7 Smart Home Devices That Will Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Being a homeowner comes with its share of responsibilities, the most important being keeping the home secure. Today, the focus is on using devices that can be connected to the internet so that you can keep a tab on all of these even when you are away. So, whether it is lights or speakers, bells or cameras, heaters or appliances, every device is “smart” and capable of sending data and receiving orders. This is largely called the Internet of Things (IoT) and has become integral to smart homes.

These are 7 key smart devices which can help to keep your home safe from outside threats:

1. Home Security Wi-Fi Camera 1080P Wireless IP Camera Baby Monitor:

This camera can offer crystal clear images and videos in five distinct definitions like SD, HD, Auto, FHD, and Smooth. You can use this for playing videos without breaks and this depends on signal strength. The camera comes with a night vision for greater clarity and guarantees home safety 24×7. You can connect the IP camera to tablets and smartphones running on Android or iOS. It even provides for two-way calls with high-end speakers and microphones. If it detects movement, it will push alerts to your phone at once. Use the Walmart promo code to get this camera at an economical price.

You can get the 1080P two-way home surveillance camera from Walmart at 62% off and for just $48.99.

2. 1080P Digital Waterproof Hunt Trail Camera:

This is an infrared camera that is capable of capturing high-quality pictures and recording HD videos. The waterproof exterior makes it suited for both indoor and outdoor use and it can guard your home. It can be used for guarding homes, gardens, warehouses, supermarkets, schools, etc.

Get a 12MP 1080P trail camera for your home and office at Walmart at 50% off, for $34.99.

3. Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Security Doorbell Video Door Phone with Plug-in Chime Visual:

This doorbell has Wi-Fi connectivity and it can establish two-way communication between smartphones and doorbells. So, whenever any visitor presses the doorbell, the sound is activated. The camera sends real-time images to the cell phone and calls it. You can then receive this call and check the identity of your visitor so that the door can be unlocked remotely. This device is easy to set up and use and it supports night vision, offers great HD image quality with a camera viewing angle covering 166 degrees. It uses minimal power and is rainproof, which is why it may be installed outside. You can get this doorbell at a discounted price with the help of the Best Buy coupon code.

Best Buy could be your shopping destination for the Wi-Fi wireless smart security camera video doorbell where it’s available at 5% off at a price of $389.97.

4. WAFU Wireless Remote Control Electronic Lock Invisible Keyless Entry Door Lock with 4:

This can be installed in your room so that people who are outside cannot view the lock. You may use the remote control key for locking and unlocking purposes. In case the key gets misplaced you may simply reset the password in order to activate the old key. The device comes with dual power supply methods; the lock has been powered by AAA batteries. When power is low, you will be notified of a battery change.

Go to Walmart and buy one of these door locks at 18% off and for just $83.69.

5. Wireless RF-Wi-Fi Gateway Alarm System with 433MHz Remote Controller Door Sensor PIR:

This supports both iOS and Android apps and can work with different wireless sensors and doorbells. Users will get to monitor their homes at all times. Each zone may be armed and disarmed individually and there are customization options.

Save 50% on the PIR wireless dual infrared detector and get the item at a price of no more than $15.99 at Amazon.

6. Self Defense Alarm 130dB SOS Emergency Personal Safety Alarm:

The alarm sounds can go up to 130 decibels which will deter attackers and offer you sound protection. This device can be ideal for kids, women and the elderly. It is lightweight and compact in size, easy to carry with a key buckle which can be attached to keys, backpacks, cell phone straps, handbags, etc. You simply have to pull the pin for activating the alarm.

It is a good idea to invest in a pack of one such keychain available on Amazon at 38% off, for $15.99.

7. Wireless Voice Intercom Doorbell:

This device can support talks between outdoor and indoor doorbells. For this, the outdoor unit must talk first. This happens when visitors ring the bell. You need to hold the receiver for talking. On releasing this button, the outside button is activated.“So, the visitor can talk back as he holds the outdoor button. It guarantees strong stable signal-transmissions in large houses. You may stick the bells using adhesive stickers and they consume low power.

You can easily visit Amazon to get this bell at the price of $39.99. While you’re at Amazon, you could also look for any Amazon promo code  available to get additional discounts on your purchase.”


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