Missing Your Gym? These Home Workout Tips Can Be Helpful

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Are you worried that the lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak will leave you overweight and unfit? If you are feeling depressed for not having gone to the gym for weeks now, there is no cause for despair. It is possible to stay fit and healthy at home without having access to fancy gym equipment.

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Tips for the Best Home Workout Program:

Without gym machines and props, it is indeed possible to build your muscles or burn those extra calories. When someone is really keen to lose weight or stay fit, he can start by taking brisk walks every day, followed by abdominal crunches and push-ups. You need to remember that any home workout program must include a warm-up, a cardiovascular workout, resistance or strength-building exercises, flexibility moves, and a proper cool-down.

  • The warm-up could be something simple as a walk in your garden or on the treadmill at home, or even on a stationary exercise bike.
  • To get cardiovascular fitness you should walk faster or pedal faster or try step aerobics while watching a video or even jump rope.
  • To do resistance training, you could try simple exercises like push-ups, squats, and abdominal crunches. Alternatively, you could work out using weight bars, dumbbells, and resistance bands.
  • Flexibility can be increased with yoga poses and floor stretches.
  • The cool-down must be similar to the warm-up; so, it needs to have cardiovascular exercises at low levels in order to slowly bring your heart rate down, finally to the resting state.
  • If you do not have much time to spare for exercise on a certain day, you can always make your workout more intense. So, instead of the usual 45-minute cycling on a stationary bike, you can choose to do a tougher workout for only 25 minutes.
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  • When you are a beginner, you must aim to do half-an-hour of cardiovascular workouts accompanied by half-an-hour of strength training exercises thrice a week. Regardless of the type of workouts you do, it is imperative to begin at a slow pace and then gradually increase the time and intensity of the exercises.
  • You need to focus on the muscles which you are working out and ensure that you are feeling this work. You need to stay tuned to your body and also to thoughts that motivate you.
  • When you work out at home, there are definite advantages because you save money on a costly gym membership; you save time on commuting to the gym, and you can work out at your own convenience. But, there may be some distractions because there is always something else that must be attended to urgently. To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to start your workouts early morning.
  • When you work out at home, you can feel bored after a few days. The trick to staying motivated is to keep challenging yourself. In a gym, however, there is a wide range of equipment to do exercises with and you will not get bored so easily. So, to keep up the excitement of working out at home, you can surf online for new exercises and learn the right ways to do these. You can browse through fitness magazines to check out the latest workout techniques and make your own workout schedules more interesting and dynamic.
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  • The best way to stay motivated is to get an exercise buddy. This could be your kid or spouse and you are not likely to look for excuses if you have someone to work out with.
  • You must also have a proper workout plan and stick to this plan every day. In case you need to do something else on a certain day at that time, make sure you set an alternate time for your workout.
  • Keeping a workout journal helps you track your own progress and you can see if you have made any major breakthroughs. In case you have not been able to perform your exercises satisfactorily on a day, you need to identify what could have caused it; you will see that your food habits often influence your workout performance.
  • Learn to set small achievable goals every week. When you can achieve these on time, you should reward yourself with min-treats like a new pair of yoga tights or a pair of trainers that you have wanted for a long.

The best way to stay on track with your home workout program is to make it a part of your daily life and not treat it as something that you will do for a limited time period only. Find the latest coupons for wellness programs and supplements at Don’tPayAll and work towards a healthier you!


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