5 Chemical Free Sunscreens To Snag Before Summer Really Heats Up

Spring is here, and with summer just around the corner, and while state and federal health guidelines encourage the use of sunscreen to defend against skin cancer and other effects from absorbing too much ultraviolet radiation, certain sunscreens won’t take your health into account.

It’s well documented that sunblocks sometimes contain harmful chemicals. These can often lead to problems rivaling those of pure sun exposure. These can include hormone dysregulation, increased risk of skin cancer, allergic reactions, and more.

The ingredients which can cause such complications however are well-known among dermatologists, and many chemical-free sunscreens will have a “dermatologist recommended” designation.

Chemical-Free Sunscreens

Among the chemicals which can lead to cancer and other serious health concerns, are such things as oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is an endocrine disrupter, dysregulating your hormones as was alluded to earlier in the article. It can also lead to increased levels of estrogen, a reduction in infant weight at birth, and increased risk and rate of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. You can visit Don’tPayAll to get discount codes of various sunscreens brands.

1: Blue Lizard Australian

Broad Spectrum SPF 30, is an Australian sunscreen which is formulated without oxybenzone or many of the other chemicals we’ll talk about later. Its unique mineral-rich formula is designed to act as top sun protection while proving harmless to coral reefs should the lotion wear off in the ocean!

Deployed in order to absorb harmful UVB radiation, avobenzone is another harmful chemical found in sunscreen. While less-conclusive than studies on oxybenzone, research on avobenzone seems to indicate that under degradation from the sun, avobenzone releases large amounts of free-radicals on your skin. We all know about the dangers of free-radicals, so avoiding avobenzone is a must.

2: ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50

This family-sized, 60-ounce bottle of sunscreen contains mostly vegetable oils. Compounds like hyaluronic acid and jo baba oil are found in some of the most expensive anti-aging moisturizers available, while raspberry and sunflower seed oil contains great amounts of vitamin E.

Another commonly found ingredient in not just sunscreen, but also other beauty products are parabens, sometimes with the prefix, ethyl or butyl. These have also been found to cause hormonal disruptions linked to abnormal development of sexual organs inn preteens, and also sterility. Make certain you always use paraben-free sunblock. Buy it at a discounted price with a Sephora promo code.

3: Purely Simple Honest Sunscreen Spray

Honest sunscreen is on sale for 50% off right now! With the only active ingredient being zinc oxide, this sunscreen is safe for children, and is void of all harmful chemicals and compounds like thalates, oxy and avobenzone, and more.

While the designation “Fragrance” doesn’t sound at all harmful, and conjures images of rosewater and burning sage, the term fragrance is a designation which the FDA allows chemical companies to use as a byword for any combination of up to 1500 chemicals, many of which are toxic, including thalates and even petroleum.


This sunscreen is a mineral blend that is reef-safe and non-toxic. While it does contain titanium dioxide, which has been shown to affect reproductive health in a large variety of ways, it only contains 1% of it, which could prove harmless.

A family of toxic compounds called thalates, have been found to directly affect reproductive health, such as damaging breast tissue, creating abnormal hormonal production, damaging ovaries, the pituitary gland, and testicles, as well as leading to decreased testosterone, and early onset puberty. Endocrine disrupters, which tathletes are, also impact non-reproductive hormonal centers such as the GI tract and adrenal glands.

5: Thinksport For Kids SPF 50

Thinksport sunscreen is zinc-based and contains plenty of delicious oils your skin will thank you for. It’s safe for kids and broad-spectrum 50 for maximum coverage. It’s like Verizon for your skin!


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