Black Friday Predictions 2019

Once upon a time, Black Friday was lines down the block, shivering in the cold, and then trampling one another just to get their hands on the discounted TV, or whatever big-ticket item, smartphone, or Christmas gift they had their hearts set on.

As Amazon gradually entered the spot of pre-eminent shopping juggernaut, Black Friday deals become Black Friday Week leaving customers the option of picking out all of their Christmas gifts or techno-goodies without ever leaving the comfort of their own home and being trampled upon.

1. Televisions

Maybe nothing is more iconic about Black Friday than the flat-screen televisions, and according to TechRadar, you’re likely to see price cuts as much as half at Best Buy and Walmart locations here in the U.S. and Currys, John Lewis, and Argos in the U.K.

Amazon will, of course, have plenty of televisions on offer.

Best Buy is already lowering prices to near Black Friday levels, and they have mentioned on their website that if you see they’ve lowered the price of the television even further, they’ll pay you the difference!

2. Laptops

Laptops are pricey pieces of tech, no matter how essential they are to daily life when you realize you need a new one; it’s never a good look for your bank account. That’s why when you have the chance to save some cash through a good deal, you should jump at it. However, if you’re not well versed in laptops, finding Black Friday laptop deals that are actually worth it can be a difficult thing.

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Acer makes a great laptop – this very article was happily written on an Acer. One of the reasons Acer is a great inexpensive laptop is they don’t come preloaded, like HPs are, with a million extra default programs installed and running in the background that can slow you down.

This one here in the link above is a great slim, stylish, entry-level laptop that can take care of all your basic laptop needs.

This is just the opening salvo of Black Friday content; more deals are likely to come soon. TechRadar who we mentioned earlier wrote a great review of how to tell if what you’re buying is a discounted old model or a deal on a state-of-the-art laptop.

4. Amazon Smart Home Systems and Flagship Hardware

Earlier we said that retailers are taking Black Friday and turning it into Black Friday Week, well Amazon will take Black Friday and turn it into Black November.

Amazon often likes to start its deals on the 1st of Turkey Month, with lightning deals and week-long price cuts all month until the big day.

Based on what happened in 2018, you can expect massive discounts on all of Amazon’s flagship products, all the smart home systems complete with Alexa, all the Echo products, the Fire Tablets, and the Kindle eReader.

5. Fitbit Fitness Wrist Watches

Whether you’ve always been a fitness geek, or you’re looking to hit the gym for the first time, Fitbit watches can be really helpful in tracking your activity and progress. The popularity of the product has meant an expanded lineup, with prices starting at just $70. Black Friday will likely see the entry-level device, the Fitbit Inspire, drop closer to $50 on Walmart and Best Buy, and its advanced smartwatch-like tracker, the Fitbit Versa, will hopefully get to around $150.

Fitbit’s entire lineup nails the basics of fitness tracking, like step count, activity logging, sleep trends, and more. Some of them offer advanced features like notifications for your phone, apps, and more.

6. Video Game Consoles

Another big-ticket item that always sees significant deals is video game consoles (an old roommate of mine bought a second PS4 on Black Friday so he didn’t have to move his old one from his bedroom to the living room.).

This year we have a new Xbox, the Nintendo Switch Lite for light travelers and minimalists, the extended battery version of the original Switch, and nothing new from Sony.

This means that we are likely to see low prices on many of the consoles, and the classic “new video game console bundles” to match. There will likely be bundles that offer additional controllers, free games, and more by retailers. Sometimes availability is limited so be sure to check as soon as the ads come out to know where you want to buy from.

We’ll be posting Black Friday deals here on Don’tPayAll, all November long, so keep visiting back to stay updated! At the end of the year, it’s all about speed and sales – getting the best deals before they’re sold out. Buy first, ask questions later. Amazon does free returns on millions of items, so if you don’t like it, it didn’t fit, or anything else, just return it and try again next year!


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