Amazing Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Long hair is a subject of envy! Many women are struggling to make their hair grow long; many more keep short hair because “who would care for long hair, eh?” Tresses don’t need attention 24/7. They only need the right care. Keeping them clean and healthy is the key. You must shampoo them right with a suitable shampoo and condition them. An occasional organic hair mask works well. Get one at a great price with the Only Naturals promo code.

The following hair care tips work amazingly well to keep your tresses lustrous and envious.

1. Choose the Right Comb and Brush

Depending on your hair type, you can choose a brush and a comb with wide teeth or a narrow one, no matter what your hair type, says an expert. It helps when you have to tangle those naughty knots!

  • Always brush gently without jerking your hair.
  • Never comb or brush wet hair. They are at their weakest when wet.

Expert Tip to Comb Hair Correctly:

Start at the ends of your tresses. Move upward gently. This way, your hair roots won’t be yanked or jerked, so minimal damage is done.

You need to handle hair like a baby.

2. Deep Condition Hair Once a Week/Fortnight

Again depending on your hair type, deep condition your hair once a week (if dry) or a fortnight (if oily). Either make a hair mask at home or buy one from a store dealing with natural-based masks.

Why not try a nourishing coconut and fig hair masque? Or you could try a rosewater hydrating hair mask or maybe hydro crème soothing masks. These masks deep nourish and condition your hair, leaving them silkier, smoother, and highly manageable. You can also use a leave-in conditioner if your hair is too frizzy or straw-like.

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3. Use Scrunchies

Scrunchies are great things for hair. They don’t pull hair roots. They slip into your hair and out of them without pulling them. You can easily find a plethora of scrunchies, hair bands, and other hair accessories designed especially for long hair.

4. Let Your Hair Loose at Times

Women with long hair must also keep their tresses loose at times, suggest hair experts. Don’t always keep them tied. So, ladies, let your hair loose!

Moreover, avoid hairstyles that are too tight like choking ponytails and super-tight braids. This suffocates the follicles.

But when you are out under the scorching sun or in a dusty, polluted environment, it is better to tie your hair in a bun and cover it with a scarf or hat. Just like skin, hair also gets damaged due to the sun and pollution.

The beauty of long hair is that you try out different hairstyles and decorate your hair with a myriad of accessories. And when you are busy creating a style, just brush your hair silky smooth and let them cascade down your shoulders and waist. Long lustrous hair, just kept loose and simple, is enough to attract!

5. Use Microfiber Hair Wrap Instead of Towel to Dry Hair

Be particular when it comes to hair care. Give your tresses all the nice luxurious things available to pamper them. They deserve it. So, ditch that cotton towel. Use a microfiber hair wrap instead. This, too, is a towel but made from ultra-lightweight special technology that reduces frizz and leaves your hair manageable when dry.

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6. Avoid Daily Shampooing of Hair

Daily shampooing is absolutely not needed, says a hair specialist. Don’t know where this daily shampooing rule came from, but your hair can do really fine with shampooing just twice or thrice a week. Your scalp possesses oil glands that produce natural oils, which keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Daily shampooing can strip off this oil, leaving your hair dry and brittle, and more prone to damage, breakage, and weakening.

The Correct Way to Shampoo Hair:

Most of us make a mistake in this. Shampoos are meant to be slathered ONLY on the scalp, say experts. Avoid applying them on hair strands. Take some shampoo on your palm. Rub a lather and apply it gently over your scalp, massaging lightly with fingertips to increase blood circulation while you cleanse them.

Rinse your hair well. As the water drips down, taking with it the lather, your hair strands also get cleansed. So, you need not apply extra shampoo over them.

Wrap your hair in a hair wrap to absorb excess moisture. Then air dry. Wait till they are slightly damp to comb and style them.

Just a little extra care, the right products, and knowledge about hair and skin beauty solutions go a long way in keeping your tresses lovely, lustrous, and long. By the way, coupons for the stores mentioned here are available at our website Don’tPayAll.


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