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Happy New Year

17 Awesome Products to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions:

Everyone has New Year resolutions, and although we go into the new year with a strong mindset, sometimes it gets hard to stick to them. Everyone deserves to experience the fulfilling feeling of success at the end of the year when you realize you’ve achieved your goals, and the following list of products will help […]

Corona virus crises - Great Offers and Deals

Coronavirus Crisis: Top 10 Retailers Helping You with Great Offers and Deals

The Coronavirus crisis has hit us hard, but hey, we are humans and we don’t just follow Darwin’s principle of “Survival of the fittest.” Rather, we believe in following the principle of “Surviving together.” It is in times like these that humanity dominates and people come forward to help each other because we must survive, […]

Impact of Corona Virus on Various Industries

Nobody on the Earth may have imagined there would come a day when countries go into complete lockdown and a deadly Corona Virus/Covid-19 rampantly goes on consuming lives. Isn’t it like a nightmare? The global economy is on the verge of crashing; the virus is not stopping, and people are becoming isolated. Sounds gloomy, right? […]

Top 15 Inexpensive but Luxurious Items

You will rarely come across someone who does not like to pamper himself or herself with luxurious items. At the same time, it is a known fact that luxurious goods do not come cheap. People tend to buy them for different reasons, whether to flaunt these in order to gain acceptance from those around them […]

Father-daughter bond

Start Planning Your Savings Early With These Great Father’s Day Sales

While most father’s want nothing more than an opportunity to relax with their family (as was the case with my dad growing up) modern society is seeing more and more of a household’s income being accrued by mothers. As such, a rise in the numbers of Father’s Day gifts has followed and companies are beginning […]

Big Ticket Savings On These Goods This Memorial Day

While Memorial Day is the time when Americans wheel out the grill and pay homage to those who’ve served our country, it’s also the perfect time to serve your bank account, as, given the traditional occasion, many outlets are slashing prices to land a big sale on Memorial Day weekend. Appliances: Big or small, Memorial […]