Classic Fossil Watches for Stylish Men

classic Fossil watches

Fossil watches have become synonymous with timeless appeal and class and can be the perfect accessory to flaunt when you are a fashion enthusiast but not willing to spend a fortune for it. This American brand name stands for uniqueness, elegance, and innovation; its products are a cut above the rest in terms of style and elegance. Since its inception in 1984, this watch brand has carved a niche for itself in the world of fashion.

To get classic Fossil watches on sale you need to get your hands on the latest promotional coupons. Whether you are looking for a sports watch, a classic watch, or a smartwatch, you will be spoilt for choice. This brand has also come out with exciting, eye-catchy accessories like jewelry, belts, and bags, so much so that you are never coming out empty-handed from a Fossil’s store. If you are looking for the perfect timepiece for yourself or to gift a loved one, you need to browse through the classic models available at this store. A good idea may be to keep a track of prices of your preferred Fossil watches on Amazon because you can enjoy deals on this website from time to time.

Classic Fossil Watches That You Can Choose From:

1. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch:

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

This can be your go-to Fossil smartwatch that perfectly reflects the brand’s signature style complete with a sleek and refreshing design and innovative features like touchscreen functions and better storage capacity. This watch battery comes in three modes, namely, extended, default, and time-only modes that guarantee an extended battery life. Since this model offers so many advanced functionalities its battery may get drained quickly; so, it is advisable to keep changing the modes. You can receive notifications from emails, text messages, and alarms. It provides features for tracking GPS, heart rate, and is Bluetooth-enabled. This smartwatch works with iOS 10.0+ and Android OS 6.0.

2. Fossil Grant Automatic Watch:

Fossil Grant Automatic Watch

This watch model displays a stylish design, a stunning accent, and is made from tough materials. The Fossil Grant collection is known for its unique designs and elegance making them perfect for wearing formal social gatherings. The watch is encased in rose-gold and the open dial look allows you to notice its mechanical movements. The dial is a deep blue shade with a matching leather band. This is sure to catch the attention of people around you whenever you wear it.

3. Fossil The Minimalist Slim Three-Hand Light Brown Leather Watch:

Fossil The Minimalist Slim Three-Hand Light Brown Leather Watch

This is another classic timepiece with a minimalist design and a vintage style. You can flaunt it on all kinds of occasions and there are 17 colors to choose from. The case design is simple and offers a snug fit on your wrist while the watch face shows three hands. This is more of an everyday watch that should be a part of your watch collection.

4. Archival Series Mood Watch:

Archival Series Mood Watch

This watch model has a unique color-changing dial system connected to a mood decoder. The device is water-resistant, and you can have it on you even when you are doing chores like washing dishes. But you should ideally not wear it to the beach. The stainless-steel casing and black leather strap make for an elegant look.

5. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR:

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR

This is another popular smartwatch that comes in a variety of colors. It is a tad more sophisticated than the Fossil Gen 5. There is an always-on display to cater to your smartwatch needs. So, you can track your fitness goals, monitor your heart rate, view the weather, etc. all through this device. The watch battery is impressive and can stay charged for almost 2 weeks. It is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with both iOS and Android.

6. Fossil Sport Smartwatch 43mm:

Fossil Sport Smartwatch 43mm

This comes in a spruce green color with grey and is one of the best-selling Fossil sport smartwatch models. This is for people who are searching for a timepiece because all Fossil sports smartwatches are loaded with features like that of smartphones. These are perfect for users keen to track their daily physical activities and sports. This lightweight sport watch offers notifications like emails, texts, and social media alerts, tracks heart rate, has GPS, has Bluetooth connectivity, and a workout-tracking option too that can be used when you are in the pool.

7. Fossil Forrester Three-Hand Black Silicone Watch:

Fossil Forrester Three-Hand Black Silicone Watch

This is one of the classic-looking wrist watches for people who like to add color to their watches collection. This is a simplistically designed timepiece that is highly affordable, comes with a silicone strap that is water-resistant, and is known to be a durable model.

8. Fossil Townsman Leather Watch:

Fossil Townsman Leather Watch

This is one of the finest looking amongst the best-known Fossil’s classic watches. It boasts of a polished classic appearance that is further accentuated by a black casing and amber crystal lens. It has a skeleton dial and Roman numeral markings and adds that extra confidence and appeal to the wearer.

9. Fossil Machine Stainless Steel Watch:

Fossil Machine Stainless Steel Watch

This is a must-have for men who are Fossil loyalists. The Machine collection offers understated stainless casings that are durable, and the blue-and-silver color combination looks amazing with office wear.

10. Fossil Dean Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch:

Fossil Dean Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

This is another classic and durable model. The only difference here is that the design has a gold-and-silver color combination perfect for almost all occasions. The dial has a clean and legible look with a date-display and a stopwatch with a minute and second hands.

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