This Service Is the Best in the UK for Shipping Parcels Overseas

My Parcel Delivery is the best site in the UK for getting great deals on courier services. They offer an entire collection of tools, services and discounts to choose from as you ship your parcel overseas or within the UK. With a MyParcelDelivery promo code, you can save a lot of money on your parcel delivery budget.

Looking to send a present to a cousin in the States, some comforts snacks from home, and a toothbrush to a friend backpacking overseas? It can be a tricky situation to navigate on your own since different countries often have different conditions for mailing.

What can get sent through the mail if it goes by plane?

What documents and other papers will the customs procedure require?

What the value-added tax will be (VAT) at any given item?

These can make any trip to the Royal Mail office a pain.

There’s no reason why something that is going on millions of times every day around the world should be any trouble for you at all, and with My Parcel Delivery, it’s never been easier to ship overseas. They will provide you with a really easy Pro-forma invoice to print off and complete. This will cover the customs requirements for International parcel delivery.

The convenience doesn’t stop here, however, with My Parcel Delivery you get,


By using our service we can save you a bundle on your international delivery, we help send millions of parcels every year and you save a packet in the process.


Through My Parcel Delivery, you can send parcels to over 200 countries worldwide for as little as £16.99+vat – at this price the world really is your oyster.

Australia – £16.04

Poland – £17.08

Holland – £15.79 + VAT

Ireland – £16.53 + VAT

Canada – £21.06

France – £13.63

Spain – £19.38 + VAT

Italy – £16.56

The Colonies (USA) – £23.63

Germany – £15.79


You can choose to have your parcel collected from home or work or use our drop-off service, whatever is simpler for you.


Depending on the urgency of your delivery you can choose between a range of services that are available, whether you want your parcel to fly high (and fast) through the skies or go a little slower by road.


See above.


If you are a regular sender, you could be eligible for My Parcel Delivery preferred service and get further discounted rates through their business level account.

My Parcel helps to ship thousands of parcels around the world each month for business customers as well as personal. After many years of experience, they’ve built a glittering reputation amongst 12,000 senders from understanding that no two businesses are alike and all have different shipping requirements. They understand that parcels are of all sorts of shapes and sizes and it is important to package them properly, pick the right service and, most importantly, get the goods safely to customers – on time is something they succeed in achieving time and again.

They have a great range of booking tools, all free to use for business customers, to help you save time in placing your orders. Their business satisfaction numbers are no slouch when compared to personal senders.


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