Amazon Shopping Tricks for More Savings

Amazon shopping tricks

Isn’t it great to know that you could save more while shopping at Amazon? That would be like icing on a cake for a loyal Amazon shopper. Almost everyone who shops online will shop at the Amazon website sometime or the other, but not everyone has tricks up their sleeves when it comes to using the site’s hidden tools and features. Besides having Amazon promo codes that could fetch you exciting discounts on a wide range of products, there are some easy Amazon shopping tricks and hacks that will stand you in good stead.

While you will find the necessary shopping discounts from sites like ours, Don’tPayAll, you can pick up useful tips on how to save money while shopping on Amazon from sources like online blogs and expert advice to enjoy a more satisfying shopping experience. It’s always a smart move to make an informed decision while buying online and save your money wherever you can.  

Here are some of the best ways to save more when you shop at Amazon:

1. Prime Membership

Most shoppers know of the benefits that this membership can bring you, like free 1-day shipping for eligible items, free video streaming, exclusive discounts, ad-free music, free in-game content, etc. Did you know that you can also avail all of these if you are still not an Amazon Prime member but willing to sign up for the 30-day trial? Start your free trial today and feel free to cancel any time before the billing day. You can choose either the monthly plan of the Amazon Prime membership or the annual plan.

2. Tracking Tools

Have you used these to search for the price history of products on Amazon? You can set alerts so that the site will notify you when a particular price is reached. Tools like CamelCamelCamel are easily available online for tracking product prices.

3. Share Membership Benefits

Did you know that you could also share your Prime membership benefits with others in the family? When you use Amazon Household, you can link your spouse to your own account to get such benefits. Being able to connect your family members will help them avail benefits like access movies on Prime Video, unlimited photo storage for all family members, sharing of digital content, free 2-day shipping for 50 million products, early access to lightning deals, 2% rewards when you reload the Amazon gift card, etc.

4. Use Amazon Warehouse

This features closeout items for heavily discounted rates; the products are either those that have been returned or slightly used but the discounts are hard to resist. Products like electronics, back-to-school supplies, and video games can be found for great prices here.

5. Buy in Bulk with Amazon Pantry

When you are a Prime member, you may be able to shop for household items, pet supplies, beauty products, baby food items, and groceries for exciting discounted prices. Prime Pantry lets shoppers save when they purchase in bulk.

6. Daily Deals

If you plan on buying anything, never forget to go through the Today’s Deals page on Amazon. This page is updated on a daily basis and can fetch you incredible discounts. You may shop by category, view the sales, coupons, deals of the day, or even browse through featured deals to enjoy impressive price-cuts on products of all kinds.

7. Gift Card Exchange

This can be a perfect hack for shoppers who have many gift cards lying around unused. You may use the Amazon gift card exchange feature to redeem these older unused gift cards for Amazon cash.

8. Coupons

If you are a regular online shopper, you know how valuable coupon codes can be when it comes to making good savings on your purchases. However, some coupons may be reserved only for Prime members and not all shoppers.

9. Student Discounts

Did you know that you can become a Prime Student if you are in college and wish to become an Amazon Prime member? This lets you enjoy a free 6-month long trial period along with free 2-day shipping. On completion of the trial period, you can sign up for Prime at a 50% discount.

10. Amazon Giveaways

This unique feature allows sellers, authors, and vendors to give away their products for any cause that they wish to promote. You could be asked to follow these vendors on Twitter or view a short video clipping to avail of the deals, but you are going to win something that’s free of cost and it could be something that you’ve wanted for a long time. So, keep an eye out for it.

11. Combine Orders

While this hack may not work every time, you can give it a shot. When you place multiple orders, Amazon is likely to combine items from different orders into a single package to save on their shipping costs and reduce the packaging material to be disposed of. The shipping amount of each order won’t be affected by combining items into the same package.

12. Lightning Deals

This is one of the best features that Amazon offers to its dedicated customers. Here the deals are either where products have only a few left in stock or of fixed time-frame before the offer ends. Such deals are time-sensitive and you must make a quick purchase if you have to save big.

13. Trade Unwanted Items

Amazon even allows shoppers to trade in their unwanted items like cameras, phones, video games, tablets, textbooks, etc. in exchange for gift cards. This feature is efficient and straightforward. All you have to do is visit the Amazon Trade-In page for the prices of items and go ahead with the process.

14. Subscribe to Save

A popular saving hack on Amazon is to subscribe to items. So, when you click on “Subscribe and Save” for a regularly needed product like cooking oil, for instance, you will get it for an economical price. This feature works best for categories like personal care products, groceries, baby food and baby care items, healthcare items, pet supplies, etc.

15. Enjoy a Library

When you pay only $10 monthly, Kindle users get to access millions of books; the first month is free of cost. For those who do not want this subscription, there are Kindle Daily Deals that offer exciting discounts. This is a great avenue for young readers that like the digital route to reading and don’t have a lot of money to spend, to fulfill their love for books at relatively low prices.

16. Use Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant

This is an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc. that is easy to set up and free of cost. It lets you check the price comparisons of a product sold by different retailers that not only help you make an informed decision but also allow you to save more when you shop. Use this the next time you are shopping on Amazon so that you don’t spend on a product more than that is necessary.

17. Monthly Payment Plans

You can choose to pay for a few items over many months and this advantage not only applies to those products that are being shipped and sold by Amazon like Amazon Echo but also from third-party sellers.

Once you have learned these useful hacks and tricks to save more money while shopping at this retailer’s website, why wait any longer to get the coupons? Find the latest Amazon coupons and discount codes at Don’tPayAll and shop to your heart’s content.


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