Best “Made in the USA” Brands in 2020

100% 'Made in the USA' Quality Brands

Are you searching for quality products that will offer you all that you are looking for without having to break the bank? Then you should consider where the manufacturing facility of such products is located. While many companies keep moving abroad for cheap labor and production costs, it is better to choose 100% “Made in the USA” products when you are a resident in the US. This label evokes patriotism, bears an unspoken pledge of superior quality, and reflects job security for millions of American workers. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC has defined “Made in the USA” as products that are entirely or virtually completely manufactured in the US.

Why Should You Buy 100% “Made in the USA” Brands?

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  • US manufacturing methods are far cleaner than those in many other nations. Often brands that are sold here may be actually made in other countries that use polluted processes. This is why when you buy 100% US manufactured products you are actually contributing to a greener and cleaner world. Safety standards for foreign-made goods are not known and they may be inferior. For instance, dangerous levels of lead have been used in making thousands of toys that are regularly exported to the US. So, every time you buy these toys from US manufacturers you can be sure that the country’s consumer protection laws are in place and the products conform to proper safety standards.
  • Inadequate worker safety, lack of minimum wages, and fewer pollution controls in various countries threaten free trade. These countries have produced goods which come at cheap prices no doubt, but in the process, they exploit their own citizens and pollute the environment. So, if you can buy 100% US-manufactured products you can hope to get higher standards.
  • The truth is that money and manufacturing facilities are shifting to many other nations that may not be friendly with the US. So, if you can avoid importing goods from these nations and choose to buy American goods instead, you can ensure that political conflicts are not affecting its economy. Every time you walk into a large store and pick out any product from a shelf, you will probably see the words “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in China” on their label. This needs to change because this was not the situation many decades back.
    However, since the 1990s US manufacturing companies have experienced a significant decline as more and more US firms have relocated their manufacturing factories to places like China and Mexico where labor is cheaply available. But, one can now see trends which suggest that the situation is slowly changing. According to a non-profit group The Reshoring Initiative, almost 300 companies have re-established their production facilities in the US ever since 2010 and this has helped to generate many new jobs. So the “Made in USA” label is slowly but steadily making its way back.
  • Besides the lack of environmental controls, another disadvantage when you buy products manufactured in countries outside the US is that there is no law for the protection of worker rights. For instance, Chinese workers go without sleep for days on end to produce toys for US brands like Mattel and Disney. Likewise, child labor is exploited severely in Bangladesh for producing apparel sold by JCPenney and Walmart.
protection of USA worker's rights
  • Lack of safety and environmental laws in foreign countries where American goods are being manufactured are putting the lives of American consumers at risk too. For example, in 2007, many Chinese made toys for American brands were recalled from the market because of choking hazards and some because they contained lethal chemicals like kerosene and lead paint.
  • Finally, if you buy 100% US manufactured goods then you are contributing to strengthening the national economy as well. It not only supports American workers but also benefits the economy at large. When the US manufacturing facilities are prospering the big construction companies build new buildings and accounting firms handle the revenues. So, for every new manufacturing job in the US, as many as 1.4 jobs additionally are generated.

Brands “Made in the USA”

1. SAS Shoes:

SAS shoes have been a reputed US shoe manufacturer since 1976 and are specialists of hand-crafted shoes. The shoes are 100% manufactured in Texas. The company is known for focusing on quality and comfort for their customers. The leather is of the finest quality and the production process is quite long-drawn and painstaking but the products are par excellence. Their clients agree that they produce the world’s most comfortable shoes. Today, the company offers shoppers a wide range of styles and widths. When you sign up on our website, you can get a SAS Shoes coupon code and shop for SAS shoes at discounted rates.

2. Michael Stars:

Michael Stars was established in 1986 and their goal was to make shoppers happy. They have revolutionized the apparel industry by creating a fashion movement. Today, they offer contemporary essentials which are made to be long-lasting and are of superior quality. A Michael Stars coupon code can fetch you exciting discounts on their range of clothing. It remains a family-owned enterprise and most of its clothes are still made in Los Angeles. The focus is on ensuring quality products and offering fair wages to their workers. The Michael Stars Foundation supports many grassroots organizations in the country. You will get their products on their official website and also on other online retail stores and specialty stores across the United States and the UK, like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc.

3. Carolina Shoe:

Carolina Shoe understands how jobs are different from one another and designs footwear accordingly. They use sophisticated manufacturing techniques and industry-specific designs with carefully selected materials to produce fine quality shoes. You can be confident of their unmatched comfort, remarkable durability, and perfect performance. The website even has charts for customers to choose their footwear smartly. With a Carolina shoe discount code, you can make huge savings when you buy quality footwear from this store.

4. Oakley:

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An Oakley promo code will fetch you fabulous price cuts on a wide range of exotic designer sunglasses, ski and snowboarding goggles, sports visors, apparel, watches, shoes, backpacks, and optical frames. Most of the Oakley products are designed in the US while some nations have exclusive design privileges suited to their markets.

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5. Brooklyn Bedding:

When you think of buying products for your home that are 100% manufactured in the US you should definitely consider getting a Brooklyn Bedding coupon. This is an American household name famous for its Made in US mattresses. They are known for state-of-the-art facilities, excellent customer support services, and master craftsmanship. This “Made in the USA” brand even makes its own beds and this is why their products are both superior in terms of quality and affordability. Since the products are made entirely in the country, the company can sell their mattresses for much lower rates than if you were to import these from countries like China.

6. Harley Davidson:

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As for bike lovers, the US still remains the manufacturer of the Harley Davidson motorcycles, even though some manufacturing-related work does take place in other countries. This homegrown company had started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and while some of their products are assembled overseas, most are manufactured on American soil.

7. Crayola:

Everyone must have played with Crayola crayons as a child; did you know that Crayola makes crayons even today in Easton Pennsylvania? This crayon manufacturing company started around 1903 and while Hallmark may have bought it in 1984, millions of crayons continue to be churned out from the Pennsylvania factory.

8. Red Wing Shoe:

Red Wing Heritage boots are assembled in Minnesota and Missouri. These started when Charles Beckman had built the Red Wing Shoe Company together with 14 more investors, way back in 1905. This brand is still making boots for women; their products are top-of-the-line and they are assembled in Minnesota and Missouri plants.

9. Tom’s of Maine:

Tom’s of Maine has been owned by Colgate; yet, all its products have always been manufactured in Maine. It was started in 1970 and was eventually sold off to Colgate. The headquarters are still in Maine and products like natural deodorants, toothpaste, and detergents are all made here.

10. Merle Norman:

Merle Norman cosmetics continue to be 100% manufactured in Los Angeles. Merle Norman had started her studio in Santa Monica, California, in 1931 and even after her death; this company continues to operate in Los Angeles, California, which is the company headquarters.

11. IGLOO Coolers:

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Igloo coolers manufacture goods in Katy, Texas. This brand was launched in the fifties when they started making metal water containers to cater to job sites. Then the company started making recreational necessities like ice chests, insulated lunch boxes, and beverage coolers that one could carry with him on road trips and camping adventures.

12. Post-it notes:

Post-it notes, Post-it products

You must have seen the colorful Post-it notes; these became popular overnight and spread like wildfire. Almost 100 companies continue to sell the Post-it products and these are still manufactured in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

13. Zippo lighters:

The Zippo lighters are another example of 100% US-made products that were started in Bradford, Pennsylvania. This lid-flipping lighter manufacturer started off in 1933 and continues to be made in the country.

14. Dr. Bronner’s:

Dr. Bronner’s has been making spas since 1048 and continues to produce completely organic, US-made Castille soaps.

15. Tervis Tumbler:

tervis tumbler

Tervis Tumbler was started by an engineer-duo who came up with a dual-wall insulated tumbler, permanently sealed, that went onto become a game-changing innovation in drinkware. This family from Florida had originally uprooted the business from Detroit and relocated afterward to Florida, and it is here that it continues to make these tumblers.

16. Airstream:

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Airstream trailers can be seen on roads even today and were first manufactured by Wally Byam in the thirties. These recreational trailers continue to be built at Jackson Center in Ohio where they were originally built.

Finding a company which has not outsourced its manufacturing to countries like China is hard to come by. From air-conditioners to smartphones, the majority of products being sold in the US actually come from Asian countries. So, finding authentic American products can be like finding a treasure. But if you do find one, perhaps the right thing to do is to buy it.

Buying products handcrafted or made exclusively in the US can benefit the national economy significantly and with an increase in manufacturing units; there is automatically a surge in investments. Whenever you see the words “Made in the USA” you can expect to get products that reflect outstanding quality and superior craftsmanship. These products not only help you save money but are also long-lasting giving you worth for every penny you spend.

Very few products, with the exception of automobiles, furs, textiles, and woolens are demanded by-laws to expose their American heritage. However, if a maker wants to flaunt a US connection he has to comply with all federal regulations that have been crafted to ensure that customers are not misled. Buyers can get confused on reading labels that say that while the product is obtained from an American state, the original is from another country. For instance, apple juice from Florida’s Natural will sell apple juice containing concentrate from Brazil. While such labels can be confusing for the shopper they are not in violation of the FTC rules. The “Made in the USA” claims may be qualified or unqualified. The latter means that either all or virtually all the parts or processing are of American origin. The product in question can have a small percentage of foreign substances if these are not that significant, like the knobs in a barbeque grill, for instance. Qualified claims are different; the iPad Mini, for instance, says that it has been designed in California, but assembled in China. So, find your coupons on Don’tPayAll today and buy 100% American made goods at fabulous prices before the offers run out!


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