Great Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

Mother's day celebration ideas

Now that you and your mom are staying at home, you might be wondering what to do for your mom on Mother’s Day. Earlier, you used to take her out to dinner or plan a beach picnic. Not this time. Yet, staying at home doesn’t mean you will let the special day pass on.

Here are some thrilling ideas.

Idea #1: Virtual Get-Together

If your mom is staying far and you are unable to visit her this time, plan a virtual get-together. Ask her to prepare your favorite dish. You prepare her favorite dish. Invite her online and both of you can eat virtually together!

mother's day gift ideas in locdown, mother's day celebration during COVID-19

Idea #2: Surprise Her

Send her one of the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts. Most stores are offering gifts for this special day. Pick one and send your mother a surprise.

The pandemic has left many mothers anxious about their kids who are living apart. When your mother receives a gift from you, she will feel happy and relaxed.

Stores that are offering mind-blowing gifts include Cheap Canvas. You will fall in love with their marvelous Split Canvas, Photo Mugs, Photo Collage, Photo Blocks, Photo Pillows, Wall Display, Metal Prints, and Acrylic Prints.

Choose the best photo of you and your mom together and get it printed on a mug or pillow. Send it to your mom. Or you could print one of the photos when you were a baby. She will get nostalgic.

You can easily find Canvas Champ coupon codes that let you get an ideal gift for your mom at the cheapest price.

Idea #3: A Priceless Gift

Here’s your chance to gift her something priceless. Jeulia, a premium artisan jewelry store, has a show-stopping collection of jewelry, watches, and charms. They are offering Mother’s Day sale. Enjoy up to 70% off on mesmerizing pieces. Don’t miss their Mermaid Collection. How about gifting your mom a Flying Ladybug? It’s a movable sterling silver ring. The bug opens its wings at the touch of your finger!

Don’t like bugs? Well, they also have butterflies!

The store harbors a spellbinding collection of watches. The super hits include Dancing by the Moonlight, Wishing Wave, and Daughter of the Sea. These watches feature a unique mermaid design. Also find Butterfly design, Leopard design, Skull design, and Rose design. Your mom will truly feel special about receiving a gift from Jeulia.

The best part?

While picking a gift for your mom, you can pick one for yourself too. Use Jeulia discount codes and shop at incredibly low prices. This allows you to shop for multiple pieces without worrying about your wallet. Great, isn’t it?

mother's day gift ideas

Idea #4: Functional Gifts

Almost all moms are particular about organizing things at home. Why not gift her some beautiful storage boxes that are quite functional and at the same time, increase the aesthetics of the kitchen? For example, the Ericdress store has this lovely collection of Multigrain Storage Tank Transparent Sealed Cans. Their Grain Cereal Dispensers are terrific too. They also have elegant cosmetic storage boxes.

Another intelligent gift could be Ericdress Single Manual Soap Dispenser with Wall Lock. This is a sophisticated dispenser that adds to the aesthetics of the place.

So, if you are looking for some Mother’s Day decorations, instead of gifting the usual décor items, this time gift her something functional, intelligent, and decorative – all put together.

Idea #5: Let Her Relax

If your mom lives with you, how about ordering Ericdress Crown Flannel Chair Cushion? Let her relax in her favorite chair. It’s her day!

Idea #6: Go Online Shopping Together!

What can be better than this? Mother-daughter duo (or mother-son duo) going on a virtual shopping spree! Men, if you don’t like shopping, you can at least join her and help her pick the things she loves. She will feel special and this will be a great excuse to spend time with her.

Online shopping is a super-saver these days, as reputable stores are offering terrific discounts and coupons. For example, you can easily find Ericdress promo codes online that let you shop till you drop.

Mother's day activities idea, fun with mom

Idea #7: Have Fun

Staying at home can be fun. Here’s what you can do:

  • Talk. Yes, catch up on the old times, vent out your feelings, share your thoughts, and laugh together. Just unwind! Don’t forget to brew fresh coffee while you chit and chat.
  • Let your mom sleep till late in the morning. Delight her with breakfast in bed.
  • Surprise her with one of the awesome graphic tees available at Life is Good. The tees feature interesting messages on them. Order a couple of tees – one for your mom and another for yourself. Wear them on the D-day. Shop at discounted prices with Life is Good promo codes.
  • Spend some pamper time together. Have a home spa.
  • Have fun. Listen to music that you were crazy about back then. Groove to the music. Dance with your mom on this day. How about a mother-son dance? You can easily find videos of dance steps online.
  • Bake together or do gardening together. It strengthens the bond.

These are only a few examples of the things you can do on Mother’s Day. Have more Mother’s Day activity ideas? Scribble them down and have fun with your mom on the D-day.

You know your mother best. So, plan the day accordingly. Choose gifts that complement her likes and taste.

For example, if your mom is a hard-to-please person, you need something extraordinary to impress her.

If she is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person, you ought to give her one of the fun Mother’s Day gifts.

Is your mom a perfectionist? Well, dare to do this: wear your best clothes. Put on some cool makeup. Go to her and say, “You made me with perfection, didn’t you?”

Well, she is your mother – the person who made you what you are today. For men, she is the first lady in your life. So, whatever you do for her, she will love it. Whether these are Mother’s Day party gift ideas or simple activities, the idea is to make her feel special, because she is. Our website Don’tPayAll has the coupons and codes for you.

If you both are staying together, then you can have a blast.


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