Best Gift Ideas for Friendship Day 2020

Can you imagine life without friends? As the world grapples to stay safe in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and countries have been forced to impose lockdowns, this is a realization that each one of us is probably feeling now more than ever. As we have been confined indoors for fear of the deadly virus, it’s natural to miss our friends without whom our lives are incomplete. So, what better way to show them how much you love and appreciate them than by giving them unique friendship gifts this Friendship Day?

As Friendship Day is near, make it extra special for your friends in any way you can. It would probably be a great idea to buy the finest Friendship Day gifts from online stores that offer a wide range of gifts to choose from. Whether it is a friendship gift for a girl or boy or a friendship day gift for a husband, it will surely make their day.

While flowers, friendship bands, and chocolates are the most common gift ideas, it would be great to go beyond these and explore the range of Friendship Day gifts on Amazon where you will be spoilt for choice. Whether it is coffee mugs or chimes, crystal bracelets or key rings, you will find almost anything that you are looking for at this store. You could use an Amazon coupon to get an unbelievable collection of unique gifts.

Here are some of the best Friendship Day gift ideas for you in 2020:

1. Picture Collage:

Picture collage

Have you considered gifting a picture collage to your special friend this Friendship Day? This can be a far more special gift than an expensive wristwatch. Gifts that are personalized or handmade are always more appreciated and memorable.

2. Gift Hamper:

Gift hampers

If you are thinking of bringing a smile to your best friend’s face, you should think of choosing a meaningful gift and not something that he/she could buy any time. For instance, you could get an exciting gift hamper for your friend containing delightful chocolates, key chains, a teddy bear, flowers, etc. to make him/her feel pampered throughout the day.

3. Chocolates:


You can never go wrong with chocolates on Friendship Day. In fact, you could order personalized chocolates with a special Friendship Day theme; these gift boxes contain a variety of delicious chocolates of different flavors. This can be a perfect gift for your friend who has a sweet tooth.

4. Necklace:

Heart necklace

Are you looking for something special and compact to give to your friend this Friendship Day? In that case, you can think of gifting a trendy heartbeat pulse necklace from Amazon. These items are gold-plated and can be perfect for your bestie to show how much you care for her. Since these gold-plated necklaces and pendants can be a bit pricey, an Amazon coupon code is all you need to order this dainty necklace.

5. Gourmet Foods:

Gourmet foods

If your special friend is fond of indulging in gourmet foods like cheese, chocolates, and jams, you can consider using an iGourmet promo code to buy some exotic gourmet foods.

6. Passport Cover:

Passport cover

This could be a unique gift for your best friend as it is something that is not only useful but also eye-catching. Passport covers can be personalized and you can even add your friend’s name to it. You can choose the color that you know your best friend will like the most and select a material that is long-lasting.

7. Personalized Jewelry:

Personalized jewelry

If your friends are fond of flaunting sterling silver jewelry pieces and accessories, you can get them from Things Remembered. Customized bracelets can be special gifts for your friends. Most of these are made of metal but look more like showpieces. You may even customize these to include pictures of the two of you. If the bracelet is made from good quality stainless steel it can be really long-lasting. Get a Things Remembered coupon code to shop for an amazing collection of personalized jewelry and make Friendship Day even more memorable.

8. Coffee Mugs:

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are probably the most frequently gifted Friendship Day gifts. You can get these personalized by including pictures that are a reminder of good old times. You may even add some personalized messages on the mug to remind your friends of the times you had together and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

9. Men’s Wallet Combo:

Men's wallet combo

If your closest friend is a guy, you can think of gifting him a combination of a trendy wallet, key chain, cardholder, and a fancy belt. All these items can be wrapped together to make for an excellent Friendship Day gift, especially when you choose to buy a superior quality leather wallet and ensure that the items are all elegant and classic.

10. Hoodies:


This can be a great Friendship Day gift idea because it is trendy and in tune with the times. Almost all boys and girls are fond of flaunting hoodies and it is hard to go wrong with this choice of a gift. Sticking to apparel is the safest option when it comes to men because it is difficult to find appropriate gifts for them.

11. Gym Bag:

Gym bag

You can also consider buying a gym bag for your friend, especially if he is a regular gym-goer. A duffel bag is a versatile gift choice and one can even use it for overnight trips. You can choose to buy one in vibrant color combinations. This gift idea can also work for your fitness-enthusiast girlfriends.

12. Picture Cushions:


Personalized picture cushions are much appreciated as Friendship Day gifts. You can have these regular cushions covered with pictures of your friend. These are super-comfy and useful gifts making the recipient feel appreciated and loved.

13. Bow Tie and Pocket Square:

Bow tie and pocket square

A sophisticated looking bow tie and pocket square set can also be a great gift idea for a male friend. The items can be packed into an attractive gift box.

A gift is more special when you pair it with a greeting card or a special note, so it would be a great idea to express love and appreciation for your friends along with a gift. Without wasting any more time, find the perfect gift for your special friend today and once you’ve made your choice, use coupons from Don’tPayAll to save on your special purchase.


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