Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Best Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you will be hard-pressed to think of the perfect gift to give your dad this year. While there are hundreds of choices when it comes to personalized Father’s Day gifts, you will obviously want to gift him something that is not only useful but also shows how much you adore and respect him.

Ties, shirts, wallets, watches, shoes, and perfumes remain popular Father’s Day gift ideas. Stores like TB Dress, Eddie Bauer, and Brooks Brothers, are a go-to for Father’s Day gifts. While you may want to get a unique gift for your dad this year, we understand that the gift should also be pocket-friendly. You could use the latest TB Dress coupon that will offer you huge discounts on an impressive range of men’s wear and accessories. If you are looking for a different gift, here are some more that you can choose from:

1. Beau de Jour Fragrance from Tom Ford and other top-of-the-line perfumes for men can be an excellent Father’s Day gift that will not cost you a fortune when you have the latest Sephora promo code. This fragrance has a clean and woody scent making it perfect for the hot summer months.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour

2. For the fitness conscious dad or the workaholic dad who works from home and does not want to be disturbed, air pods from Apple can be the perfect gift this Father’s Day. The Air Pods Pro is versatile and has been hailed as the best wireless earbuds of 2020. For a more budget-friendly model, you could choose the Galaxy Buds+ from Samsung.

airpods pro, fathers day gift ideas

3. Since summer is almost here, the outdoors-loving dad is going to be taking to the grill more frequently. This Father’s Day, you can consider gifting him the Looftlighter charcoal electric lighter and firestarter, a gadget that makes it’s super easy to start a grill. It can light up wood or charcoal in a matter of seconds and you will not get any chemical smell from lighter fluids that could permeate the food.

Looft lighter

4. UKeg Go: This can be one of the best Father’s Day gifts. It is perfect for someone who likes to take icy cold carbonated beer along with him for picnics or even to his backyard.

UKeg Go

5. An Oblio wireless charging station cum sanitizer is a double whammy for a dad because it not only charges phones wirelessly but also eliminates germs on them with its effective UV lights.

6. Huarache sandals can be a great Father’s Day gift idea because these are classic-looking, comfortable, and laid back. They can suit your dad’s style whether he is working in his study or drinking a cocktail in the lounge.

Huarache Ankle Strap Vegan Leather Boho Sandal

7. Official Beard Bib will be highly appreciated by a dad who is bothered by the clumps of shaven hair getting scattered all across the bathroom sink. This is an excellent beard catcher that may be worn just like an apron; he will never again have to deal with clogged drains!

Beard Bib

8. Vacuum Insulated Rambler: This is a super-durable mug that your father can take with him when he is driving around or goes camping. This mug ensures that his morning beverage stays hot or cold, just as he likes it.

9. A whiskey decanter with rocks glasses set can be an excellent Father’s Day gift idea for someone who likes to enjoy his whiskey from time to time.

fathers day gift ideas, whiskey decanter

10. A monogrammed genuine leather wallet is always appreciated by a man who likes to be fashionable and has an elegant choice. The on-spot engraving and superior quality leather can be suitably customized; but since this will take time to get delivered, it is better to order these in advance.

Leather Wallet

11. A custom family portrait with initials or any text that you wish to add in the portrait can turn out to be a memorable gift for your dad, finding a place in his study or on the mantelpiece above the fireplace in the living room.

12. A bucket list movie poster can be the perfect Father’s Day gift. This scratch-off poster will encourage him to watch his favorite Hollywood classics again, this time with the entire family.

Bucket list movie poster

13. A universal waterproof phone case can be a utility gift for your dad, particularly if he is someone who loves to go boating or fishing on the weekends. These phone cases are transparent and will not tamper with the camera on the phone.

fathers day gift ideas, waterproof phone case

14. A gift card from a reputed retail brand like Best Buy can be a great gift for a dad who likes to shop on his own. You can even consider gifting him a Masterclass gift card if he wishes to learn cooking from professionals like Gordon Ramsay or learn how to play the guitar from a legend like Santana.

Best Buy gift cards

15. The Fire HD 8 Tablet will be a great gift for the tech-savvy father who likes to read, play video games, and watch videos. This tablet offers high-end performance and better storage.

Fire HD 8 Tablet

16. An engraved pocketknife can be useful for cutting loose threads, opening envelopes, or even slicing a steak; it makes for a great Father’s Day gift especially when it has your dad’s name engraved on it.

fathers day gift ideas, pockerknife

17. Find yourself a TideBuy coupon to get amazing discounts on jackets and blazers, t-shirts and shorts, trousers and parkas, hoodies, and sweaters from TideBuy.

18. A 17″ tabletop griddle is the best possible Father’s Day gift for a man who is constantly on the move and can seamlessly cook hamburgers, steaks, and eggs simultaneously. Likewise, gifting your dad an electric indoor grill makes for a wonderful gift for someone who loves to cook at home and entertain guests. You can prepare and share meals together and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Electric indoor grill

19. A Home Mini from Google can be an excellent gift idea for a dad who likes to stay updated with the latest technological devices.

Home Mini from Google, Home Mini from Google

Choose from any of these afore-mentioned gift ideas to make this Father’s Day extra special for your loving dad and remember to get your coupons from Don’tPayAll before you shop.


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