6 Comedians On Tour This June That Will Leave You In Stitches

Everybody loves comedy! Having a good laugh is one of the worthiest pleasures humans can enjoy. But the laughter one experiences at a live comedy performance is a whole other thing entirely. As many Netflix comedy specials as there are these days, it still doesn’t deliver have the rib-rocking hilarity as the energy inside a live comedy club or theater.

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1: Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld changed the face of television with his famous sitcom, but he is just as good on stage. It may be one of those cases where a ticket to see Seinfeld is an insurance ticket – that he only has so many years left performing, and being able to say you saw Jerry Seinfeld live is worth the price of admission.

2: Tom Segura.

Riding the tremendous success of his podcast, Your Mom’s House, consistent appearances on the legendary Joe Rogan Experience, and back to back Netflix specials, Tom Segura is one of the hottest and most active comics in the game right now. If you need convincing, look up Mostly Stories on Netflix, and prepare yourself.

3: Bert Kreischer.

Tom Segura’s good friend and equally successful comic, Bert Kreischer’s “I’m the Machine” bit catapulted him to stardom. A relentless tourer, Bert brings a seriously playful, yet raucous act that has seen him sign on for his own subsequently successful Netflix special, Story Time. If you’re a fan of drinking in public, this is the show for you.

4: Ron White.

Now a decade or so removed from his days in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron White may be one of the least consumed comics in pop culture; though entirely unfairly. According to Ron’s good friend and mega-comic Joe Rogan, Ron is literally as good as it gets and delivers a side of humor that’s still probably a little more in touch with rural life.

5: Sebastian Maniscalco.

This man is funny. He’s also Italian. When combined, those two cultural traits serve to elevate a person to the highest levels of humor and cultural commentary. Having recently released a special of his own, Maniscalco is a relentless worker, and seeing him this June, he’ll likely have come up with entirely new material.

6: Tim Dillon.

Prepping for his next production, the imperious and abrasive Tim Dillon is reaching higher levels of comedy. The former child-actor, real-estate hustler, cocaine addict, and tour bus guide, with his loud Long Island voice, speaks loudest to an audience who understands a little bit about the scammy side of America.


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