Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Christmas 2019

Christmas is the season of care and share. Spread the warmth with beautiful and thoughtful gifts. What’s the best about this festive season? Families meet. They laugh, dine, and celebrate life together. Can any festival be complete without food? And what’s a Christmas without a glittering Christmas tree dotted with cute gift boxes, jingle bells, and “ho, ho” –Santa Claus!

‘Tis also the time to give and receive gifts. Looking for gift ideas?

Here are the top 30 gifts that promise to spread your love and care to your near and dear ones.

1. Dress

Is your mom or wife looking for a party dress for Christmas? Why not gift them a vintage dress for the season? And if you are thinking that a dress will cost you a lot, you are wrong. Get awesome dresses at reasonable prices with the Zapaka discount code. You can easily gift a dress without spending big bucks.

Find a range of dresses at this reputable store. You can shop for dresses by color too.

Ladies, gift yourselves a dress! Sequins and satin are hot choices this season. Polka dots are ‘in.’ Some of the hottest choices are a mermaid backless dress, the classic black dress in a halter neck, and the sheer satin dress in pure burgundy.

2. Brooch

While you are buying a dress, how about adding an exquisite brooch to the gift box? The recipient is going to be elated to the core.

Buy a brooch with a Christmas theme or a customized piece that talks about the recipient’s taste or buy something in general. Zapaka has some beautiful brooches.

3. Boots

Your friend is looking for some sexy boots. You are thinking of surprising her by gifting her a pair, but, at the same time, are worried about your wallet. Worry not. You can easily gift a pair of boots at the most reasonable price thanks to the ongoing festive sale. And the boots are so hot, your friend is going to set the floor on fire wearing them! Grab a pair at a discounted price by using Shoespie promo code.

Don’t blame us, if you buy a pair for yourselves too!

4. Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves look stylish and are also useful in the cold months. So, it is a thoughtful gift, isn’t it? You can wrap a scarf with a dress or a sweater or beneath the blazer too. It works as casual wear and formal wear, depending on how you wrap it.

5.  Clutch Bag

A clutch bag proves to be a nice gift. Depending on the person’s taste, choose a bag, and make sure you package it in a nice, little box to give your gift a classy look. This could be a good corporate gift. You can even gift it to your boss. She will love it.

6. Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted jewel pieces are always some of the most sought after pieces. They carry an uncanny charm with them. People just want to own them, wear them. With the New Year around the corner, people might want to try new things. An extraordinary handcrafted ornament can be quite welcoming.

7. Charms

Charms pose as sentimental gifts. Do you know charms were basically worn to ward off evil spirits? Well, if this is the case, why not begin your New Year by wearing a bracelet or necklace with a charm? Gift it to somebody special. Don’t forget to buy one for yourselves! And you can buy one more for your neighbor (this is the season of care, you know). With the Jeulia voucher code, you need not worry about the price.

8. Bracelet

Bracelets make for great gifts. You can give them to men, women, kids, and babies. Jeulia is offering exquisitely designed bracelets at half the price. You may want to buy for every member of your family!

Either gift a bracelet and a charm separately, but in the same gift box, or gift a bracelet with a charm attached to it. Or you could gift either a bracelet or a charm. The choice is yours.

9. Watch

Watch can be a priceless gift for the man or woman in your life. You can also gift one to your mom or dad. While shopping for watches, you are spoilt for choice, but consider the choice of the recipient because he or she is the one who will wear it.

You can find vintage watches, fashion watches, tech-savvy watches, sports watches, and other varieties.

Vintage watches go best with formal events like a black-tie event. Fashion and sports watches are for hangouts, trips, and other informal occasions.

10. Candles

Can Christmas be complete without candles? A set of candles wrapped beautifully in a gift box makes for a brilliant gift. Aromatherapy candles, scented candles, votive candles – the choice is yours.

11. Fairy Lights

Christmas is all about sparkle and glitter. So, when the person you gift to opens the gift box and finds a beautiful string of fairy lights, they are going to jump with joy. Add light, literally, to your loved ones’ home. You can see a range of other lights and chandeliers at Bellacor. Just grab Bellacor code 2019 and light up your and your loved ones’ homes.

12. Comforter

It’s freezing outside; let your loved ones keep themselves warm and remember you when they wrap themselves in a soft comforter gifted by you. This truly is a thoughtful gift.

13. A Potted Plant

Potted plants are auspicious gifts, especially bamboo plants. With the New Year about to set in, the plant can signify growth, new opportunities, and a flourishing year ahead. Make sure you give a seasonal plant so that it blooms well.

14. Calendar

What better gift than a 2020 calendar at this time of the year? Choose the theme of the calendar based on the recipient’s preference. You can gift a wall calendar or a desk calendar or even a pocket calendar.

15. Planner

If somebody you know is fond of writing or planning their days, a planner can be the perfect gift for them. This also is a great gift for your co-worker.

Get both calendars and planners in a huge variety from the Calendars store. They are offering coupons too. Enter Calendars coupon code and shop at discounted prices.

16. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs pose great gifts on any occasion. You can even create personalized coffee mugs by buying plain mugs and inscribing your message on them with a permanent marker. Gift a pair of mugs or a single one.

17. Soft Toys

Soft toys are adorable. Everybody loves them – kids and adults, even grandparents! Gift your loved one a king-size soft toy or a small stuffed animal that he or she loves.

18. A Bottle of Wine

Ah! The taste of your favorite wine on your lips makes the day! Wine gifts make a lasting impression. They suit every occasion. So, why not gift a bottle of red or white wine or champagne in a sophisticated leatherette gift box? Or you could pair wine with some cheese or fruit and create an awesome combo gift.

19. Bouquet of Roses

The ultimate in the range of gifts – roses! Imagine receiving an elegant gift box containing fresh long-stemmed roses – breathtaking! Roses are delightful gifts and suit every occasion. Moreover, when you are short of time or are exhausted of gift ideas, a bunch of red roses poses as an excellent gift, for anybody.

If you are looking for some extraordinary bouquets, visit Roses Only. Their Tea Cup Special bouquet is eye-catching, so is their classic bouquet. Roses, lilies, carnations, and other seasonal flowers can add brightness on the recipient’s face instantly.

20. Fruit Basket

How about gifting a fresh fruit basket or box? Amazing and healthy! Pick only seasonal fruits. You can choose an assortment of fruits or a box containing one fruit type only. You can add a bottle of red wine to the fruit selection or some chocolates.

Fruits, roses, and wines sound pricey, but you can easily get them at affordable pricing thanks to the Roses Only discount code. You need to hurry because they are delivering until Christmas Eve.

21. Gift Basket

The beauty of gift baskets is that you can add a variety of items in the basket to make the gift interesting and exciting. For example, gift a basket containing an assortment of treats, a bottle of wine, chocolates, and cheese.

Or you could gift a spa gift basket that contains all the necessary spa items for your recipient to pamper themselves, such as terry cloth soft slippers, exfoliating sugar scrub, and more.

22. Cake

Send somebody a home-baked Christmas cake or buy a cake from PickUp Flowers and gift them. This is a lovely gift and will make your recipient happy from the heart. The store has a range of cakes viz; Blackout Cake, Black Forest Cake, Vanilla Cloud Cake, Coconut Cake, Rainbow Cake, and more. You can also gift a box or basket of cupcakes.

Use PickUp Flowers coupon code to get wonderful discounts on your purchase, whether baskets or cakes. While you gift a cake, why not buy a huge Tiramisu Classic Cake for your Christmas party?

22. Feng Shui Mirror

A mirror reflects everything. A good way to start the new year. The mirrors are also known to keep off the evil eye. But make sure you pack the mirror safely. Gift it to somebody near you so that you present it to her in hand. Avoid shipping it to some far off relative. What if the mirror breaks during travel? This is a good gift for people living nearby you.

23. Box of Chocolates

An evergreen gift! Who doesn’t love munching on chocolates? This gift is always appreciated. You can choose an assortment of chocolates or a single variety in a box. A box of chocolate-covered strawberries or nuts also makes for an impressive gift.

24. Box of Confectionary Items

Candies shaped like Santa or reindeer, candy bars shaped as Christmas trees, and lots of other exciting confectionary items await you at the stores. Create an assortment of bright and interesting edible items in a basket or box. This serves as a delightful gift. GiftnIdeas coupon code allows you to shop for chocolates and confectionery at awesome prices. So, gifting is never a problem.

25. Sweater

A sweater can be a thoughtful gift in the cold months. See what your recipient prefers and then choose one for her. Does she like a turtleneck sweater, V-neck sweater, or other styles? You can either choose bright colors or the classic black or brown or cream. If you are not sure of what color they like, black is the safest.

26. Cellphone Case

If you know your recipient’s phone model, you can easily gift them a cellphone case. Choose something that complements their style.

27. Home Décor Items

There is a whole range of home décor items, such as pillow and bed covers, dinner sets, glassware, cookware, and more. You can even gift them a small kitchen appliance or a chopping board or colorful baskets and more.

28. A Pair of Gloves

With the chill setting in, a pair of gloves sounds a thoughtful gift. Again, you must consider your recipient’s style while choosing gloves.

29. Woolen Cap

Again, a thoughtful gift in the cold months. Anybody receiving a warm cap will want to wear the soft, fluffy gift instantly. Gift it to a baby, a kid, parents, grandparents, friends, and even your co-worker.

30. A Set of Moisturizing Hand Cream and Body Lotion

Cold months are often dry. Gift your mom or beau a hand cream or a bottle of body lotion or both. You can create a small basket containing cream, lotion, handmade soap, lip balm, and other such essentials.

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