10 Shocking Benefits Conferred By A Humble Cup Of Coffee

Benefits of coffee

Ah, coffee, the sweet brown liquid that keeps America moving. Some people are quite content to make a stop each morning or afternoon at Peet’s or Starbucks for their daily joe, while others are happy to use the office coffee machine and all of it’s disgusting Folgers/Maxwell House glory. Others prefer their coffee artisan, spending proper grocery store dollars on small-batch, single-origin coffee from far away tropical environments. However you drink it, we are all looking for some effect to envelop us with each sip.

An order from Peet’s Coffee exceeding $59.99 or that includes their Guatemala Trio will qualify you for free shipping.

With the freshly roasted coffee beans squared away, here are 8 surprising health benefits of drinking coffee

1: Workout Recovery:

Workout Recovery

According to premier strength and conditioning trainer George Lockhart, glycogen stores will be replenished in your muscles 4x faster when taken with a cup of coffee than with just water.

2: Protection Against Alzheimer’s:

Protection Against Alzheimer’s

There is a decent body of knowledge pointing to caffeine as an active defender of the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

3: An Appetite Suppressant:

Decaf coffee

If you don’t have time to eat breakfast, try and include a cup of decaf, as it has been shown to work as an appetite suppressant.

4: Black Coffee Can Prevent Cavities:

Black Coffee

Taken without milk, cream, or sugar, a cup of dark roast coffee can kill surface bacteria that cause cavities!

5: The USDA Guidelines Recommend It For “Overall Health:”

Overall health

It takes a lot for the USDA guidelines to do anything, so the fact that they give it such a wide designation is a positive sign.

6: As A Defense Against Heart Attacks:

Defense Against Heart Attacks

Studies have shown that drinking black coffee after or while experiencing a heart attack can decrease your chances of dying due to said heart attack.

7: Coffee Contains More Antioxidants Than Most Fruits:

Cup of coffee

Typical servings of coffee outperform typical servings of fruit juice as preventers of oxidative stress.

8: To Prevent Depression and Suicidal Tendency:

To Prevent Depression

A study of 86,000 female nurses showed that the regular coffee drinkers were less likely to off themselves.

9: If You’re At Risk For Type-2 Diabetes:

Studies have demonstrated that the percentile risk of developing diabetes can drop as much as 22 from drinking several cups of coffee a day.

10: Coffee Keeps Your DNA Strong and Unbroken:

In a study published in Europe, coffee drinker’s DNA showed fewer strand-breaks. Stronger DNA means longer-life.


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