Top 7 Online Meeting Software: Helping Businesses during Coronavirus


Are you petrified about your business getting affected because of the Coronavirus that has taken the world as its hostage? If so, you are not alone; for small business owners, in particular, the threats are really high and they must adapt to technological changes if they are to survive this pandemic of epic proportions. With the numbers of infected individuals and deaths growing by the day, schools, companies, and governments are reaching out to a variety of technologies to keep functioning as normally as possible under the circumstances.

To conduct webinars for training, product demos, online courses, video conferencing, and business meetings, you can get your hands on ClickMeeting coupons from Don’tPayAll. This way you can continue to market your products and train your employees remotely, even in these dire circumstances. Meeting cancellations because of quarantines and self-isolation and work-from-home policies adopted by most companies have triggered a huge demand for chat and video conferencing software. Workplace software companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Zoom are now offering software for free to make sure business goes on as usual.

video conference on Skype,

1. Skype for Business

This web conferencing software from Microsoft is a Godsend because you can have almost 250 individuals in a single meeting. So, it is ideal for larger companies. You can install it on your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and computers and enjoy superior audio and video calls. It also offers 50GB for email storage and 1TB for file storage for its users. Skype is also compatible with many Microsoft tools like PowerPoint so that the meeting experience can be enhanced.

2. EZ Talks

This web-conferencing business offers multiple quality video collaborative tools that have accounted for its popularity as one of the most reliable online meeting software. You can host unlimited meetings accommodating almost 100 individuals in each. You will be able to enjoy the great video and audio quality, instant screen sharing, and file sharing, recording, playback, and whiteboard. Besides, there are some bonus features like cross-platform chat, meeting scheduling, management, and control. You can install it on Mac, Android, and Windows software.

3. Electromeet

This is free Windows-based software that is easily downloadable on your desktop and mobile phones. You can initiate live meetings for conferencing, webinars, eLearning, and webcasts. It boasts of features like app sharing, recording, playback, chat messaging, and whiteboard.

4. Lifesize

This web-conferencing company offers HD video and web conferencing features for businesses to communicate with one another seamlessly. It provides basic features like instant screen sharing and file sharing, recordings for meetings, meeting sharing, calendar for scheduling meetings, mobile apps for holding meetings on-the-go, connections through desktop browsers, and high-end security features for maintaining data privacy.

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5. iMeet

iMeet can be installed on Windows, Android, and Mac using the app. With this online meeting software on your work device, you can attend a meeting even when you are traveling. You can access the app from your phone or tablet. The best features of this app that can accommodate about 125 individuals in a single meeting include audio and video conferencing, instant file and presentation sharing, and even private peer-to-peer calls.

6. GoToMeeting

This is free online meeting software supporting 3 individuals in a single meeting; this is why small businesses prefer to download this software. Although you do not have to pay a penny for this software you can enjoy some great features like screen sharing on Google Chrome. This software is also compatible with Firefox. There is no time limit for this software when it comes to a meeting session and you are free to take up as much time as you need to complete talking about whatever is there on the agenda.

7. Fuze

This is a perfect online meeting software for small businesses as it supports about 25 individuals in one go. You can enjoy videos, group chatting, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Besides, you can get 1GB cloud storage; the only downside is that there is no recording feature for meetings.

Any of the afore-mentioned online meeting software can benefit your business and make sure that work goes on as usual in spite of the inconveniences and hardships that every entrepreneur is facing in these tough times. So, without waiting any more, get the latest coupons from Don’tPayAll and install these to keep working.


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