How to Avail a Free Sample with Every Purchase: Top 10 Sites to Get Them

Free samples

Why do you think companies offer free samples to prospective buyers all the time? The biggest reason is to get new audiences to look at a new product they may have launched when these people may not be familiar with the brand name. As a customer, you can easily get your hands on free samples without paying a dime. So, there are no surveys to fill up and no marketing gimmicks; you only have to send the company an email or letter asking for free stuff and shopping coupons.

Tips to Get Free Samples from Companies:

  • To start with, you can make a list containing the names of all brands that you are interested in. You may write to any or all of these companies, stating the names of the products you are keen to try.
  • You should find out the email or postal addresses of these companies from their official websites. In case the contact details are not easily available, you can move onto another company.
  • Once you have the email or postal address, you can write a letter to explain why the products the company sells appeal to you. You can even add your own experience in using one of its products and state why you wish to experiment with more like it.
  • Besides writing letters you will also find that there are some websites that offer free samples to interested buyers.
  • Sometimes, complaining about a product can help you get free samples as compensation. You can directly ask the company for a refund or a free sample for covering the payment amount. Here, you must however include the receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Becoming an influencer through your social media account can help you avail free samples from different retailers. For instance, you could join Klout that assesses your influence on social media, and then sends free samples from various businesses.

Top Websites for Free Samples:

1. ILoveSamples

ILoveSamples offers samples for almost every product you can think of without having to fill out surveys.


PINCH Me also allows you to get free samples without surveys once you state what you like. You will get a sample box from them and you must review their products to keep getting more.


3. Share Your Freebies

Share Your Freebies provides a form where you need to give your contact details so as to deliver free samples. You can browse deals of the day to select free samples.

Share your Freebies

4. Free Stuff

Free Stuff also offers free samples each day without any survey participation. Their samples are categorized and you can choose from endless varieties.

Free Stuff

5. Sample A Day

Sample A Day only demands your email address and then sends free samples to your inboxes directly.

Sample A Day

6. My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples gives you fresh, free offers with no conditions. The site helps you avoid scams and has tutorials that help you locate the best deals.

My Free Product Samples

7. FreeFlys

FreeFlys helps you get freebies and free samples without having to fill up survey forms. They have customized search filters and offer tips on ways to save more money.


8. Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is a regularly updated journal that gives away free samples. You can subscribe to their newsletters to get freebie alerts.

Free Stuff Times

9. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things offers free samples but not all of them are without surveys.

I Love Free Things

10. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff gives free samples once you share your email address. They have free offers for birthdays and provide sweepstakes with profitable free samples.


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