30 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email list

Are you worried that your emails don’t reach a larger audience? If so, you need to focus on finding ways to increase your email list. Email lists are crucial for email marketing because it’s the best way to connect to your customers. Research shows that you could get 6 times higher click-through rates through emails than through tweets. Building an email list refers to getting more viewers to subscribe to your company emails. Signing up with reputed email marketing service providers can make email list-building easier. You can decide which email service provider is the best for you when you sign up and give a shot at their services. Email marketing service providers like Active CampaignAWeberGetResponse, also provide a free trial that will give you ample time to decide whether you would like to go ahead with their service.

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Top 30 ways to grow your email list:

1. Increasing traffic to your website is the surest way to increase your company’s email list. Having a visually stunning, information-rich website is not enough if you do not get ample viewership. Conversely, it is also wrong to assume that just because a site gets visitors, it will reach its target audience. Quality of traffic matters and your aim should be to attract people interested in what you have to offer. This is where the analytics and other tools by your chosen email service provider will come in handy. It will help you know where you need to work harder to reach your target audience.

Web traffic

2. Creating content that will benefit your clients should be the topmost priority. The content should build trust, provide value, and drive your customers to make purchases. You can communicate with prospective customers to find out what they are looking for and how you can solve their problems. By creating a subscriber list, you could establish communication with your target audience through which, you can get regular feedback about your service.

3. Your job is to make an offer that your viewers cannot refuse. This is understandable because if you want people to provide something of value to you, you must do the same for them. This value could be in the form of a giveaway, a lead magnet, or an opt-in offer.

Lead magnet

4. Creating a site-wide lead magnet is one of the first things to do to attract your visitors. The lead magnet is a “carrot” that you can offer your audience in return for their email addresses. This email marketing strategy has given good results over the years. You can create lead magnets like videos, checklists, courses, reports, templates, and spreadsheets. The lead magnet is meant to solve an emotional problem fast, so it is best to opt for a problem that has a short-term solution.

5. Making a distinct lead magnet for every category could also be helpful. So, if your website features content about marketing, you can create lead magnets around inbound marketing, email marketing, keyword research, etc. The more categories your website deals in, the more lead magnets you can create. This way, you can get email subscribers fast.

6. Adding “gated content” to your website is a sure way of getting more people to subscribe to your emails. This refers to site content that visitors cannot access until they provide their email id. For example, you may use plugins on the site to keep some part of the blog blurry. This part becomes visible only when the viewers type in their email addresses.

Gated content

7. Promotional deals and discounts have always been one of the safest and most effective ways of increasing the customer base. A coupon can drive a customer to make a purchase. Similarly, it can also persuade them to sign up for emails.

Sign up

8. Sometimes, the offer of a freebie may not be enough to persuade your customers to sign up for emails. Your offer needs to be a cut above the rest: something that will resonate with the target audience. For instance, if your competitors are offering eBooks, you can consider offering enrollment for a social media marketing course.


9. You can also consider asking people for their email ids. For this, you need prominent forms, and every blog must have a call-to-action. In case you are worried that blatantly asking people for their email addresses will not go down well with your target audience, you can ensure that no one is forced to sign up and that there is always an option to unsubscribe.

10. Once you have a content strategy and offer in place, you now need to expose people to this offer. The aim is to attract the attention of the viewer. So, you may consider using pop-ups. Pop-ups work despite the fact that some users find pop-ups annoying. Research by Sumo shows that even the average pop-up can boast of a 3.1% conversion rate. You can customize the pop-up display using tools such as Opt-in Monster or Thrive Leads. Most email marketing software like Active Campaign and Constant Contact, let you control when and how to show the pop-ups.

11. Using a contact form is an easy way to add customers to your email list, where users can enter their email addresses. Contact forms tell your customers that you are available, and they can reach out to you when they want to.

12. Using multiple signup forms is a great way of building your email list. You could start with regular newsletter signup on the sidebar and then move onto other options such as a lightbox popup that shows up when a visitor is just about to exit. Service providers like Constant Contact, GetResponse, and many others, always recommend using this feature to grow your email list numbers.

13. Offering content upgrades is a proven marketing technique whereby you can offer your viewers the chance to enjoy exclusive bonus content. This content becomes available to them on signing up for your emails. For example, if you are running podcasts, you can offer transcription and notes as a content upgrade to interested viewers.

Content upgrade offer

14. It is possible to collect email addresses through social media. Social media, when handled effectively, could let you connect with those you have never connected with. Events on social media pages can fetch a great number for your email subscriber list. The more people sign up for your social media event, the more you’ll grow your list.

15. Adding a Sign-Up button on the Facebook business page is a simple way of building your email list. While this does not guarantee huge numbers, it allows an individual to subscribe to your email list.

16. Creating an online contest will help you get the email addresses of many new viewers keen on such contests. Interested participants can be asked to join the contest by social sharing, following your brand on social media, and offering their email ids.

17. You can start collecting email addresses from Facebook ads. This is a fast, economical, and reliable way of reaching out to customers who wish to buy something from you.

Facebook ads

18. Creating “subscribers only” discounts make them feel special and promoting these discounts on social media platforms might catch the attention of others who are not aware of it. You could give this method a shot as it has shown results for some.

19. You can even engage with social media influencers as they have an engaged following. If they promote your contests on their social media handles, you could grow your email list faster and better.

20. Using Twitter ads provides another effective tool to boost lead generation. Your audience can use this to sign up without exiting Twitter. You may include special offers for them and tweet links to followers.

Twitter ads

21. You could try to own content on social media platforms like Pinterest or YouTube and then have links back to your website. This often works better than blogs, especially when you have audio or video as part of the content. These platforms are a great way to reach a wider audience. It is understandable that not every website can be on all social media platforms and keep up. The best approach would be to choose one or two that resonate the most with your business and focus on those.

22. Including a call-to-action for an opt-in offer in YouTube videos is a great way to bring in more email addresses. The YouTube action card lets you include interactive information for every video. You can use it to increase backlinks and getting more views on your lead magnet or clicks on your CTA.

23. You can also learn how to grow your email list with Instagram in the simplest way possible. A simple approach would be to encourage people to contact you through your social media handle bio, where you mention the link that the customers would sign-up with their email. You can also use the Swipe Up feature and insert links to your email sign-up page in your Instagram story itself.

Instagram story - swipe up

24. Collecting emails at events is a great way to build your email list. You can host live events and introduce your forms. Live events and offline networking can be excellent tools for gathering email addresses.

Email list

25. You can request people to share your emails especially when you are confident that you have great content. You can also ask for referrals to expand your email list. You will find most people are not hesitant to share information that they like.

26. Adding a link to the sign-up form in your email signature may be an effective way to grow your email subscriber list. This is the easiest thing to do and could be helpful bringing in some numbers. Email signatures do not take up much space and you will find software that can be used to tweak email signatures for an entire team.

27. Have you thought about contacting people on a one-on-one basis? You could use a messenger or email to establish contact or include links for signup on your site’s landing page. This lets you collect email ids one at a time until you can move onto other strategies.

Contact form

28. An easy way to get more email addresses is to piggyback on companies that already have a large audience. If a viewer subscribes to content similar to what you offer, the chances are that he will also subscribe to yours. Good research into your competitors, their audience size, and what they are offering could be beneficial. You can then organize your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

29. Hosting a webinar is the go-to solution for most modern businesses. You can even offer recordings of the webinar as an incentive to viewers for signing up.


30. You may start answering questions on Quora that are related to your lead magnet topic and insert links to the opt-in landing page. You may answer questions on Facebook and ask people to private message you for the link.


While growing your email list might seem like a tedious task, it is one of the most effective methods to attract more eyeballs to your website. How you choose to do it depends on the nature of your website, what you have to offer, and the resources that you have. Once you figure out how to go about it, you can surely notice growth in your business. You might have to go through a trial-and-error phase but in the end, it will be worth it!


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