All The Benefits You Might Not Know Come With Amazon Prime

Amazon is quickly rising from being an online bookseller to being a company poised to complete world domination in the same vein as Skynet from the Terminator films. It’s no wonder that Amazon Prime is considered by many to be the single greatest subscription service among today’s wide-ranging subscription-based service market.

Of course, what most of us understand Prime to be is the free two-day shipping, but the amount of resources and features one acquires through that monthly fee is often far greater than most people realize. Among the perks, a Prime subscription comes with are such unknowns as….

1: Same-day Shipping.

Yeah, I know it seems crazy, but in select cities, you will get your order at your door merely hours after placing it. This is accomplished through a fleet of vehicles standing at the ready, and even with helicopter drones!

2: TV and Movies.

Aside from a gargantuan archive of movies that you can stream to your Smart television, Roku box, computer, Apple TV, or Xbox One, Prime has cranked out a wealth of standup comedy specials and original series. Man In The High Castle, an Amazon original series was very well received, and after the hosts of the most successful show in world history, BBC’s Top Gear, left the famed British Broadcasting Company, they worked with Amazon to produce The Grand Tour, which also received plenty of acclaims.

3: Audiobooks.

If you’re a fan of podcasts, then you must have heard an ad for Audible. The world’s largest database of audiobooks is available for free with your Amazon Prime membership. The $15 dollar a month fee is waived and you can browse the largest collection of audiobooks anywhere on the web and download them straight to your phone or laptop.

4: Music.

Prime Music has a curated collection of over 2 million songs and works much the same as Apple Music or other music streaming services.

5: Photo Storage.

Unlimited photo storage is at your disposal with your Amazon Prime account. While Google Drive and iCloud require additional payments to expand storage capacity, Amazon lets you store as much as you like.

6: Lightning Deals.

A real unknown amongst the Prime family of services, Prime members get access to lightning deals, possibly representing massive savings as well as a guarantee that you’ll have an option to buy if and before the deal becomes available to the public.


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