Great Indie Fashion Brands That Will Leave Your Friends in Awe

Indie fashion brands

When you know you don’t have to worry about being cold anymore, fashion maneuvers more and more towards the front of our minds when we open our closet or dresser drawers. Famous brands and the outlets that carry them are already rolling out summer catalogs and sales for the beach or the convertible.

But with so many options, we’d like to steer you towards some lesser-known brands that capture the spirit of a summer adventure. And whether you are going on an adventure, or consider buying clothes an adventure in itself, these bold ambitious styles will find a place in your wardrobe for years to come.

1: Ring of Fire Denim:

Ring of Fire Denim

Ring of Fire makes the single best pair of jeans you’ll ever own. They’re inexpensive, decently stretchy, and durable. The styling on the Relic Straight Denim covers all 4 “S”, sharp, sophisticated, soft, and sexy, like a flamenco dancer who owns an online freelance photography platform. ROF has all kinds of styles from early 2000’s throwbacks to a chic modern look.

2: Dôen:


In just a few years Dôen’s become synonymous with ditsy florals, billowy blouses, and “aspirational maternity” dresses. After spending some years as one of the most sought after indie brands, they now have released a collection for an outlet called Net-A-Porter, which helps small clothing labels market to a larger world. If your girlfriend spends a lot of time listening to P.J. Harvey and wants to move to Provence, something from this catalog will be the perfect fit.

3: Lioness:


The Aussie-based brand Lioness is tailor-made for women who like to dress confidently in a way that doesn’t take anyone else’s opinion into account. The fearless looks from this label scream luxury but won’t put a dent in your wallet. If you’ve ever considered animal print, Lioness, unsurprisingly, has got you covered.

4: Uterque:


A Latin word for “this and the other,” or “both,” Uterque perfectly sums up the mission statement of this label for restoring the glory of the accessory within women’s wardrobe. Despite this objective, a variety of colors and styles makes their Ready to Wear line a promised land with something for everyone. Uterque incorporates linen into a prominent place within their collections, making it all perfect for summer.

5: Phix Clothing:

Phix Clothing

The bold rock & roll styles of the UK-based Phix catalog raise their voice to a scream in honor of British musical history. Swirling paisley, velvet, animal prints, and Johnny Cash-style black with white trim, all take turns decorating a brilliant line of shirts and jackets for men of slim build. Perfect for the inner city rock and roll club or dance hall. Phix pulls it off so well that Johnny Depp even modeled for them!

6: Descended From Odin:

Descended from Odin

Look, we don’t know what you get up to in your spare time, but maybe your ideal summer adventure is tackling the great outdoors? Maybe you also enjoy learning about mythology? All we know is that like many Americans, our heritage lies in the Nordic lands. Descended From Odin carries a grand selection of merino wool and organic cotton print tees featuring traditional Norse patterns and scenes out of Norse Mythology. Their hereby sweater, made from the most legit of Scottish wool, looks like it comes straight out of History Channel’s Vikings, and they carry a selection of gym wear made for warriors.

7: Sezane:


Looking to dress for a summer in Paris? What about a summer among the rocky, herbaceous hills of Provence? Sezane is a digital-only label made in Paris with love, and a dose of European fashion is always welcome in one’s collection. Their new arrivals for summer are screaming out to be worn anywhere there is a sun and even though they are based in Paris, returns from the US are free, so you can buy with confidence of getting the perfect fit. The business of Fashion did a wonderful and inspiring spotlight article on Sezane that’s definitely worth a read.

Since indie clothing is all the hype these days, the above-mentioned brands will upgrade your wardrobe in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. You can now save on your shopping spree with the various discounts and deals at Don’tPayAll. Visit today to save while you stay trendy.


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