Build Functional Strength with These Magnificent Home Workout Tools

“Functional strength,” is a term that has entered the fitness zeitgeist over the last 10 years or so, but it represents a training program that goes back to the Soviet Union, and as far as the ancient Greeks before them. In Soviet Russia, the mandate was called “general physical preparedness,” which represented a training program in which all the bases were covered, and a young person could improve at whatever athletic endeavor his or her body grew up to excel at.

Today, we refer to functional strength as a sort of antithesis to the classic example of someone building strength by pursuing more isolated, muscle-building forms of exercise like the bicep curl. Functional strength training is designed to replicate the motions employed in everyday exercise by strengthening your limbs and core to work together. One of the ways functional strength training achieves this is by using oddly-weighing equipment, requiring one to rely more on sets of rarely used stabilization muscles.

Here are some of the best pieces of equipment for these sorts of training methods:

1. The Humble Sandbag:

Sandbags are great for functional strength training. Consisting of super-durable fabric and four handles – one on each side and two on top – functional sandbags usually have a large inner compartment where one puts the actual bags of sand. This is super useful as it means you can alter the weight you’re working with and makes sure no sand escapes. The sandbag could be considered the epitome of functional strength equipment, and when used correctly, it will give you complete physical preparedness in no time.

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2. Steel Clubs and Steel Maces:

Persian warriors used wooden club bells as training tools thousands of years ago. Over the last few years, steel clubs and steel maces have gained rapid popularity. These are another type of tool used in odd-object training. While barbells are often measured with lasers to ensure perfect balance and symmetry, clubs and maces have a ball weighing on the head of an iron rod that could weigh up to 20 pounds and offers no mercy. The workout results in constantly fighting against the momentum of the object that strains the grip and joint muscles, that are extremely important, especially if you’re entering the second half of your life. Some online websites have some great workout programs to make sure you get the most out of these unorthodox tools. One of their great benefits is increasing mobility and elasticity, particularly after a muscle or joint injury.

You can get a 7 lb. steel mace for yourself from Amazon for just $49.99 today.

3. Kettlebells:

Kettlebells are like cannonballs of different weights and sizes with handles on them. When you go to a gym, you can notice racks and racks of this simple piece of equipment that changed weightlifting because of its simplicity. It needs no bars, plates, benches, racks, or any other piece. One has access to incredible versatility with a kettlebell as there are hundreds of different movements and exercises one can execute with only one kettlebell – no pair needed. With two kettlebells, many more are accessible. A simple Google search for kettlebell workouts will yield more options than you could go through, and it’s safe to say that no matter what your fitness goals are, you can more or less accomplish all of them with kettlebells.

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4. Smartgym:

The Smartgym is a door-mounted resistance trainer, great for taking your workouts on the roads, as the kit affixes to any door without any damage or chipped paint. It has four cable pulleys with handles at the end. Free-action cable-resistance training is a great way to build explosive, fast-twitch muscle fibers. It is also perfect for rehabbing injuries in your shoulders, elbows, and arms.

The thing about elastic bands is that you can increase the level of resistance by simply stepping farther away from the door and decrease by stepping closer to it. You can also connect the bands you pull on to all four pulleys, adding more intensity. While television ads will show people doing simple isolation movements while holding the cable handles, similar to what they would do on a bench press or cable machine at a gym, the best way to train with elastic bands is to do some massive explosive movement that involves all of your body at once.

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It is said that switching up on your workout routines is the way to keep it consistent and so, adding the above-mentioned tools to your next workout session would be a great idea. While this may be effective, workout tools may not be something that many people would readily spend a lot of money on. If you are someone like that, or you are on a budget and want to save money on the equipment, Don’tPayAll provides you with the latest discount codes and deals, so you can easily get fitness equipment at affordable prices.


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