems to be. Of course, people are dying and the virus is spreading like wildfire, amidst this, stores like Amazon serve as light in the darkness.

Amazon’s Whole Foods Market and Amazon Go Grocery stores are fully operational and helping people fulfill their grocery needs.

You can shop online on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. You can choose the “unattended delivery” option during checkout in case you wish to not come in contact with the delivery person. Just give them a specific spot and they will place your delivery there.

For the physical stores, there is a specific time slot for senior citizens above 60. You can shop an hour before the store opens for the general public.

When shopping online, you should check out their Today’s Deals section where you will find a range of useful and intriguing items on excellent prices. Don’t let the virus situation bog you down. Enjoy your shopping experience sitting at home. Make sure you shop from responsible stores that are taking care of sanitization in the wake of the current pandemic situation and operating accordingly.

No doubt, Corona Virus will leave a deep impact on industries and societies. The world will never be the same again. The effects can be seen already. The distressing situation can easily affect your mental wellbeing. “Shopping is a kind of therapy,” say experts. Our website Don’tPayAll is stocked up with coupons and vouchers to help you shop and save big during this trying time.

Lastly, let’s remember: This too shall pass.


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