COVID-19: Guide for Businesses to Sustain

Sustain Business in COVID-19

Are you having sleepless nights about how to get your business up and running in the wake of the pandemic? If so, you are not the only one. There are millions out there whose businesses have been literally shaken to the core because of the Coronavirus outbreak that has taken the entire world hostage. The real challenge now is to think of ways to help your business get back on its feet through mediums like digital marketing tools and an effective email marketing strategy.

In only four months the entire world has changed with almost a third of the global population being restricted to their homes because of nationwide lockdowns. People’s daily lives, behavior, and consumer needs have all changed in this short span of time, in ways that were never imagined. So, for small businesses to sustain themselves in this crisis, a lot of changes have to be brought about, starting with the adoption of new marketing tools for small businesses and use of advertising tools in marketing. The pandemic has changed everything and no one is yet sure of what is going to happen. Everyone is trying to stay afloat on untested waters and you need to figure out how best to help your businesses survive under these trying circumstances.

How Businesses Can Sustain Themselves in the Covid-19 Crisis?

There is no denying the fact that you need proper marketing advice and financing options to survive this onslaught.

Businesses to Sustain in Corona Crisis
  • One of the first things that business owners need to feel is empathy and this has to manifest itself in the content you are building. So, you have to stay away from the hard-selling of your services. It is necessary to understand that everyone’s needs are different now and people are trying to accept and adapt to the “new normal”; so, it is natural for them to be anxious about the virus, their work, and the overall wellbeing of their loved ones. Since businesses and consumers are both vulnerable, you have to ensure that your advertising messages take this emotion into account.
  • There are advantages of email marketing but your messages must highlight only those things that will now matter most to your consumers, like safety precautions and contact-free deliveries. Even your site content cannot afford to be insensitive to the crisis; so, your choice of text must be proper and there must not be any bold or demanding call-to-action.

    The market is flooded with a number of email marketing software. To make it easy for business owners to find one which suits them, we have identified a few email marketing tools with amazing discounts. For great-looking emails and high-converting landing pages at affordable rates, you can search for the latest GetResponse coupons. Aweber coupons can help your business grow through its powerful, easy-to-use email marketing software. Leadpages coupons will ensure you can have high-converting landing pages on your website to boost sales once the pandemic slows down.
Businesses to Sustain in COVID
  • You must invest time and effort into SEO as this will help you discover newer ways to improve your brand image and satisfy your customers. You can do keyword research for questions or concerns that your clients are likely to have about products and then build content relevant to it. You will find that queries having “near me” are performing better and try to satisfy that requirement if possible. This is where SEMRush coupons can be of great help; they can help you manage your advertising, SEO, and content through their comprehensive suite of tools.

    Your task is to identify any new consumer needs that might have surfaced now that you can cater to. Since more people are spending a lot of time surfing the Internet now, it is a good time to build your online presence more. You can use Google Trends to find out which topics are trending now so that you may create content about these. You can also use this time to fix any previous technical backlogs like page speed or user experience.
  • Because of the pandemic and forced lockdown, people are now spending a lot of time watching television and browsing on their smartphones. Streaming devices are experiencing the biggest rise in searches. The time is right to engage the audience vis-à-vis content which takes their mind off coronavirus concerns and news. If you can successfully create something memorable now, it could build trust and help you get more leads in the future. When you create meaningful content and get an audience you can market your products to them when the time is better.
  • You can focus on aiding people by over-selling; a UK musician has been raising money for the local music venues that need monetary help. You may extend free subscription or add freebies for your customers if you can afford to. If you can combine your products with items like masks, wipes, toilet paper, and other high-demand goods, they will sell better.
  • You must adapt your advertising to help your business survive; while it is normal for businesses to pause or do away with marketing during an economic crisis, they can adapt and start marketing on social media. There has been a dramatic rise in video watching and you can consider video marketing for your products.

    Zoom, the popular webinar and video-conferencing platform, has witnessed an incredible spike in traffic in recent weeks. So, you must shift your company’s focus on videos, and discover ways by which you may turn your assets into videos. Everyone is yearning for human connection these days and this is why even popular talk shows are being filmed at home. Thus, the opportunity to reach out to your audience through videos is huge.
  • You have to find out if your business has the means to provide products that your customers need. Companies like Nike and GAP are coming out with items that their buyers need for addressing the coronavirus crisis. GAP and Nike are making gowns and masks to reach out to their consumers.
  • For all businesses that were hitherto offline, now is the time to go online. You can start bringing your inventories online, convert in-person events into webinars and online conferences. Many restaurants are now operating online offering delivery options for meal kits and menu items.
  • You must also make sure that you update the Google My Business list when you have physical locations as consumers depend heavily on this data. Your information must also cover key points like the new business hours, pick up or delivery options you are offering, etc.

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